Chapter 2351 Being Offered as Sacrifice

The red-haired man was at an absolute disadvantage against everyone’s attacks, especially with the pressure of Dong Mingyu’s divine assassination arts. 

Adding on Long Chen’s taunt, his nose almost bent out of shape from rage. He cursed, “Shameless human race, all you know how to do is bully others with numbers! If you have the guts, come and fight me alone!”

“Me? Give up. Fighting you would be like beating a child to me. I’d feel bad bullying you like that. If I accidentally killed you with one slap, there would be nothing to play with. You should stop chattering and unleash your strongest trump card, or you won’t have a chance once you’re dead,” said Long Chen disdainfully.

“Boss, why not kill him? If you could do a soulsearch, we would know more of their secrets. This fellow must be someone important,” suggested Guo Ran.

“Impossible. This fellow is just a split body. If he loses, he will just be called back by his true body, or he will choose to self destruct. This clone’s purpose is to test us and learn our secrets,” said Long Chen.

This red-haired man had exposed his intentions by trying to attack Long Chen despite his current predicament.

Theoretically, if his goal was to show off, he should first kill a few people, but his target had been Long Chen the entire time. It was clear he was testing Long Chen so that he would have an advantage when his true body came.

“Just a split body is so powerful?” Guo Ran sucked in a cold breath of air.

Normally, a clone could at most possess eighty percent of the power of the true body. But this clone had come from a completely different space. In other words, it was a mere projection.

Such a thing could only possess fifty percent of the power of the true body even in the best of cases. 

“This isn’t his full power. He has yet to reveal any of his true killing moves and is trying to test our abilities,” said Long Chen. The furious appearance of this fellow was fake. No matter how he appeared, there was no way he was actually on the verge of going berserk. 

Long Chen had secretly told Chu Yao and the others not to reveal too much against him. If they just wanted to exhaust each other, that would be fine.

This place was the Yin Yang World, while this red-haired man had come from another world. His true body was definitely using up a huge amount of energy to fight like this.

“Boss really is a heroic divine general. You saw through all of this,” said Guo Ran worshipfully. Long Chen ignored him. If Guo Ran put the same effort into battle as he did into showing off, he’d have long since noticed all this as well.

The old man and the others had seen through the red-haired man’s intentions and had thus called back their disciples. They analyzed the battle from the side, paying attention to the details.

The red-haired man truly did possess astounding combat experience. Even surrounded by Chu Yao and the others, he managed to remain undefeated. His grasp of the fluctuations around him was perfect.

This was an extremely rare chance for the elders to point out things for their disciples. In battles, being surrounded by attacks was the most dangerous situation, and now there was an excellent example to learn from. The old man used his own combat experience to point out things to the disciples, benefiting them immensely.

Those who had come here were all elites, geniuses amongst geniuses. Their comprehension skills were extremely high, and just these pointers plus the red-haired man’s display were enough to allow them to understand many things that could save them on the battlefield.

“Intolerable bullying!” The red-haired man suddenly noticed that he was being used as teaching material and could no longer endure it. His red hair stood on end.

His jagged sword made a full revolution in the air. The world that had been dyed red by his blood sun instantly returned to normal. All that Blood Qi and energy returned to his sword.

The jagged sword, which had originally been translucent, became red as blood. Every jagged edge now seemed like the fang of a demonic beast.

The blood-colored sword stabbed into the air in front of him. It wasn’t aiming at anyone but the void. The void exploded and formed a giant vortex.

The vortex rapidly spread. The laws of space had been shattered and were unable to restore themselves. As a result, Chu Yao and the others were instantly caught within the vortex. Even Dong Mingyu was exposed now with the void destroyed.

Shockingly, the red-haired man had broken the walls of this world by sacrificing all the power of his domain. The Dragonblood Legion found that they had lost their connection to the outside Heavenly Dao energy. They had never encountered such a bizarre technique.

Having lost their access to Heavenly Dao energy, it was like their wings had been clipped. 

Just as they were being sucked into the center of the vortex, lightning flashed. Within that twisting space, a figure appeared in front of the red-haired man, and a hand slapped him in the face. 

At the same time, a scolding voice rang out. “Do you know how to follow rules? Who permitted you to destroy the training grounds?”

The red-haired man was sent flying into the distance, and his technique was interrupted. The vortex vanished, restoring Chu Yao and the others’ freedom. Their manifestations appeared once more.

Chu Yao and the others were pale. This red-haired man was actually able to separate them from Heavenly Dao energy. It was terrifying.

Other than Long Chen, Yue Zifeng, Wilde, and a few other exceptions, they were all Empyreans who used Heavenly Dao energy to unleash their greatest power. Losing the support of Heavenly Dao energy left them with only a tenth of their peak power. 

Even Qu Jianying, Li Tianxuan, and the other members of the senior generation were shocked by that technique. They had never heard of such a terrifying ability even after so much time fighting the Blood race. It was practically the bane of Empyreans.

People looked back to the battlefield. Long Chen had interrupted him at that critical moment, making everyone sigh with relief. This terrifying move might be a nightmare to others, but it was useless against Long Chen.

Having been slapped in the face again, the red-haired man looked like he was about to explode with rage. “You are Long Chen, correct? I’ll make you beg for death.”

“You’re not the first to say such a thing to me, but I should warn you, the others who said that are all dead. I’m guessing that you’ll be right behind them. My suggestion is for you to just kill yourself. It just so happens that I also have other things to do.” Long Chen smiled indifferently. At the very least, they had managed to force out one trump card from this fellow.

The sooner they learned about such a terrifying technique, the better equipped they would be when the time came. Otherwise, even the Dragonblood Legion would be in danger of being annihilated if such a technique struck them.

The red-haired man felt like he was going to go insane. He was a supreme existence within the Blood race, with no one daring to defy him. But today, Long Chen had treated him not like a worthy opponent, but like someone so weak that his advice was that he should just kill himself to get it over with.

“Blood Sacrifice to the Heavens, Life Returns to the Netherworld, Heavenly Sacrifice Grand Art!”

The red-haired man’s voice was hoarse with rage, but he still sheathed his sword on his back and formed hand seals. As a result, the blood sun split open. It was like the eye of a fiend now. A ray of light enveloped Long Chen as well as Chu Yao and the others who were behind him.

Long Chen’s heart shook. From that eye, he felt like he could see another world. At the end of that world was a throne.

“A god’s throne?”

Long Chen was shocked. He had seen that kind of throne before. Although it was a bit different from Ming Cangyue’s throne, the aura was very similar.

At the same time, he felt like someone was looking at him as well. His Blood Qi surged within him.

“He’s forcibly sacrificing us. He wants to absorb our longevity,” said Zi Yan. She was still playing the Seven String Sea Suppressing Zither, unleashing waves of music that resisted the light.

With her playing, the light did pause a bit, allowing Chu Yao and the others to escape. However, the red-haired man smiled sinisterly. “If you want to leave, then leave behind half your longevity first.”

His hand seal changed, and the eye of the blood sun grew larger, causing the light to shine even more intensely. Zi Yan’s fingers began to bleed as she resisted, but she was being forced back.

“Longevity? If you want it, then take it. I have as much as you want.” Liu Ruyan suddenly summoned her true body. A towering willow tree protected Chu Yao and the others.

Curiously, when the red light was blocked off, Chu Yao and the others instantly regained their freedom, escaping under the protection of the branches.

The red-haired man’s pupils shrank. His sacrifice had actually failed? He had never encountered such a thing.

“Longevity has no meaning to the Undying race. This technique is useless against me,” said Liu Ruyan coldly. The red light was trying to suck away her life energy, but she easily absorbed the energy of the Yin Yang World to make up for it. Her longevity was the same as heaven and earth’s.

Liu Ruyan was about to pull Long Chen away as well, but he stopped her. “I didn’t think that I would one day become a sacrifice. I want to see who has the guts to accept such a sacrifice.”

Long Chen activated his 108,000 astral spaces and six stars, allowing the red light to meet them.

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