Chapter 244 Fighting Fiercely Against Bone Forging

The golden saber cut through space, light radiating from it, looking like a blade that could cut down the heavens. It was filled with a destructive will as it slashed down.

Long Chen’s entire focus was concentrated on this golden saber. In fact, he felt as if he had merged with the saber. There was no longer any him or it.

This was the first time Long Chen had had such a feeling. This was a kind of extremely mysterious and amazing state.

Zhao Changxing’s palm attack was something he had worked his entire life for. His hatred of Long Chen made it so he didn’t hesitate at all to bring out his full power to kill him.

But the instant Long Chen’s original saber was replaced with this golden saber, he immediately felt a chill.

It was as if he was now facing an ancient monster that had suddenly opened its eyes. His heart trembled in fear, but he was unable to change his attack now. His palm continued smashing down.


The land exploded when the palm and saber met. Trembling akin to an earthquake spread for hundreds of miles. Even the distant city’s walls were cracking from it.

A terrifying gale of wind shot out in all directions, bringing with it a huge wave of dirt as well.

Long Tianxiao’s expression changed, and he hastily shouted, “Everyone, get down!”


People felt as if they were struck by a tsunami. Endless pressure attacked, trying to tear apart their bodies.

After the wave of earth passed, Long Tianxiao was the first to dig his way out of the earth. He had been buried by several meters of dirt.

Looking around him, his heart shook. An enormous, deep hole a dozen miles wide had formed here.

The wave of earth had even flooded into the city, burying much of it.

Shi Feng also dug his way out of the dirt and was shaken. He felt as if he were in a dream. He couldn’t believe what he was seeing.

The soldiers further away also began to pop out of the ground. They were a bit further away, and none of them had died. However, almost all of them had sustained some sort of injury just from that shockwave.

At the center of the battlefield, the dust was slowly beginning to scatter. They saw two figures standing there.

One person was standing there perfectly straight, a divine ring behind his back. A huge saber three meters long was resting on his shoulder.

Long Chen looked as if he was a celestial emperor, his whole body emitting a disdainful air that looked down on the very heavens. His robes and long hair fluttered in the wind, appearing indescribably domineering.

As for Zhao Changxing who was facing him, one of his arms was completely gone, and his face was deathly pale. He was looking at Long Chen in terror.

“What? Did you think that just because you’re a Bone Forging expert, you could easily kill me, a Blood Condensation rookie?”

Long Chen was smiling mockingly. He was holding Devil Decapitator in his hand. That was the true name of his golden saber.

That name was something Cang Ming had given it. Its meaning was to cut down evil and protect the good. Cang Ming had extremely great expectations for this saber.

And now this saber really hadn’t betrayed Cang Ming’s expectations. In its first battle, it destroyed the arm of a Bone Forging expert.

“There’s nothing to be surprised about. You guys are just a pack of idiots filled with idiotic conceit, only concerned with using your despicable little schemes.

“You had blind faith in your cultivation base. Did you think that with a higher cultivation base, you could suppress all those under you? You really are stupid.

“Bulls can be split into many different types: oxes, water buffalos, yaks, rhinoceroses, etc. Although your cultivation base might have reached the Bone Forging realm and you might think you are also a bull, let me tell you: you are only a snail!”[1]

Compared to the Bone Forging Elders in the monastery, Zhao Changxing really was just a snail. They were not even close to the same level.

Zhao Changxing was both infuriated and shocked. He had never dreamed that a Blood Condensation brat could defeat him.

“This is impossible. This must just be a hallucination. I, Zhao Changxing, have cultivated for half a lifetime. How could I possibly lose to you? DIE!”

Zhao Changxing became insane. He could not accept this outcome. His aura once more exploded out, and he charged at Long Chen.

Long Chen shook his head. He put away Devil Decapitator, and at the same time, his divine ring faded away. He didn’t even look at Zhao Changxing, turning and walking away.

“Brat, stand still-”

A huge wind blade slashed through his back, cutting him into two pieces.

His upper body flew through the air and landed far away. Only then did Zhao Changxing see that a huge Snow Wolf was behind him, staring icily at him.

Long Chen smiled mockingly. Devil Decapitator was truly powerful. But it was also extremely exhausting to use. Even just using it normally required him to bring out his full strength. It was extremely taxing on both his physical strength and spiritual energy.

After he had tested out how powerful Devil Decapitator was, Zhao Changxing no longer posed any interest to him. He was also disinclined to handle him directly.

Little Snow was connected to his soul, so he naturally knew what Long Chen was thinking. He had sent out a formless wind blade, cutting him apart.

Zhao Changxing had been too furious, practically insane, and all of his attention had been focused on Long Chen. He hadn’t even realized that Little Snow had been behind him.

A grand Bone Forging expert was killed just like that.

After Zhao Changxing was killed, three figures suddenly rushed over. They were all Bone Forging experts.

Long Chen’s heart shook. He called Little Snow over to him and guardedly watched those three. Their robes marked them as Elders from the Bloodnet Sect.

The three of their expressions changed when they saw Zhao Changxing’s corpse. One of them sternly asked Long Chen, “Kid, who killed Elder Zhao?”

“Me,” replied Long Chen icily.

The three of them were surprised and angered. One of them cursed, “Little brat, you dare try to play around with us? Do you believe me when I say I’ll exterminate your entire family, flaying their skin, pulling out their tendons, and crushing all their bones?”

Long Chen’s expression became completely icy. With a buzzing sound, his aura once more exploded out and his divine ring appeared behind him. He once more brought out Devil Decapitator.

Pointing Devil Decapitator at that person, he icily said, “I don’t believe you, but I do want to try you out. You old bastard, will you help me out?”

His killing intent was boiling. The people he hated the most were those who threatened to exterminate his whole family. 

The three of them were given a fright by Long Chen’s aura. They had sensed that two people on the Bone Forging level had been fighting, and so they had quickly rushed over here.

After passing by a mountain, they had only managed to see Zhao Changxing lying on the ground, not the one who had killed him.

That was why the first thing they asked was who killed him. They didn’t suspect Long Chen.

But now that Long Chen’s aura had been released, they shivered in fear. They now believed him; Long Chen truly did possess the strength to kill Zhao Changxin.

“Who are you?” raged one of them.

“Long Chen.”

“What? You are Long Chen?” The three of them were startled. They finally understood what had happened.

The matter with the spirit stone mine in Phoenix Cry had brought the Bloodnet Sect extraordinary shame and humiliation. These Elders all knew about the plan to let the Corrupt disciples through to kill Long Tianxiao.

Looking at their expressions, Long Chen could easily tell what they were thinking. Killing intent exploded out of him. As he had thought, these damn bastards had all been colluding together. It wasn’t just Zhao Changxing’s idea; the entire Bloodnet Sect had been in on it!

“How audacious! Long Chen is a disciple of the Xuantian Monastery, and his station isn’t here! You’re clearly lying. In other words, you must be a spy from the Corrupt path! Die!”

That person stabbed a long spear at Long Chen. His attack was extremely ruthless, aiming right for Long Chen’s heart.

The other two didn’t wait either. They both took out their weapons, attacking Long Chen.

“A group of idiots. Can’t you come up with another excuse?”

Long Chen cursed and slashed out with Devil Decapitator. Devil Decapitator was nine hundred and thirty thousand pounds, possessing a strength that could split apart heaven and earth.

The instant Long Chen had slashed out, the three of them had felt something was odd. They sensed a fatal threat from Long Chen’s saber. The three of them didn’t even think about it before giving up their attacks, switching to defense.


The three of them were sent flying. The force transmitted from Long Chen’s saber caused sharp pains from their stomachs. They felt as if their internal organs were flipping inside, and they almost vomited blood.

They were shocked. They were Bone Forging experts, and they could all easily see that Long Chen hadn’t used a Battle Skill just now. He had merely relied on his physical strength.

“Use Battle Skills!” roared one of them. He raised his sword, and a chilling Sword Qi slashed down on Long Chen.

“Wolf Tooth Slash!”

“Storm Thrust!”

“Mountain Crushing Strike!”

After suffering a loss just now, they no longer dared be careless. They brought out their Earth class Battle Skills, their auras soaring into the sky.

Long Chen continuously slashed out with Devil Decapitator, using its terrifying strength to resist their Battle Skills.

The ground was constantly shaking. The city was quaking, and parts of it were collapsing. Long Tianxiao and the others were watching with pale expressions of shock.

Even from a distance, it was extremely difficult for them to simply stay standing. The ground was shaking intensely, and those soldiers were all dizzily spinning around.

Each time Long Chen and the Bloodnet Sect Elders collided, an astral wind containing a great deal of earth would surge out, forcing them further and further away. They only managed to stabilize thirty miles away.

The fierce fight between the four of them filled the air with dust. They were unable to see them anymore. All they could sense was berserk energy colliding.


Long Chen once more used a single saber to force the three of them back. At the same time, he was also forced back dozens of meters.

If this continued, he would end up losing. His physical strength was starting to lag behind; he had to finish this faster.

Fighting one against three was extremely taxing for Long Chen. The three of them were using Battle Skills against him because they were worried about Devil Decapitator.

This kind of battle was disadvantageous for Long Chen. Devil Decapitator was too exhausting for him to use this long. His arm was already starting to feel a bit sore.

They generally used long-range attacks against him, making it so he was unable to bring out his power against them. Currently, the battle had become one of attrition.

Suddenly, Long Chen sensed over ten figures quickly rushing over. They were all Bone Forging experts.

He took a deep breath. No matter what, he had to first handle these three. His FengFu Star circulated quickly, and he was about to circulate his spiritual qi through Split the Heavens’ acupuncture points.

“Heaven Earth Cage!”

Suddenly a familiar, lovable shout rang out, causing an expression of complete disbelief to appear on Long Chen’s face.

[1] 牛 is bull/ox/cow. Then you have 黄牛, 水牛, 牦牛, 犀牛, which are oxes, water buffalos, yaks, rhinoceroses. They all contain the character 牛. In Chinese, the word for snail, 蜗牛, is also written with 牛. 

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