Chapter 2421 The Divine Gate’s Anger, Both Sides Injured (Teaser)

The Demon Moon Furnace that Long Chen had condensed with his Spiritual Strength was instantly destroyed. It was unable to block a single attack from the phoenix.

Long Chen was shocked. Feng Fei’s spiritual attack was incredibly sharp. Despite their Spiritual Strength being relatively even, with Long Chen feeling like his Spiritual Strength was actually somewhat stronger, when it came to using that Spiritual Strength, he was far inferior.

Feng Fei’s attack continued without pause, crashing into Long Chen’s mind-sea. Long Chen’s body turned rigid.

Feng Fei herself jumped. She had thought that with Long Chen’s arrogance, he had to have some power. But his spiritual furnace was instantly broken, and her attack had continued into his mind-sea. He would definitely die.

She had only been angry with Long Chen for being so disrespectful to her and cursing her for being stupid. She had wanted to teach him a...

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