Chapter 236 Bloodied Saber

The inside of the small town looked like a scene straight from hell. Dozens of Corrupt path disciples were incessantly slaughtering the innocent commoners.

The weapons in their hands were covered in blood, but it didn’t drip off. Instead, the blood quickly faded as it was absorbed into their weapons.

After absorbing blood, those weapons would release an incredibly sinister air as though they were bloodthirsty fiends that had smelled something delicious. A greedy desire could be felt from those weapons.

Furthermore, each time one of those Corrupt path disciples killed a commoner, a trace of bloody mist would be absorbed into their body as well. That blood was like some kind of drug, making them even more excited, and their eyes were filled with a bloodthirsty light.

This town only had a bit over ten thousand people. There weren’t many cultivators. Even the soldiers were only at the Qi Condensation realm. That cultivation base might as well have been nothing in front of these Tendon Transformation disciples. They didn’t even have the slightest ability to resist.

The Corrupt path disciples were crazily killing the commoners who were frantically fleeing. But only a small portion of people managed to flee out of the town.

The majority of people were all stuck in the town with no path of escape. Heads continuously flew through the air, blood splashed everywhere, and all they could do was let out helpless cries and weeping.

In their eyes, these Corrupt path disciples were absolute fiends that were completely unstoppable. The adults were tightly holding their children, covering their vision. Even they couldn’t bear to watch that cruel scene in front of them, and they simply waited for death.

The sounds of anguish filled the air, as well as the sinister laughs from the Corrupt path’s disciples. They all revelled in this kind of feeling.

After blocking the few exits, they began to slowly brandish their weapons, savoring this sensation. Those expressions of despair and terror filled them with excitement.

“You fiends, I’ll take you down!”

A child only seven or eight years old suddenly charged out with a small, wooden sword.

That wooden sword was extremely crude. It was clearly just a child’s plaything. But that child charged forward in anger with that little wooden sword at a Corrupt path disciple.

“Little Hu-zi, come back here!”[1]

A woman let out a sharp cry as soon as that child charged out. But it was already too late. That child had already arrived at that disciple.

That disciple laughed sinisterly. The longsword in his hand slashed out mercilessly onto that child’s neck.

His favorite thing to look at was a person’s head flying through the air. The expressions on those faces delighted him.

Blood splashed, dyeing that child’s entire body red. The reek of blood was nauseating.

But that child wasn’t afraid and continued charging forward with that wooden sword, stabbing it at that Corrupt disciple. 

What shocked everyone was that before that wooden sword touched his body, he split in two.

Once the two portions split apart, people saw a figure holding a saber still dyed in blood, his robes fluttering and his hair dancing in the wind, looking just like a celestial god.

After Long Chen cut apart that Corrupt disciple, he looked at that stubborn child. It was like looking at his younger self who used to play with a wooden sword as well.

“Good kid. Once you grow up, you’ll definitely be an amazing man.”

With one hand, he threw the child back to his mother, immediately once more charging out at another Corrupt disciple.

“Kill them all!”

Long Chen’s roar shook the nine heavens, and his saber had already arrived at another Corrupt disciple.

The saber he was currently using wasn’t the one Cang Ming had made for him, but something senior apprentice-brother Wan had loaned him. The one Cang Ming had made him was too heavy, and he wasn’t able to use it without summoning his divine ring.

Furthermore, it was extremely exhausting to use. Unless he met extremely powerful opponents, he would prefer not to use it. As for these disciples before him, they were obviously not worth him bringing out that saber.

Tang Wan-er and the others all jumped off the Magical Beasts, bringing out their weapons and charging at the Corrupt disciples.

They might have been a bit nervous before, but seeing the corpses of these innocents, they immediately forgot any fear they had. Rage and killing intent surged out of them.

“Frigid Wind Slash!”

Tang Wan-er started off with a full power attack. The Corrupt disciple in front of her was only an outer disciple. Although he was also in the Tendon Transformation realm, there was no way he could block a full power attack from a core disciple.

He was immediately cut into broken pieces by a huge wind blade, his blood filling the sky. If it was a normal time, Tang Wan-er would definitely feel uncomfortable with that scene.

But today was not the same. Seeing that Corrupt disciple’s broken flesh and blood fill the sky, Tang Wan-er was filled with an indescribable satisfaction. Just as she was preparing to attack again, she noticed the other dozens of Corrupt disciples had already been killed.

“Get on the Magical Beasts! We’re leaving!” shouted Long Chen. He directly jumped onto one of the flying mounts and the others followed. From the time Long Chen jumped down to when they finished slaughtering them, only a few breaths’ time had passed. Those Corrupt disciples had all been killed in a flash.

The other disciples of the monastery hadn’t even had a chance to attack before the fight ended. But their hot blood was surging from seeing the core disciples fight.

“So the Corrupt path’s disciples aren’t that much.”

Everyone’s confidence grew. Long Chen and the others had killed all those Corrupt disciples in a flash.

A dozen people jumped off the Magical Beast as Long Chen led it flying out again. Those people would comfort the commoners and lead them to withdraw to a safe distance.

Those dozen of people were the ones who had failed the final disciple trial of the monastery. They had decided to stay behind as essentially workers, and they would be in charge of dealing with the aftermaths of these battles.

This battle would not end in just one or two days. For everyone’s safety, they needed to withdraw.

Long Chen looked at the map gravely. “That was just a small squad. We didn’t even have any news about them, meaning they weren’t worth reporting.

“In other words, this time the Corrupt path’s invasion is much greater and fiercer than before.

“So don’t get careless. Don’t think that the Elders and law enforcers will protect you from any danger!”

“Long Chen, you mean…?” Song Mingyuan was startled.

Long Chen nodded. “According to this record, the experts from the Righteous and Corrupt paths will watch from a distance during these battles. Unless there is a danger of complete annihilation, none of them will take action.

“But even if they do interfere, the other side will also move to block them. Both parties have already fought for countless years without being able to eliminate the other side. That means both sides are relatively even in terms of strength.

“It seems this time, the Corrupt path has brought in even more disciples than before, giving us even more pressure. Don’t assume that the Elders will be able to save you at a critical moment.

“If the Elders try to interfere, the experts from the Corrupt path will also interfere, counteracting each other. In the end, you’ll still be on your own.”

Everyone was shaken by that. They had all assumed the Elders would be there to protect them during this trial.

But now they all realized that Long Chen was most likely right. At that time, none of the Elders would be able to help them.

“It’s better for only you guys to know this. Don’t let the other disciples learn it,” advised Long Chen.

Li Qi bitterly smiled, “I kind of wish you hadn’t told us either. Maybe it’d be better for us to not know.”

Long Chen shook his head solemnly. “If you can’t even handle this little pressure, how will you become an expert? How will you be able to maintain a calm heart while treading the line between life and death?”

“Cough, I was just joking,” laughed Li Qi awkwardly.

Long Chen turned to everyone. “Since you’ve all chosen to be the leaders of your squads, you have to be able to accept this pressure, and so you had to know this. Your brothers all trust you. That is a kind of life and death trust. In order to protect that trust, then even if you have to die, you have to die in front of everyone.”

“Hehe, what is there to be afraid of? I, Gu Yang, have long since been wanting to experience how strong the Corrupt path is. It doesn’t matter how strong they are; as long as they aren’t as abnormally strong as Long Chen.”

Gu Yang laughed heroically, and his last words caused everyone to laugh as well. Of all the monastery’s disciples, only Long Chen could suppress Gu Yang.

Wilde wasn’t technically a disciple since his master was someone who was in the same generation as the sect leader[1] . Furthermore, that fellow was only sleeping on the Magical Beast. Even during that previous fight, he still hadn’t woken up.

Luckily, that fellow’s weapon could be stored in a spatial ring, otherwise, even a third rank Magical Beast wouldn’t have been able to fly with it.

They once more flew over a small town, but that sight caused everyone’s hearts to sink. All the small towns in this region had become dyed in blood, corpses covering the land.

“These brutes, I really want to bite them to death!” cursed one of the core disciples, clenching his teeth. Seeing those corpses of the innocent commoners, none of them liked that feeling.

“Now you’ve all seen how savage the Corrupt path’s disciples are. You’ve all seen that their only belief is in vicious slaughter. Once we start fighting again, none of you hold back.

“Ah, but remember to keep your minds this time and not do it like just now.

“Although it’s nice to crush them into paste, then we won’t be able to get our points. After all, we need to exchange their heads for points,” said Long Chen.

Everyone nodded. The monastery’s rules were that the points would be awarded in accordance to the Corrupt path’s disciples’ heads. The monastery had the ability to appraise a Corrupt disciple’s talent just from their head, and they would hand out the points in accordance to their level.

Previously, in everyone’s fury, they hadn’t cared at all about those points. Now that Long Chen brought it up, that really did make them feel pained.

Even a Corrupt outer disciple was worth five thousand points. Those disciples just now had been tens of thousands of points. But they had been wasted just like that.

Continuing flying, they suddenly heard the sounds of killing. They saw an army of tens of thousands troops fighting against Corrupt disciples who were crazily besieging them.

Corpses were already piled up into mountains there. But even as their fellow troops continued dying, more came to take their place, doing their best to resist those Corrupt disciples.

“Everyone, fight!”

Looking at those ordinary warriors who were charging forward, replacing their fallen comrades one after another, Long Chen was reminded of his father. His eyes turned red.

Following Long Chen’s order, everyone jumped off the Magical Beasts and charged forward. They formed their squads, the core disciples leading them. Then with Long Chen at the front, they all charged at the Corrupt disciples.

[1] Little Hu-zi = Little Tiger

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