Chapter 2353 Waving Goodbye

Back within the Yin Yang World, the blood sun was gone. The battlefield was filled with corpses, mostly of the Blood race. The Martial Heaven Continent’s side had suffered very few losses.

After all, the Dragonblood Legion had taken the core of the battlefield, with the Martial Heaven Alliance, the Nangong family, and the Beitang family only cutting through. With this strategy, they had only lost fewer than a hundred people in this battle. It could be considered an absolute victory.

With the red-haired man having detonated himself, the battle was over. Everyone looked at Long Chen. The next step would be cleaning up the battlefield, but they would need to listen to Long Chen for this.

After all, the battlefield was a fat pie to be carved up now. They didn’t want to start a fight over such a thing. Such strife had occurred quite a few times on historical battlefields.

There were even some records of an alliance breaking up and starting a fight right after a battle was over because of differing opinions on how the clean-up should be handled.

“Lingshan, send people to clean up the battlefield. Have all the treasures split evenly amongst the five powers,” said Long Chen. It was more convenient for the Martial Heaven Alliance to do this work as they had more people. Of course, the work would have to go to the most trustworthy disciples who wouldn’t get greedy.

As for the five powers, they were the Dragonblood Legion, the Martial Heaven Alliance, the Nangong family, the Beitang family, and the Illusive Music Immortal Palace.

Zi Yan immediately shook her head. “The Illusive Music Immortal Palace only sent me. Just being able to see the Blood race’s sacred son’s techniques was enough to benefit me. The Illusive Music Immortal Palace doesn’t want a share of this battlefield.”

Long Chen said, “Fairy Zi Yan, the Illusive Music Immortal Palace raised you and can’t be made to have sent you for nothing. Giving them a share is my duty.” 

Looking at Long Chen’s bright smile, Zi Yan also smiled. “Then I’ll thicken my face and accept.”

It was true that even if she didn’t care about profit, it could still be helpful to her sect. After all, the development of a sect cost money.

“Boss, we have too much essence blood this time.” Xia Chen secretly sent a message to Long Chen. Long Chen nodded.

From the start of the battle, he had said that everyone could gather the essence blood as they fought. Just based on Ye Lingshan, Nangong Zuiyue, and Beitang Rushuang’s smiles, it was clear that they had gained an immense amount.

After all, they had killed the entire army of Blood race that had been stationed within the Yin Yang World.

They had been elites with extremely pure essence blood, giving a greater amount of immemorial essence blood.

“Good. Then any excess can be given to our allies,” responded Long Chen.

Tens of thousands of people moved along the battlefield, their progress not very fast. After all, this battlefield was extremely large, and it had been badly torn apart. Many fragments of divine items and such were buried beneath the ground.

Those fragments could be reforged when they returned. They were all good things. Other than that though, there were also the corpses of the Martial Heaven Continent’s experts. They had to be buried at home.

“Long Chen, having killed so many experts of the Blood race, they might go crazy. They will very likely launch a sneak attack on the Martial Heaven Continent,” said Qu Jianying.

“So what? It doesn’t have anything to do with us. Last time, the Blood race’s sneak attack was essentially a slap in the face to the divine families. Now I’ve essentially helped the divine families win back some face. If the divine families aren’t even able to handle a counterattack from the Blood race, then what right do they have to say that they will lead everyone in the battle against the dark era?” Long Chen wasn’t the slightest bit worried about such a thing. The divine families’ foundation was definitely not just what they had revealed so far.

“Boss, should we just occupy the Yin Yang World and charge our way into the Blood race’s headquarters?” Seeing how successful they had been this time, Guo Ran started to get crazy.

Long Chen glared at him. “Did you take a blow to the head? The reason we are able to fight the Blood race in the Yin Yang World is because of the connection between the Martial Heaven Continent and the Yin Yang World. The Martial Heaven Continent’s laws are still present in the Yin Yang World, so all you Empyreans are able to use the Heavenly Dao energy. But if you go to another world, how do you know that that world’s Heavenly Dao energy will still support you? Did you not see that the red-haired fellow required using the blood sun to infect this world first in order to use his power? Without it, he was just a dog I could beat. Do you want to end up like him?”

“Oh, is that the case? Then nevermind. I don’t want to be beaten like that, and someone as scared of dying as me wouldn’t even have the courage to kill myself. I’d be toyed with until I died. That really is a frightening thought. Without Heavenly Dao energy…” Guo Ran suddenly shuddered.

The runes on his armor were now capable of absorbing Heavenly Dao energy. Without that support, his spiritual yuan would quickly run out.

“The Yin Yang World is a place where two worlds’ laws intersect. Both sides can use their power here. But it’s clear that the laws of the Martial Heaven Continent are stronger, so we actually have an advantage. But if we leap worlds again, then it will be a completely different case.” Qu Jianying nodded.

The other seniors nodded as well. This place was their home territory. Going into other people’s territories would suppress them.

“Then we have to face their attacks, but we can’t attack back?” demanded Guo Ran irritably.

“You can’t put it that way. There are people like Long Chen, Yue Zifeng, and Wilde who are capable of fighting without Heavenly Dao energy,” said Chu Yao.

“That’s true. But Long Chen, don’t be careless. Even if you aren’t affected, fighting in unfamiliar territory is still dangerous,” warned Qu Jianying. She truly understood Long Chen well and didn’t want him charging into the Blood race’s headquarters.

“Hehe, don’t worry, without absolute assurance, I won’t do something random like that,” promised Long Chen.

Suddenly, the Yin Yang World trembled. In the great distance, there were six locations emitting terrifying fluctuations.

Xia Chen checked his formation disc. “Boss, those six spots are connections to other worlds. The Blood race is most likely sending reinforcements. Are we going to keep fighting?” 

There were a total of seven light spots on his formation disc. The place they were at was the largest light.

Those lights indicated spatial channels. The spatial channel in front of them was the largest one, but it had not yet fully formed.

The other six light spots were other channels in the Yin Yang World, and they were a great distance from here. This place was the Yang side of the Yin Yang World, while those channels were on the Yin side. There were different laws there, so they couldn’t enter.

“No. The Blood race knows what happened here, and so they must be confident if they’re sending more people. We’ve already won enough. Leaving after getting enough is the right path,” said Long Chen.

This had been a sneak attack from the start. Now that the Blood race was prepared, there was no point in forcing it. Even if they could win again, they would have to pay a bitter price.

With the clean-up essentially done, Long Chen gathered everyone up. Xia Chen quickly set up a formation that could transport all of them back to the entrance. It was a one-time use formation, and moving so many people was definitely expensive, but Long Chen had plenty of wealth now and didn’t care about it.

All of them were enveloped by the formation once it was complete. However, they didn’t immediately leave.

Instead, they watched as a dark wave appeared on the horizon. Six armies of the Blood race were rushing over.

“Damn, there are so many?!”

Despite being prepared for such a sight, Guo Ran and the others still jumped. At first, they had thought that the black wave was the result of their auras bursting out of them, but then they found that they were all people. They were endless. Their numbers blocked out the front, making them unable to see just how deep their army went. 

“No wonder it took them so long to arrive. Sending so many people through the wall between worlds requires a huge amount of energy,” said Long Chen.

Xia Chen nodded. “That’s most likely the case. Sending too many people through the walls between worlds can cause spatial chaos. They must have paid quite the price to send so many of them through.”

As the Blood race’s army got closer, they gradually managed to sense several terrifying auras at the front.

Long Chen announced, “Alright, let’s wave goodbye. We’re leaving.”

Guo Ran and the others enthusiastically waved toward the oncoming army of the Blood race. Xia Chen’s formation activated, and they all vanished.

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