Chapter 2404 Pill Sovereign’s Divine Radiance (Teaser)

This competition had been the result of the Pill Doyen’s direction, and yet no one had known beforehand. Even Ye Qian was confused. It had clearly been him that had challenged Long Chen. No one had told him to do so.

The Pill Doyen smiled. “No need to be surprised. I arranged for Qian-er to go to the treasury.”

“But…” The division head started.

“It’s very simple. I know Qian-er and Long Chen’s characters. As long as they ran into each other, things would naturally develop to this result.”

Suddenly, the Pill Doyen’s smile vanished, and it was replaced with frost. “When I came out of seclusion this time, I saw that the Divine Pill Division was filled with arrogance and hot tempers. There was not a single person who had the character of a true alchemist. I said that to refine pills is to refine the heart. By opening the heart, it is possible to walk further on the Pill Dao. Ask yourselves, are you really a true alchemist in your current state? Fawning and sweet-talking those amongst you, while acting high and mighty to others? Is that...

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