Chapter 2475 A Treasure Left For Who? (Teaser)

The instant the bone tile appeared, the blood pool went silent. The bone tile began to radiate the same light as the blood essence stone.

“Is this bone tile supposed to be used here?” 

Long Chen slowly sent the bone tile toward the blood essence stone. This time, it didn’t reject him. It allowed him to get closer and closer until he actually touched it. In that instant, his vision darkened and the blood pool was gone. A white-haired elder appeared before him.

The white-haired elder was skinny and had his back to him. His hands were clasped behind him. He slowly turned around when Long Chen appeared.

The first thing that Long Chen noticed were his eyes. They were eyes that could see through the world, eyes that had seen the transformations of the universe. Those eyes were full of wisdom. He felt like they could see through all his secrets.

The elder seemed startled to see Long Chen. “I didn’t expect that the one I was waiting for would be a human...

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