Chapter 2455 The Miserable Heavenly Qilin Demon Fruit (Teaser)

With the threat of the flame dragon and the black soil, the Heavenly Qilin Demon Tree finally submitted.

Heavenly Qilin Demon Fruit fell from the giant tree one after another. With every single one, its aura clearly weakened a bit.

When it had said that every single one of these fruits were equivalent to a thousand years of its cultivation, it had been exaggerating slightly. However, the loss of even one of them was as painful as if a piece of it was being torn out.

There were over eight hundred Heavenly Qilin Demon Fruit. Once they were all taken out, the entire tree lost its luster as if it was on the verge of death.

“You… can let me off now.” The Heavenly Qilin Demon Tree’s voice was a bit hoarse.

Long Chen waved his hand, pulling the black soil into the primal chaos space. He also recalled Huo Ling-er.

“Why bother? I’m a very nice person. Have your subordinates bring out all the precious medicines here. Are you going to force me to do it myself?” asked...

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