Chapter 243 Big Bird Kills Small Birds

“Whirlwind Slash!” 

Long Chen spun in a circle, and his saber created a huge cyclone full of terrifying wind blades, whistling as they devoured them.

“AHH!” Mournful shrieks rang out as those Bloodnet Sect experts were all sent flying by those wind blades. There were two of them whose weapons broke and received fatal injuries.

With one attack, he forced back over ten late Tendon Transformation sect disciples. The distant Long Tianxiao was dumbstruck.

Long Chen rested his saber lazily on his shoulder, icily looking at senior apprentice-brother Luo and his lackeys while shaking his head.

“Your Bloodnet Sect must be the birthplace of all idiots. Back when I was only in the early Blood Condensation realm, I could still kill your little brother. Did you not realize your Bloodnet Sect is only a degenerate little sect? You aren’t even on the same level as real sect disciples.”

Two people could both be in the Tendon Transformation realm, and yet the disparity between them could be the difference between heaven and earth.

Ten of the secular world’s Tendon Transformation experts were unable to defeat a single sect disciple, just like that white-robed man from back then.

But that white-robed man was only an unimportant outer disciple. Whether it was his cultivation base or combat ability, his strength was less than a tenth of senior apprentice-brother Luo’s.

These people, who were the ‘elite’ disciples of the Bloodnet Sect, were then also incomparable to the monastery’s disciples who had the use of Ten Thousand Beast Essence Blood. Compared to their law enforcer senior apprentice-brothers who had achieved flawless advancements, these Bloodnet Sect disciples were absolute dregs.

Although they were in the late Tendon Transformation realm, Long Chen estimated that any of the monastery’s core disciples would be able to kill them in a one-on-one battle in less than ten moves.

That was how big the difference was. That was the ability of larger sects. It was like a slightly rich man was trying to compare himself to the imperial family; there was simply no comparison.

And so at the same cultivation base, there were immense disparities. This was also why the Xuantian Monastery’s disciple selection was so harsh. Only bronze grade Spirit Root experts had the qualifications to even participate.

But if anyone possessing a bronze grade Spirit Root joined the Bloodnet Sect or a similar small sect, they would directly become a core disciple.

On the other end of the spectrum was that mysterious Mo Nian. He was only in the early Tendon Transformation realm, and yet his strength could cause heaven and earth to tremble. He was a million miles ahead of these late Tendon Transformation Bloodnet Sect disciples.

Senior apprentice-brother Luo’s expression changed. They had all heard that his brother was supposedly killed by a Blood Condensation newbie.

He had thought the outer world was just trying to humiliate his Bloodnet Sect and had fabricated that news. But now that they were all sent flying by Long Chen, he finally believed it.

“Being an idiot isn’t your sin. Your sin is that you placed your intentions on my family. You wanted to abuse your position to have the Corrupt disciples take my father’s life. By doing so, you placed all the soldiers and civilians in this city at risk, treating their lives as toys. You dare call yourself a part of the Righteous path with such a sinister heart? You dare accuse me of being a spy of the Corrupt path? You fools are far more evil!”

As he spoke, Long Chen became even angrier. His killing intent was constantly soaring higher. This group of people really were degenerates, the absolute dregs of the Righteous path.

“Bastard, don’t try to delude others with your wild lies. Everyone together, slaughter him!”

Senior apprentice-brother Luo didn’t dare be overconfident again. His aura was pushed to its peak. He knew that if they didn’t go all-out, there was no way they could kill Long Chen. This Blood Condensation brat was just too terrifying.

His sword shook and Sword Qi began to dash. Black light shined on his sword, marking it as a Battle Skill as it slashed at Long Chen.

Long Chen sneered. Even at this time, they were still planning on killing him and his father. They really were absolutely abominable.

Long Chen’s aura suddenly rose as his FengFu Star circulated faster. An enormous spiritual energy surged from within him, coursing through his body.

Long Chen’s saber smashed into senior apprentice-brother Luo’s longsword. He didn’t use any Battle Skills, but his heavy saber still managed to shatter his sword.

The saber didn’t stop, continuing to smash into senior apprentice-brother Luo’s chest.

A muffled boom came from his chest, along with the sound of bones breaking. He spat out a mouthful of blood and flew back.

“Oh?” Long Chen was surprised that his saber hadn’t cut senior apprentice-brother Luo in half.

But then he saw a soft armor on his body which was what had saved his life.

After sending senior apprentice-brother Luo flying with a single slash, Long Chen stepped forward, his saber chopping down on those appalled Bloodnet Sect disciples.

“No!” Two of them had been locked down by Long Chen’s saber and were unable to dodge.

Those two late Tendon Transformation experts were directly cut in half by Long Chen’s saber, dying in an instant.

Those Bloodnet Sect disciples were all dumbfounded. Previously, they had seen Long Chen killing those Corrupt disciples. But the strength he had displayed back then had clearly not been particularly high.

Now he was fighting with over ten times the power. They finally realized that Long Chen had done that on purpose to draw them over here.

When they realized that, everyone’s faces turned green. Without even thinking about it, they began to flee.

But as soon as they turned around, Long Chen’s saber swung out, directly killing three of them. Now that they had given up resisting, it was even easier to cut them down.

Long Chen did not show these fellows the slightest bit of mercy. They wanted to kill him and his father? Then they definitely had to die.

“Evil brat, you will definitely die!”

Suddenly, a loud shout rang out as a figure appeared in mid-air, smashing a palm down on Long Chen.

Before the palm even arrived, a terrifying pressure enveloped Long Chen, forcing him to sink into the ground. Long Chen immediately slashed his saber up.

BANG! Long Chen’s body trembled intensely, and he was sent flying. He saw that the person who had arrived was an angry senior.

“Elder Zhao!”

That person was one of the Bloodnet Sect’s Elders. Long Chen recognized him as the person who had tried to force him to kneel back in Phoenix Cry, Zhao Changxing.

Those Bloodnet Sect disciples cheered and stopped running. They came up to Zhao Changxing and indignantly reported, “This person is a spy from the Corrupt path. He’s extremely savage. Please execute him, Elder Zhao.”

Zhao Changxing glared at Long Chen, and a cruel smile appeared on his face. “Don’t worry, all the disciples from the Corrupt path will be put to death eventually. As for this spy, I’ll make it so that he begs me for death.”

One of the disciples added, “That Corrupt disciple was also called over by that Long Tianxiao. He even tried to protect him, claiming that he was his son.”

“Don’t worry, first I’ll kill the little one, then I’ll kill the old one.” Zhao Changxing icily looked at Long Chen. “Brat from the Corrupt path, are you still not going to come willingly? Due to my merciful heart, I can leave you with an intact corpse.”

By now, even Long Tianxiao had realized what was going on. They were clearly plotting against them intentionally.

Long Chen icily replied, “You little group of idiots really do know how to play around. Unfortunately, I don’t like playing games. Instead, I prefer killing.”

Long Chen charged directly at Zhao Changxing, slashing out with his saber.

Zhao Changxing snorted and raised his hand to grab Long Chen’s saber. But when his hand was about to collide with the saber, Long Chen’s attack suddenly changed to viciously slash beside him.

Beside him was a disciple of the Bloodnet Sect who was currently delighting in Long Chen’s misfortune. He hadn’t even realized Long Chen’s saber had already reached him.

That saber cut across his body from his left shoulder to his right waist, cutting him in two.

“What… happened…?”

Even as he died and looked at the half of his body that was still standing, he still didn’t know what had happened. Just like that, he died with his eyes open in confusion.

“Brute, you’re asking for death!” Zhao Changxing raged, never thinking Long Chen would be so daring. A small Blood Condensation brat actually dared play tricks while facing him, a Bone Forging expert. In his carelessness, one of his disciples had been killed.

To kill a disciple right beside him was equivalent to giving him a vicious slap in the face. That made him completely furious.

He roared, and the pressure belonging to the Bone Forging realm immediately fell on Long Chen. This was the special ability of the Bone Forging realm. The pressure they released could make it so people were unable to move.

As soon as Zhao Changxing released his pressure, Long Chen felt as if his body was being squeezed.

But Zhao Changxing’s pressure was far from being able to compare with Elder Sun’s pressure.

Elder Sun’s pressure was like a mountain, almost taking solid form. He had been able to make it so that Long Chen was unable to move.

But Zhao Changxing’s pressure was like that of a river of water. Although it was an enormous pressure on Long Chen, he was still able to move. His movements would just become a bit sluggish.

Long Chen released his divine ring. The instant his divine ring appeared, that pressure practically disappeared. He was no longer impacted by it, and his saber slashed down at another stupefied disciple, killing him.

Dodging Zhao Changxing’s attacks, he rushed towards the remaining disciples. Long Chen was extremely fast, and his footwork was extremely clever, allowing him to dodge several of Zhao Changxing’s attacks.

As for those disciples, they did their best to hide behind Zhao Changxing. Looking from a distance, it looked like a game of a big eagle trying to capture some little chicks.

But any chicks that were caught by Long Chen were all killed miserably, cut into chicken pieces.

Zhao Changxing began to laugh crazily from his anger. Long Chen refused to face him head-on, and his pressure was unable to lock Long Chen in place. Seeing his disciples die one by one around him, he went mad from fury, his face becoming a dark purple.

Another disciple was taken from the clutches of the ‘mother hen’ and mercilessly cut down. Now there were only two ‘chicks’ left.

“Fuck this!”

In front of Long Chen’s stupefied eyes, Zhao Changxing actually slapped out his palm and killed the two remaining ‘chicks’.

After killing the two of them, Zhao Changxing no longer had to worry about being dragged down. A blood-colored light appeared on his palm as he smashed it at Long Chen.

“Evil brute, die!” That palm’s powerful pressure caused heaven and earth to shake. That was the full force attack of the Bone Forging expert. It caused even the space around it to explode.

Long Chen took a deep breath. The saber in his hand disappeared. His aura explosively grew, and his blood began to rumble within him. 

Space shook as a gold-colored saber appeared in his hands. As soon as that golden saber appeared, the entire land trembled.

Long Chen smiled. Raising the saber with both hands, he brought it slashing down viciously on Zhao Changxing.

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