Chapter 2472 Core of the Dragon Nest (Teaser)

Long Chen not only heard Zi Yan’s zither, but he also heard the sound of intense fights coming from other regions.

“Ignore them. They are fighting the resentful spirits, while we bypassed them to go to the core of the nest directly,” said Evilmoon.

Long Chen suppressed his thought of joining with Zi Yan and continued in the direction that Evilmoon indicated. Within an empty void lay a circular entity that looked like a honeycomb.

According to Evilmoon, that was the core of the Ten Thousand Dragon Nest. Just by getting closer to it, Long Chen felt his own essence blood flowing quicker.

“The dragon blood in your body has formed a resonance with the dragon king’s power. It’s just still unclear whether or not this dragon king was a true dragon,” said Evilmoon.

Upon entering, Long Chen saw that the passageways were made of white bones. Images of dragons were all along the passageway. Those were not carvings. They seemed to be dragon souls embedded in the walls. 

The dragons that had died within this nest had their flesh and souls return to it. It was a calling that made the Ten Thousand...

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