Chapter 2350 Fairies Drive Away the Devil (Teaser)

It seemed that he had sensed something from everyone’s expressions. The red-haired man’s sword unleashed a blaze of light that flew toward Long Chen. This one attack also encapsulated the Dragonblood Legion. 

“Just you? You aren’t worthy of Long Chen fighting.” Tang Wan-er stepped forward. Wind blades burst into existence, annihilating his attack. One small, transparent windblade shot toward the red-haired man, with the others following its lead.

“Scram!” roared the red-haired man.


An explosion shook the sky. The wind blade was sent flying, with the others exploding like a waterfall. Tang Wan-er waved her hand, causing the main wind blade to return to her.

As for the red-haired man, he staggered back from the impact. He hadn’t expected that tiny wind blade to possess such immense power.

“Bitch!” The red-haired man felt like he was going to cough up blood from irritation. Having his attack so easily destroyed by...

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