Chapter 242 Go to Hell

A huge wind blade sliced out, cutting through the ranks of the Corrupt disciples.

That wind blade was over thirty meters long. It was quickly revolving as it passed over the ground. Those Corrupt disciples were all alarmed and hastily retreated.

But there were still eight people who hadn’t had enough time and were swallowed by that wind blade. The terrifying power behind it directly cut their bodies to pieces.

One large and one small figure appeared before everyone’s eyes. Long Tianxiao stiffened when he saw that back.

“Chen-er, is that really you?”

Long Chen slowly turned back to look at him. Over half a year had passed, but his father was still so formidable. Long Chen smiled slightly, his heart warm.

“Dad, you guys withdraw. I’ll handle this. Afterward, the two of us will still have time to drink and reminisce.”

Long Tianxiao took a deep breath. After half a year, there was no longer any immaturity on Long Chen’s face. He had grown up even more than before. That comforted him, but at the same time, it also deeply moved him. His child had finally fully grown up.

“All troops, fall back!” Long Tianxiao ordered. He led his army to quickly retreat. They knew they were unable to participate in a battle of this level.

Previously, they were simply ready to sacrifice their own lives in order to gain a little more time for the commoners to evacuate further.

They had hoped to use their own lives to save more commoners. That was why they had still dared to charge forward despite knowing they weren’t a match for the Corrupt disciples.

“I never thought Long Chen would return now.” Shi Feng excitedly looked at Long Chen and Little Snow, filled with shock.

The Corrupt disciples were surprised by Long Chen suddenly killing some of them. A core disciple snorted, “He’s just a brat at Blood Condensation. He just has a powerful housepet. I’ll handle that brute. You guys continue killing others. Time’s pressing, and once we kill everyone in the city, we’ll withdraw.”

That core disciple rushed at Little Snow. Little Snow crouched down slightly in preparation, but Long Chen patted him and said, “Don’t move Little Snow. I’ll handle this!”

Long Chen stepped forward, charging at that core disciple. That Corrupt core disciple snorted when he saw Long Chen send himself to his own death.

A blood-colored sword stabbed at Long Chen’s heart as quick as lightning. Killing intent filled the air as soon as he attacked, shaking everyone’s hearts and spirits.

That was the terror of Corrupt disciples. Because they had slaughtered so many people, their killing intent was incredibly dense. As soon as they attacked, their powerful killing intent would cause a person’s heart to freeze.

That was also why Righteous disciples would be suppressed whenever they fought Corrupt disciples. Their killing intent was too intimidating, and they were unable to bring out their full strength.

Long Chen smiled icily. He slashed his saber straight at that core disciple’s neck, completely ignoring the sword stabbing towards his heart.

Seeing that kind of suicidal attack, that core disciple smiled mockingly. Although Long Chen was also attacking quickly, the core disciple had been the first one to move, and he would definitely hit first.

According to their current speed, he was absolutely sure that he would pierce through Long Chen’s heart first, and then he could easily dodge his saber.

But that Corrupt core disciple had miscalculated. Just as his sword was about to pierce Long Chen’s chest, a hand covered in thunderforce grabbed it tightly.

At the same time, a powerful thunderforce came through his sword and made his body numb. That scared him witless.

That thunderforce wasn’t powerful, but it was enough to paralyze him just for an instant. Ordinarily, such an instant was nothing.

But now Long Chen’s saber had already arrived at his neck. By the time he recovered from that paralysis, his head was already flying through the air.

Blood spurted through the air. Long Chen didn’t even wait for the head to fall before charging forward.

“Die!” His icy shout shook the heavens. His saber began to cut through those still stupefied Corrupt disciples.

No one was able to stop him. This saber in his hand had been lent to him by senior apprentice-brother Wan and was over thirty thousand pounds.

When combined with his incredible strength in the thirteenth Heavenstage of Blood Condensation, any weapon in the enemies’ hands immediately shattered whenever they met his saber.

That core disciple had been the leader of this squad. Now that he had been killed, the others all scattered in fear.

Unfortunately for them, Long Chen didn’t give them any chance. His saber swung through the air. With each slash, at least one Corrupt disciple was cut down. Miserable screams continuously rang out.

Long Tianxiao had spent his entire life on the battlefield. He had no idea how many people he had killed now. But his heart was still leaping.

Those were no ordinary people, but Corrupt path experts. Each one of them was ten times stronger than he was.

However, in front of Long Chen, they could only wait to be killed. Long Chen chased them for seven hundred meters before cutting down the last one.

He swung the blood off the saber and then lazily rested it on his shoulder. He walked over to Long Tianxiao, smiling, “Your son has some ability, right? At least I haven’t made you lose face!”

Long Chen was covered in blood, making him appear even more imposing. Seeing how powerful his son was, Long Tianxiao was absolutely delighted.

“Excellent, you really are my son. Good!” Long Tianxiao patted Long Chen on the shoulder. Now Long Chen was even more rugged and built than before.

Long Chen stuck his saber into the ground and gave his father a heroic embrace.

Although Long Tianxiao wasn’t Long Chen’s biological father, the feelings between them were no different than that of a father and son.

“Child, you’ve grown up.” Long Tianxiao placed his hands on Long Chen’s shoulders. Currently, Long Chen was still a bit slimmer than he was, but his weaker appearance hid an explosive power. It was like his body had a dragon sealed inside him that caused others to tremble in fear.

“Long Chen, it’s great to see you again!” Shi Feng excitedly walked over.

Long Chen laughed and gave Shi Feng a tight embrace. This half a year had felt more like half a lifetime to Long Chen. Seeing this good brother and father of his after what felt like forever, deeply moved him.

In front of his father, there was no need for him to act mature. In front of his brother, he could completely relax.

“Who are you?”

Suddenly, a dozen figures in embroidered robes appeared while the three of them were talking.

Their auras were all extremely powerful and released a faint pressure, making it hard for others to breathe.

They were all completely focused on Long Chen, their attitude being that if Long Chen dared move even an inch, they would immediately attack.

“Sirs must be people from the sect, correct? This is my son, Long Chen. Please don’t misunderstand,” explained Long Tianxiao hastily.

“This person’s origin is unclear. We suspect him to be a member of the Corrupt path, and we have to bring him back to interrogate him. Kid, follow us. If you really are innocent, we naturally won’t treat you unjustly. Come with us to see the sect Elders,” said one of them coldly. They wanted to capture Long Chen just like that.

Those dozen people were senior apprentice-brother Luo and the others who had been watching from a distance. They had seen that Long Tianxiao was about to die and had just been about to light the signal flare for their sect disciples to come.

But then Long Chen had appeared and given them a fright. He had killed over thirty Corrupt disciples all on his own.

Then they realized who Long Chen was from listening to their conversation, and senior apprentice-brother Luo immediately became infuriated, charging out and finding an excuse to arrest him.

A saber slashed out directly at one of them. That person was shocked and hastily retreated.

“You actually dare attack us? You’re definitely a spy of the Corrupt path. Everyone, kill him!” Senior apprentice-brother Luo icily ordered, unsheathing his sword.

“What are you guys doing? How can you not differentiate white from black? You’re just going to arrest someone at will?” Shi Feng raged.

They had clearly explained that Long Chen was Long Tianxiao’s son, but they still wanted to come to arrest him. This was clearly abuse.

Long Chen waved his hand. He told Long Tianxiao, “Dad, you and Shi Feng fall back. I have a couple of things to say to these people.”

He then turned to senior apprentice-brother Luo, and a mocking smile appeared on his lips. Long Chen had already sensed these people watching as soon as he had arrived.

And so he wasn’t at all surprised that these people had appeared now. He just didn’t know their exact goal.

But when he saw senior apprentice-brother Luo’s face, he figured out the majority of it.

He was disinclined to argue uselessly with him, so he icily said, “I find your Bloodnet Sect really doesn’t learn from your mistakes. If my guess is right, the person I slaughtered at the capital last time should be your brother.”

Senior apprentice-brother Luo’s expression sank and killing intent surfaced in his eyes. But he forcibly suppressed it, coldly saying, “I don’t know what you’re talking about. But since you’re resisting, that means you have a guilty conscience. In other words, you must be a spy from the Corrupt path. Today, we’ll definitely kill you.”

Long Chen was so angry that he began to laugh, pointing at them disdainfully. “Your Bloodnet Sect is only a second-rate sect. A few, small people in the late Tendon Transformation realm dare to be so unbridled in front of me? Are you trying to make me laugh myself to death?”

Although they were in the Tendon Transformation realm and were also sect disciples, the Bloodnet Sect was not even fit to polish the shoes of the Xuantian Monastery.

Their disciples simply did not possess the qualifications to enjoy the treatment of the Xuantian Monastery’s disciples. For example, there was no way they could obtain anything as good as the Xuantian Monastery’s secret formula for Ten Thousand Beast Essence Blood.

Many powerful families and powers that weren’t even inferior to the Bloodnet Sect all sent their geniuses to the Xuantian Monastery, all for that Ten Thousand Beast Essence Blood.

That was what could allow them to reach a flawless advancement. That was also why the Xuantian Monastery’s disciples were so strong.

At the same realm, the Xuantian Monastery’s disciples were definitely at least ten times stronger than the Bloodnet Sect’s disciples.

And now this pack of fools had thought that they could rely on their higher cultivation bases to suppress Long Chen, trying to abuse him for vengeance and maybe even taking in his father as well. They really must not care about their lives.

“Cut the crap. Just die!” Senior apprentice-brother Luo was enraged, and his entire aura exploded out. Following his angry shout, the other disciples also took out their swords, and the power of the late Tendon Transformation realm was fully released as they attacked Long Chen.

Long Chen’s FengFu Star slowly circulated. An enormous aura rose out of him, seeming like the awakening of an ancient beast. The saber in his hand mercilessly fell on them.

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