Chapter 2389 The Divine Families’ Treasury (Teaser)

As they walked across the bridge, quite a few people looked toward Long Chen. It was surprising to see someone who wasn’t wearing the robes of the divine families here. Outsiders were rarely allowed to enter this place.

Those gazes weren’t very friendly, but neither were they hostile. Perhaps these people didn’t know who he was.

Shen Chengfeng and the two vice commanders stuck close to Long Chen, afraid of him doing something.

Long Chen sighed inside at what he saw. This place was truly worthy of being the treasury of the divine families. The inside of the mountain had been fully excavated and turned into a tower with dozens of levels. The inside was like a shop in the secular world. 

However, it wasn’t as noisy as in the secular world’s markets. The people inside were all minding their own business, walking hurriedly with their heads down. These people weren’t here for sightseeing. They immediately left after buying what they wanted.

“Large items like war chariots are found on the lowest level. Do you want...

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