Chapter 2352 Beating up the Sacred Son

A sacrifice naturally required an offering willing to be sacrificed, or an offering being subdued and undergoing various rites before being sacrificed. They had never heard of someone waving their hand to sacrifice a whole mass of people.

As for stripping away their longevity, that was something that Long Chen wasn’t afraid of either. He had the primal chaos bead.

In the Netherworld, he had subtly probed Ming Cangyue about the primal chaos bead, but she had told him that it was a taboo object, something that even a god couldn’t investigate.

As a result, Long Chen had even greater confidence in it. If it was something that even a god couldn’t touch, who would dare to touch it?

Someone wished to sacrifice him? Alright, then he would see who dared to accept the primal chaos bead as a sacrifice. Who had the ability to accept that offering?

The red-haired man had originally been infuriated at Liu Ruyan’s immunity, feeling like he was being countered in every regard, but then he saw Long Chen actually refuse her help and cooperate with the sacrifice. He didn’t know what to feel about that. “Stupid human race.”

He formed hand seals, causing all the light to condense on Long Chen. Long Chen’s body turned the same color of blood.

After that, Long Chen slowly walked over to the red-haired man, causing him to finally smile slightly. The sacrifice would start now. He coldly said, “For the great Blood race, sacrifice your life-”

Before he could finish his ceremonial words, Long Chen slapped him in the face. The blood light exploded, revealing Long Chen’s original appearance. He sneered, “What kind of sacrificial ceremony is this? I’m standing right here, but do you dare to take me?”

The light that had invaded his body like worms seemed to have sensed something terrifying in his body and had fled. Long Chen had tried to trap them, but they had fled too quickly.

He was disappointed to have failed to learn more about the secrets of the primal chaos bead. But when he found that he had walked over to the red-haired man under the influence of the blood light, he instinctively slapped him.

The eye within the blood sun slowly closed. The sacrificial ceremony was over.

“What is going on?!” The red-haired man had never encountered such a strange thing.

Just as he was dumbfounded and unable to understand what was happening, Long Chen appeared in front of him. He grabbed him and started slapping him repeatedly like trying to teach a lesson to a rogue.

“This is your sacrificial ceremony? This is your peerless technique? This is what you rely on to be so arrogant? Are you trying to scam me?”

Holding his neck, Long Chen didn’t kill him but crazily slapped him instead. The red-haired man tried to escape Long Chen’s devil claw to no avail. He reached for the sword on his back, but before it was half out, Long Chen slapped his hand away.

“You dare to raise your sword against me? You really have guts!”

Long Chen seemed surprised and infuriated by this action of unsheathing his sword, as if it was some kind of giant insult and provocation.

After sending the sword flying, Long Chen suddenly released the red-haired man’s neck. Grabbing his red hair, Long Chen pulled his head into his knee, smashing his nose.

The sound of bones breaking rang out along with a shriek. The red-haired man’s face caved in.

A supreme expert of the Blood race, one called the sacred son, was actually beaten into such a state. People found it hard to believe.

With all his power, the red-haired man pulled back, causing his hair to be ripped out along with his scalp.

“Didn’t Long Chen say it was just a projection? How does it have a physical body of flesh and blood?” asked one disciple.

“If it didn’t have the true body’s blood and soul as part of it, it wouldn’t even be considered a proper projection clone. Condensing such a clone that possesses the same senses and reactions as the true body comes at a certain price,” explained Qu Jianying.

This kind of projection clone was not just an image. The true body had to send its soul and essence blood into it as well.

In other words, the clone’s senses were linked to the true body’s. That was why it had a body of flesh, why it was able to be controlled so easily by the true body, and why the sensations of this beating were being transmitted straight to the true body.

Long Chen continued to punch, kick, knee, and elbow him, beating him up to the point that he was no longer in human form.

Having lost his blood light domain, the red-haired man was unable to escape Long Chen’s attacks. Long Chen also didn’t give him a chance to summon his domain again.

He was unable to counterattack at all. This sight made people look at each other with odd expressions. Was this really the same peerless expert that had forced even heavenly geniuses like Chu Yao and the others into desperate straits?

“Ah, he’s not skilled in close-range combat,” said Nangong Zuiyue suddenly, causing everyone to understand.

This made them realize why he had summoned his blood light domain. It was because that domain covered up his lack of skill.

Within that domain, he had been able to freely teleport, allowing him to maintain a safe distance from everyone.

It was only his fury that had resulted in him condensing all the power of his blood light domain to kill everyone in one blow. 

Perhaps it was because he had found that everyone’s attacks were also long range so that they couldn’t threaten him, or perhaps his decision had simply been clouded with anger. Either way, this weakness was now fully exposed to Long Chen.

The fear that everyone had felt toward this terrifying expert diminished. He had been someone capable of stripping Heavenly Dao energy from them, but seeing Long Chen beating him so easily, they also felt the slightest shred of sympathy.

Long Chen hadn’t even summoned his divine ring or battle armor. He hadn’t even used half his power.

As for trying to create distance between them now? Was the red-haired man really capable of such a thing in this state? Just how much battle experience had Long Chen accumulated through the years?

To use Long Chen’s words, when he wasn’t fighting, he was always on the way to another fight.

With that combat experience, would Long Chen let him escape after catching him? He didn’t even have a chance to activate his blood sun.

Long Chen unleashed a tempest of attacks. He didn’t go lightly, but he didn’t go too hard either. He was simply beating him up.

“Who let you be so arrogant?”

“Do you want to shout a bit louder?”

“Didn’t you say that your daddy was amazing? Call him out then?”

The red-haired man roared, “When did I ever bring up my dad?!”

“You dare to talk back?”

“I’ll let you talk back!”

“I’ll let you talk back!”

Long Chen increased his beating. More of the red-haired man’s scalp came flying off as Long Chen tore off more of it, leaving him hairless. Despite knowing that they shouldn’t laugh, Chu Yao and the others couldn’t help it.

The stark contrast between when he had arrived and now was just too great. A generation’s genius was turned into this state by Long Chen.

The red-haired… No, the bald man from the Blood race felt like he would explode. He tried multiple things, but Long Chen wasn’t giving him a chance to connect to his blood domain or use his sword.

As long as he could pull out his sword, he would have a chance to unleash his power and summon his blood light domain. But Long Chen didn’t give him that chance.

He suddenly let out a heart-rending roar containing endless resentment. “Long Chen, just wait! All of you, when my true body descends, I’ll make you experience just how luxurious death is!”

He exploded, detonating himself. Long Chen was blown back.

Blood runes surged toward the blood sun from his body. Long Chen reached out to grab them, but the explosion had blown him back too far. They entered the blood sun, which flew into the spatial channel and vanished without a trace.


A furious roar shook another world. The red-haired man stood in the sky, his face twisted with fury.

Beneath him were countless experts of the Blood race, quivering as they knelt. Even the fourth step Netherpassage experts were too terrified to even look at him.

“Long Chen, you idiot, my projection clone only had thirty percent of my power. When my true body comes, I’ll teach you what despair is! I’ll show you the power of a merged Spirit Blood and Spirit Bone! You ant, I… ARGH!”

The red-haired man unleashed a wave of power in every direction, shattering mountains and causing the experts below to hack up blood. But they still didn’t dare to make a sound.

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