Chapter 2354 Readying the Troops (Teaser)

Long Chen didn’t know how the reinforcements of the Blood race would feel when they saw the destruction of the battlefield. But he didn’t care anyway.

Having obtained their essence blood, they had benefited immensely. As for the Blood race’s reinforcements, whether or not they would attack the Martial Heaven Continent immediately due to their rage would be a matter for the divine families.

Last time, the Blood race had slapped the divine families in the face. Now, Long Chen had returned the slap, and this could be considered a win for the divine families.

If the Blood race once more managed to break through to the continent, that would be another slap to the divine families’ faces. Long Chen believed that as long as the divine families weren’t idiots, they wouldn’t give the Blood race that chance.

When Long Chen and the others reappeared, they found that they weren’t far from the exit. However, after walking out a bit, Xia Chen snorted. “Boss, there’s someone...

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