Chapter 2357 Grandmaster Ling-er (Teaser)

“We’re finally refining pills?” Suddenly, an ancient voice rang out in Long Chen’s head.

“Who are you?” Long Chen was taken aback.

“Ah? I’m Ling-er! Sorry, I usually like using this voice.” Ling-er appeared in front of him, giggling. She had clearly been waiting for Long Chen to refine pills.

Long Chen recalled that this girl had used a strange ancient voice the first time she had talked to him as well. She had even told him not to be too greedy.

“Hey, what are you staring at me for? I’ve memorized the voice, appearance, and techniques of every one of my masters. You also saw that I’ve had thousands of masters. I can use whatever voice I want,” explained Ling-er.

“Was that Blood race expert also your master?” asked Long Chen. If so, he might be able to learn more about them.

The girl disdainfully said, “Him? How could he be qualified to be my master? He didn’t dare to. After obtaining me, he didn’t have the...

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