Chapter 245 Powerful Chu Yao

“Heaven Earth Cage!”

The ground suddenly split apart, and countless tentacles burst out of the ground, their speed like lightning as they swarmed over the Bloodnet Sect Elders.

Those three Elders were all startled, hastily evading. But those tentacles were too quick, and they completely trapped them in an instant.

They tried using their weapons to hack at the tentacles, but they found that they were both slippery and tough. It was impossible for them to break them apart.

By the time they could try again, the tentacles had already wrapped around their arms, making it so they couldn’t move.

Long Chen wasn’t looking at that scene at all. With complete disbelief, he emotionally said, “Chu Yao, is that really you?”

His voice trembled with emotion, because that voice just now was extremely, extremely familiar to him.

“Long Chen…”

A light shout rang out. A beautiful figure threw herself into Long Chen’s embrace, bringing with her a fresh fragrance.

“Chu Yao, it really is you!”

Smelling that fragrance, Long Chen felt he was dreaming. He tightly held onto Chu Yao, afraid she would fly away as soon as he let go.

“Long Chen, I missed you!”

Chu Yao was also tightly hugging Long Chen, her voice choked with emotion. After being parted for over half a year, the two were finally reunited.

Long Chen’s innermost heart contained a tender love for Chu Yao. Only he knew just how pitiful she had been back then.

Perhaps it was because both of their fates had been somewhat similar. But in any case, that just made Long Chen feel even closer to Chu Yao. His feelings for her were a kind of tender, pampering love.

Holding Chu Yao’s beautiful body, he felt warmth coursing through him. Smelling Chu Yao’s fragrance, he felt that there was nothing he would rather be doing at this moment. He was about to ask Chu Yao how she had been when an angry roar rang out.

“Bastard, which sneak attacker did this? Get out here!” The three Bloodnet Sect Elders were completely bound and unable to move.

They still hadn’t found who had done this. They had been instantly trapped, turning them purple from rage. They only now realized that the things binding them were wooden staves as thick as an arm.

The wooden staves were square, looking as if they had been meticulously carved. But after wrapping around their bodies like they were arms, they quickly hardened, becoming as strong as steel.

Runes densely covered the wooden stakes. No matter what the three Elders tried, they were unable to move in the slightest. They could only curse continuously.

At this time, the dust in the air finally scattered. A dozen more people had appeared, looking in shock at the three Bloodnet Sect Elders.

“Did you do this, Chu Yao?” Long Chen looked at this scene in disbelief. Hundreds of wooden stakes had sprung out of the ground, tightly binding the three Elders completely, leaving only their heads out.

A pleased smile appeared on Chu Yao’s face. A bright light flowed within her eyes and she nodded.

“Our Skywood Palace received news of the battle, and our disciples came out to provide support. But as soon as I saw who was guarding Phoenix Cry, I immediately had a bad feeling. I rushed over here with senior apprentice-sister Hua and saw those three bullying you, so I took action.”

Chu Yao’s beautiful eyes closely watched Long Chen. From the beginning, it had always been Long Chen protecting her. This was the first time it was her protecting Long Chen. She was full of pride.

“Little fellow, our Chu Yao has taken the sect leader as master. She spends all day and night bitterly cultivating all for a distasteful fellow like you. Tch, you really are blessed.” Hua Yu, who he had also not seen in a long time, was still as beautiful as ever, and her discourteous manner of speaking to him had also not changed.

Long Chen was shocked, but he was also incredibly moved. Chu Yao must have been doing well in Skywood Palace for the sect leader to take her as an apprentice.

After the three of them had left Phoenix Cry, it seemed he had become the most miserable one. Chu Yao had taken a sect leader as master, while Wilde had taken the sect leader’s uncle-master as master, which in terms of status would make him the sect leader’s fellow disciple.

But he, Long Chen, was still forced to struggle each day for points, constantly rushing around busily. As the saying went, people from the same place don’t necessarily have the same fates.

He sighed sorrowfully inside, but he was truly happy for Chu Yao. He thanked Hua Yu, “For Chu Yao to reach her current level, senior Hua Yu must have definitely helped her out a lot. I must thank senior for this kindness.”

“Tch, loathsome. How many times have I said to call me big sister? Don’t make me sound old,” scolded Hua Yu.

Long Chen hastily laughed. “Disciple was rude. Big sister is amazingly beautiful, right in the springtime of youth. Big sister really is the best appellation.”

Although Long Chen didn’t consider his skin to be thin, after saying that, he still felt his hair stand on end.

Hua Yu might look to be around thirty years old, but in reality, her actual age was several times what she appeared to be.

Most female cultivators would use a great deal of energy to activate their skin and muscle once they reached Bone Forging, allowing them to slow down their aging.

And so with Hua Yu’s real age, calling her grandma probably still wouldn’t be enough to represent her age. Now that he called her big sister and used such honeyed words to describe her beauty, he really was worried about being struck by lightning later.

Hua Yu laughed. “At least you know how to speak, little fellow. No wonder this girl, Chu Yao, always misses you so much. Tell me, just how many women have you seduced in the Xuantian Monastery?”

Long Chen was struck foolish. Why can’t you just chat nicely? I just flattered you so much, and you immediately say something like that…

“Seniors from the Skywood Palace, can you let us go first?” interrupted one of the Bloodnet Sect Elders.

Those Bloodnet Sect Elders had all become worried after hearing they were from the Skywood Palace. The Skywood Palace and the Xuantian Monastery’s relationship was extremely good, and they had no choice but to use a begging tone.

Hua Yu icily looked at the three of them and disdainfully said, “In the beginning when Chu Yao said she was worried about you guys abusing your authority, I actually didn’t dare believe it. After all, the battles between the Righteous and Corrupt paths are incredibly serious. I was surprised to see I underestimated your daring. Just for your own personal grudges, you actually let this matter reach such a shameless point. I really have to admire you guys.”

The people beside Hua Yu were Elders from the various powers in the surroundings. The majority of them recognized Long Chen, as they had once invited Long Chen to join their sect. However, Long Chen had tactfully refused their offer.

“The Bloodnet Sect has really become depraved,” said one of them.

The other Elders were also disdainfully shaking their heads at them. They were too lazy to even scold them. They had really lost the face of the Righteous path.

At such a critical moment, they had actually played a couple little tricks like this. 

“Senior Hua, you can’t just listen to one side of the story! This person says he’s Long Chen, a disciple from the Xuantian Monastery, but he didn’t take out his badge as proof, and he also didn’t say why he came here! Instead, he took advantage of an Elder being unguarded and killed him! For us to take him in and ask him a few questions isn’t wrong!” justified one of the Bloodnet Sect Elders.

The other two also hastily shouted loudly that they had been wronged, saying Long Chen had launched a sneak attack, killing one of their Elders. Only then had they made a move to capture him.

Hua Yu was a bit startled. Although she felt the three of them were spouting lies, there wasn’t any proof. That was a problem.

Long Chen snorted and stamped his foot on the ground, causing the ground to intensely quiver. The surrounding people were given a fright, as they hadn’t imagined Long Chen’s strength would have reached such a level. Without the slightest cultivation base, just a single stamp of his foot caused a huge ditch to split in the ground.

Long Chen reached in and pulled a figure out of the ground. That was senior apprentice-brother Luo who had managed to survive being struck by Long Chen’s saber due to his soft armor.

Although he was still alive, he had been buried under the ground due to the shocks of Long Chen’s battle with Zhao Changxing.

Long Chen had naturally not forgotten about this fellow. He had been thinking of keeping him alive in order to ask a couple of questions about the Bloodnet Sect, but now he was the perfect witness.

With his hand on senior apprentice-brother Luo’s neck, his Spiritual Strength surged out to the spot between his eyebrows, stabbing like a needle into senior apprentice-brother Luo’s soul.

He was already half unconscious, so his soul only put up a pitiful struggle before being overwhelmed.

“Who made you do this?” asked Long Chen.

“Elder Zhao made us. He said to have Long Tianxiao killed.” Senior apprentice-brother Luo’s body was quivering in terror as he obediently replied.

“Bastard, this Long Chen is intimidating others to testify for him! This can’t count as proof!” raged a Bloodnet Sect Elder.

“Shut up. If you can’t understand, then don’t talk nonsense. Long Chen’s Spiritual Strength is locked onto this brat, making it so he can’t lie,” shouted Hua Yu icily.

Others might not be able to tell, but she could. Long Chen’s Spiritual Strength had currently taken the form of millions and millions of needles that forced senior apprentice-brother Luo to tell the truth. If he lied, his Spiritual Strength would immediately explode.

“Did those three know about this plan?” continued Long Chen.

“They knew. The four Elders all approved of the plan.”

“Ok then. Rest in peace.”

Long Chen’s Spiritual Strength shook and senior apprentice-brother Luo suddenly stiffened once before completely relaxing forever.

Long Chen threw his corpse to the ground, emitting a thumping noise. That noise wasn’t loud, but it rang like thunder in the ears of the Bloodnet Sect Elders.

“Do you still want to quibble? You four drew up the plan. One of you was killed by me, so then you tried to use numbers to take my life. Now all the evidence is laid out. Do you still have any room to quibble?” Long Chen indifferently glanced at the three of them.

“Senior Hua, this matter was completely decided by Zhao Changxing! We were only his subordinates and couldn’t refuse his orders! Please spare us!” pleaded one of them.

“Nonsense, of your Bloodnet Sect’s four Elders, Zhao Changxing was ranked third. Why would you have to listen to his orders? Do you think we’re all fools?” snorted one of the other Elders. He possessed a great deal of knowledge on the structure of the Bloodnet Sect.

“This matter has nothing to do with me. We’re all members of the Righteous path, while this is a personal grudge. Long Chen, it’s up to you,” said Hua Yu.

Although she represented the Skywood Palace, this was clearly a personal grievance. Furthermore, the Bloodnet Sect’s actions had been far too excessive, infuriating her. She would just let Long Chen directly handle this.

Long Chen didn’t hesitate. Taking out an ordinary saber, he walked over to kill them.

“Long Chen, let me do it!”

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