Chapter 247 Facing Fear

The huge number of Corrupt disciples that had appeared caused Tang Wan-er a burst of nervousness, but she forcibly pushed that down.

“Prepare to fight!” Tang Wan-er stood at the front of their troops. Everyone took out their weapons, preparing to meet them head-on.

Long Chen shook his head as he watched from a distance. When two armies clashed head-on, it would be better to seize the initiative. That was not just a strategic tactic, but a psychological tactic.

Those who took the initiative first would all possess mental superiority which would increase their morale.

If Long Chen had been present, then as soon as they had rushed over, he would also have launched an attack. He would immediately release his imposingness, not letting others suppress them in that manner.

That kind of warfare had to do with Long Chen’s temperament. That arrogance inside his bones refused to let him lower his head to anyone.

But Long Chen didn’t do anything yet. He just continued to watch. Over one thousand five hundred Corrupt disciples had appeared ahead.

However, Long Chen could tell they were all just second-rate. Although they were vicious, when it came to true combat ability, they were unable to compare to the monastery’s disciples.

So although both sides had almost the same number of troops, as long as the monastery’s disciples could suppress their fear, these Corrupt disciples were definitely not their match.

The main point was that Long Chen wasn’t present amongst them, and so that was a great blow to their confidence. However, that was also the most optimum way to temper them.

No matter how strong a person was, there was no way they could forever protect everyone beside them. And so a person had to fight for their own life.


The person at the front of the Corrupt disciples was a tall man who appeared extremely malevolent. With an angry bellow, he brought his blood-colored machete hacking down on Tang Wan-er.

“Leave this fellow to me!” Gu Yang rushed over beside Tang Wan-er. Runes lit up all over his body as he smashed his fist at that fellow.

Gu Yang’s physical body was extremely powerful. With his runes supporting him, his fist was like steel, ruthlessly slamming into that person’s machete.

That person was also physically powerful, someone who specialized in brute strength. He began to fiercely fight against Gu Yang.

By this time, the rest of the Corrupt disciples had already rushed over. They all brought their weapons slashing down on them.

For some reason, when these enemies charged up this close, Tang Wan-er instead calmed down. Perhaps for her, once her nervousness reached its peak, it would instead bring her into complete calm.

Her Spiritual Strength swept through the ranks of her enemies. She quickly realized they actually had three more core disciples than them.

“Form up into your formations! Defend and attack as one!” shouted Tang Wan-er. That was something Long Chen had drilled them in before. When both sides’ strengths were very similar, it was better to form up squads containing both stronger and weaker members. There would be some in charge of attacking, and some in charge of defending. That would raise their collective combat ability.

Even as she shouted, she charged over, a wind blade in her hand slashing down on a Corrupt core disciple.


This time, Tang Wan-er no longer had any misgivings. All that remained in her mind was to kill her opponents, and she brought out her full strength.

The saber in that Corrupt core disciple’s hand directly shattered under Tang Wan-er’s wind blade, and he was sent flying.

“Highwind Thorn!”

Tang Wan-er gave him no chance to recover. Her left hand flung out, and an arrow formed from her wind energy shot straight through his heart.

That wind arrow containing her runic strength was even harder than ordinary steel. Her opponent hadn’t had any chance to defend, immediately dying.

Long Chen smiled approvingly. As expected, a person’s potential was unlimited.

Tang Wan-er had finally felt enough pressure. She knew she had to kill the Corrupt core disciples as fast as possible, or the troops behind her would definitely suffer greatly.

And so the way she had fought just now had basically just been by instinct. She hadn’t been thinking anything in her head. She wasn’t thinking about what move to do, or what kind of attack sequence to use. All that she thought was to kill him in one hit.

Having killed a Corrupt core disciple in one attack, even she was surprised with herself. However, she didn’t have time to think about it too much. She immediately moved to attack another core disciple.

Tang Wan-er’s strength gave the Corrupt disciples a fright. Three of their core disciples immediately rushed over to her.

Tang Wan-er shouted and her ancestral mark appeared over her forehead. A huge wind blade roared in her hands as she attacked the three of them.


In just the first exchange, the three of them were sent flying by her wind blade. The terrifying aftershocks killed a dozen unlucky fellows around them.

“Windroll Destructive Cloud!”

Thousands of wind blades appeared around Tang Wan-er’s body. They were quickly revolving, following the movements of her hands.

Those thousands of wind blades appeared like a cloud as they surged over to the Corrupt disciples.

Each one of the wind blades was formed by her wind energy and supplemented by her runic energy. The ordinary Corrupt disciples did not possess any ability to resist them and were all cut to pieces.

Blood splashed throughout the air. A huge, empty area appeared in the crowd. Not only had the three core disciples been killed by her attack, but at least three hundred other ordinary Corrupt disciples had also been exterminated.

“She’s finally started to use some ruthless attacks.” Long Chen was also a bit speechless. Tang Wan-er really had hidden her strength.

However, her face was now a bit pale after using such a powerful attack. That terrifying attack was too exhausting.

“Kill! Kill all these Corrupt path idiots!”

Tang Wan-er’s attack immediately boosted the monastery’s morale. They roared, attacking the Corrupt disciples.

The Corrupt disciples were incredibly frightened by Tang Wan-er’s strength, but even though so many of them had died in one attack, none of them retreated in fear. On the contrary, it ended up exciting the ruthlessness in their bones.

The Corrupt core disciples saw how pale Tang Wan-er’s face was now. They could all see that her aura had sharply declined after that attack, and they rushed over to her.

“Sons of bitches from the Corrupt path, let me, your daddy, handle you!” Song Mingyuan and the others all cursed them and charged over to those core disciples. In their anger, they began to curse incoherently, not even realizing they had ended up cursing themselves.

Tang Wan-er had killed four core disciples right off the bat, immediately leveling the playing field and tilting the scales to the side of the monastery.

Tang Wan-er gritted her teeth and charged over at two Corrupt core disciples. Although her aura was much weaker and it wasn’t that plausible for her to kill another core disciple expert at this point, it was still no problem for her to hold up two people.

That way, the monastery would have two core disciples free to attack the Corrupt path’s ordinary disciples, lowering the casualties. 

Core disciples fought against core disciples, and ordinary disciples fought against ordinary disciples. The entire battlefield was filled with saber-light and sword-images, blood flying everywhere.

Although the monastery now possessed an extremely great advantage, danger was constantly present when faced against these fierce Corrupt disciples. Many people were being injured.

The Healing Hall’s disciples were quickly called upon. In the beginning, it was still extremely chaotic, but as the battle progressed, the monastery began to get into a rhythm and crazily counterattack.

Compared to the Corrupt disciples which were like scattered sand that were simply fighting for themselves, the monastery’s disciples were fighting as units. As they fought, they became more adept at cooperation and gained a greater understanding of their fellow disciples fighting style.

As for the two extra core disciples on their side, they were doing their best to cut down as many of the Corrupt disciples as possible because they were worried about the disciples behind them not being able to endure. 

In order to prevent as many injuries and deaths as possible, they began to use crazy attacks, willing to take injuries to themselves in order to bring down their enemies as fast as possible. 

They didn’t realize that as they crazily fought, a faint light began to appear over their foreheads.

As that light began to brighten, their auras frantically climbed. But as they fought with their lives on the line, they didn’t notice at all.

The ordinary disciples’ chaotic fight was even more dangerous than the core disciples’ fights. There were too many people, and blades flew about everywhere. They could lose their lives at any moment.

But at this time, they had actually forgotten their terror. All they were thinking about was how to protect the backs of their comrades. Even in death, they wouldn’t let an enemy through.

A disciple of the Heaven Earth Faction killed a Corrupt disciple with a slash of his saber. But he hadn’t expected that Corrupt disciple to be so incredibly vicious. That Corrupt disciple tightly held onto his saber as he died.

Another Corrupt disciple charged over, his saber stabbed straight for his chest. It was too late for him to dodge.

An unwilling light appeared in his eyes. If he died, then who would protect his brothers’ backs?

He could only wait for this saber to pierce through his body. Once it was thrust through him, he would tightly grab that Corrupt disciple. Even if he had to use his teeth, he would bite him to death with him.

That malevolent face suddenly flew into the air. 

That disciple was shocked. Behind the blood, he saw a person giving him a thumbs-up.


Long Chen had stealthily snuck into the chaotic battle. However, he didn’t attack, instead keeping watch over the battlefield. Only when someone was about to die would he secretly intervene.

This was his seventh time doing that. Giving that disciple a gesture to keep quiet, he randomly killed another two Corrupt disciples and disappeared into the crowd.

Long Chen didn’t want to expose the fact that he was present. That was to increase the pressure everyone was under, allowing them to bring out their true strength and courage.

This was a trial for them. Once they passed, they would no longer feel any fear even in the face of death. They would have found the true meaning of cultivation. Only like this could they become true experts.

Seeing those core disciples who were still fighting intensely and had yet to realize they had awakened their ancestral marks, Long Chen smiled.

All of those, who could awaken their ancestral marks today, had all been thinking about protecting everyone. Such people were true hot-blooded men.

Long Chen secretly protected everyone. As soon as it appeared someone was in danger of dying, he would go over and slash out his saber. As time progressed, more and more people realized that Long Chen was amongst them, increasing their morale.

The Corrupt disciples’ numbers were dwindling, while the Xuantian Monastery’s disciples were becoming more and more imposing. Despite how fierce the Corrupt disciples were, they were starting to become afraid. 

Only four hundred of them were still alive by this point. Furthermore, the core disciples were starting to lose. No one knew who was first, but those Corrupt disciples began to turn on their heels and flee.

“Hahahaha, since you’ve all come, don’t you feel shameful leaving just like that? Don’t worry, I won’t make it hard on you. You can leave as long as you leave behind your head!”

Long Chen’s laugh rang out in all directions. Tang Wan-er and the others were all delighted to hear his voice.

“Whirlwind Slash!”

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