Chapter 2401 The Dao of Annihilation (Teaser)

The cheering in the plaza, which was even louder than the thunder, was like the caws of millions of crows. However, at this moment, those millions of crows were all killed.

Ye Qian felt like he had been slapped. He turned to look at Long Chen and then at the terrifying pill lightning gathering in the sky.


Ye Qian screamed. This pill lightning wasn’t his, but Long Chen’s? He refused to believe it.

Long Chen’s display from the start had been mediocre. How could this pill lightning possibly be his?

“You don’t believe it? Then I’ll explain it. Your pill lightning was already smashed apart by my five-colored lightning. This tribulation now has nothing to do with you. Do you not see that the eye of the tribulation is pointed at me?” Long Chen pointed at the center of the five vortexes of lightning. There was a shape similar to an eye there.

The five types...

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