Chapter 2461 Ensemble of Heroes Fights the Corrupt King (Teaser)


Tian Xiezi was shocked. This skeleton’s aura was something that even frightened him. It was clearly a terrifying existence above the Netherpassage realm.

He hastily retreated and threw the bone spear at the skeleton. He didn’t dare to keep hold of it, afraid that the backlash could kill him.

Despite his arrogance, Tian Xiezi didn’t dare to challenge an existence above the Netherpassage realm. He could only retreat.

The bone spear was blown back. Amidst a storm of broken space, the wind blade exploded, unleashing a qi wave that sent Tian Xiezi flying. However, a sharp light appeared in his eyes. He grabbed his bone spear.

“So it’s nothing more than a rotten corpse. It won’t change your fate of being killed today.”

With this one attack, Tian Xiezi realized that this skeleton was something that had existed for countless years. It had less than a tenth of its original power left, so any fear he had just vanished.

However, just at that moment, Long Chen appeared...

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