Chapter 2473 Zhao Ritian (Teaser)

“How fast!” Long Chen had a bad feeling. According to Evilmoon, the direct path that they had traversed should have allowed them to arrive before others.

Furthermore, entering this core region had required Evilmoon to activate the power of a real dragon. That was the only reason why they could enter so easily.

Others had to bypass a barrier set down by the dragon king. Getting through it was very difficult and time-consuming. The fact that Feng Fei had arrived right after him meant that she had clearly come prepared. She must have a special method to enter as well.

Long Chen stealthily glanced at the other person. He saw that he was small, like a child, startling him. Did Feng Fei have a son?

Long Chen couldn’t directly look at them for fear of being sensed. He could only try to see them in his peripheral vision. All he saw was that it was a very short person. It seemed that he only reached an adult’s waist.

However, eventually he was shocked to find that the shortie’s face was black with a metallic luster. It was like he...

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