Chapter 2488 Feng Fei Lowers Her Head? (Teaser)

Feng Fei and the Pill Fairy charged toward the divine bone. Feng Fei slashed her sword at the Pill Fairy, wanting to stop her while she grabbed it.

However, the Pill Fairy snorted and suddenly sent the Daynight Furnace hurtling toward Feng Fei, completely ignoring her attack.

If either was struck by the other’s attack, a fairy would die. 

“How vicious.”

The other experts quivered. Zhao Ritian and Long Chen’s battle had been extremely intense, but this battle between Feng Fei and the Pill Fairy seemed to be reaching its conclusion in just a few moves. Both sides were facing death in an instant.

Feng Fei was shocked and infuriated that the Pill Fairy would use such a shameless move. How could she be willing to die here? But if she switched to blocking the Daynight Furnace, she would lose her initiative, and the Pill Fairy might instantly take the divine bone.

The Pill Fairy’s expression was icy. It seemed that she didn’t even care about her life yet was also confident that Feng Fei wouldn’t dare to die with her. She reached out for the divine bone...

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