Chapter 2350 Fairies Drive Away the Devil

It seemed that he had sensed something from everyone’s expressions. The red-haired man’s sword unleashed a blaze of light that flew toward Long Chen. This one attack also encapsulated the Dragonblood Legion. 

“Just you? You aren’t worthy of Long Chen fighting.” Tang Wan-er stepped forward. Wind blades burst into existence, annihilating his attack. One small, transparent windblade shot toward the red-haired man, with the others following its lead.

“Scram!” roared the red-haired man.


An explosion shook the sky. The wind blade was sent flying, with the others exploding like a waterfall. Tang Wan-er waved her hand, causing the main wind blade to return to her.

As for the red-haired man, he staggered back from the impact. He hadn’t expected that tiny wind blade to possess such immense power.

“Bitch!” The red-haired man felt like he was going to cough up blood from irritation. Having his attack so easily destroyed by Tang Wan-er infuriated him.

He was a sacred son of the Blood race, a supreme expert. He had coincidentally seen that a battle was occurring in the Yin Yang World at the end of the spatial channel, and so he had decided to come over.

He had thought that he would crush his opponents beneath his feet as soon as he arrived. However, he ended up being the one crushed.

A pair of blood-colored wings appeared on his back. Then his forehead split open, and his blood suddenly wriggled out like two snakes, going down to his chin. Combined, they formed a bizarre rune.

In that instant, his aura ignited like oil on fire. Heaven and earth rumbled, and a horrifying pressure crashed down on the battlefield.

Tang Wan-er jumped in fright, feeling like a viper had locked onto her.

“Die!” Blood marks covered the red-haired man’s jagged sword. When he slashed it this time, he made all the stars in the sky quiver.

Tang Wan-er shot back, and wind blades poured out of her manifestation like water from a sea. Another main wind blade took the lead in guiding them.

“A mantis trying to stop a chariot. Insignificant,” sneered the red-haired man, actually using a human expression to express his contempt.


Tang Wan-er’s wind blades once more exploded. But just before they clashed, the sound of a zither rang out. The red-haired man’s sword paused for just an instant.

In that instant, Tang Wan-er flew out of his range. She called back her wind blades that had been sent flying, her face a bit pale.

The red-haired man glared over in a certain direction. There, the Zither Fairy was seated lotus style with the Seven String Sea Suppressing Zither on her knees. Strands of her hair floated in a slight breeze. An air of tranquillity surrounded her.

The red-haired man’s attack was affected by her zither music, and the power of his blood sun was suddenly interrupted. As a result, he had only managed to unleash less than half of this attack’s power.

“Die slut!” Having encountered another person that could ignore his blood light domain, the red-haired man felt like he was going crazy. He immediately abandoned Tang Wan-er to charge at Zi Yan.

Zi Yan looked at the ferocious red-haired man and shook her head. “Your fire is too extreme. You need to calm down and cut down on the heat.”

“I’ll cut down your head you-!” The red-haired man somehow stopped in the middle of his furious shout. The sky suddenly grew colder, and snowflakes began to fall.

The temperature continued to sink, and his blood light domain was starting to lose control. It was growing unstable.

He immediately stopped and looked around. Soon after, he saw Ye Zhiqiu floating there like a goddess of ice and snow in her pure white dress. 

Ye Zhiqiu’s divine ice sword was already raised, and she slashed it down.

A thin line streaked through the air, leaving behind a trail of blisters. The cut space was frozen and unable to repair itself.

The red-haired man was startled once more. Ye Zhiqiu’s sword was different from Yue Zifeng’s, but the sense of danger was the same.

Runes revolved around his sword as he fought against the freezing effect. His blood light domain surged.


Blood light met the white snow attack. As a result, the world transformed, becoming a mix of red and white. Ye Zhiqiu held back a groan as she was forced back ten steps before steadying herself.

The red-haired man was covered in frost, like he had transformed into a snowman. When he opened his mouth, white mist came out and instantly turned into ice that fell to the ground.

“Slaughter him together.” Liu Ruyan attacked with her willow branches while Chu Yao’s wooden thorns also joined in.

“Blood Light Swallows Life!” roared the red-haired man. The blood sun suddenly grew larger, unleashing light that made Liu Ruyan and Chu Yao’s attacks wither, confounding the two of them.

“His domain leans toward death and corrosion. If your attacks are scattered, his domain can wither them all,” called out Long Chen.

“So that’s the case.” Liu Ruyan and Chu Yao exchanged a glance. Liu Ruyan’s towering willow tree vanished. In her human form, she attacked with a whip.

BANG! This time, her wooden whip wasn’t withered and managed to strike the red-haired man’s sword. The sword left a cut in the whip but didn’t sever it.

As Long Chen said, as long as they condensed their wood energy, the blood domain’s corrosive effect would be less effective.

From beneath the earth, a wooden dragon charged out. Chu Yao also tried concentrating all her power on the wood dragon to attack the red-haired man.

An arrow flew along with it, followed by a water dragon. Zi Yan, Ye Zhiqiu, Tang Wan-er, Liu Ruyan, Nangong Zuiyue, and Beitang Rushuang attacked at the same time, unleashing a plethora of attacks on the red-haired man.

Zi Yan continued to play her zither. Despite this clearly being a bloody battlefield, she drew people into a wonderland.

Her music rang out perfectly with everyone’s attacks. It was like she knew everyone’s techniques, and the tempo was perfectly controlled. Sometimes it was slow, sometimes it was fast, and yet there wasn’t the slightest bit of chaos or disorder.

Chu Yao and the others’ attacks combined with the music, resulting in their attacks coming out easily in their peak form. Their spiritual yuan and Heavenly Dao energy were all flowing smoothly, allowing them to unleash their most taxing techniques with ease.

The assistance of Zi Yan’s music raised everyone’s combat power, letting them unleash special attacks that they might not have dared to use in battle.

Chu Yao and the others were delighted by this, while the red-haired man felt like he was about to cough up blood. The zither music was an immortal song to Chu Yao and the others, but it was the song of a life-reaping devil to him.

Every note affected his mind, weakening his power and making him unable to concentrate. He had even tried closing off his ears and other senses, but it was useless. The zither music reverberated through his soul.

Most terrifying of all, he found that his own attacks were starting to match Zi Yan’s tempo, as if even his movements were under her control.

He tried to throw her rhythm off with various attacks, but he was unable to escape her hold.

Suddenly, a dagger appeared behind his back. The red-haired man reacted instantly, seemingly having been waiting for it. His sword smashed into the dagger, sending it flying.

However, his expression completely changed as a white hand appeared in front of his throat. There was no body, just the hand. He hastily retreated, but the hand managed to claw his throat, leaving behind five bloody wounds.

Those seemingly cute hands were very deadly. If he had been the slightest bit slower, that hand would have pierced his throat.

It was naturally Dong Mingyu, but she was still hidden in the void, with no one able to find her. She slipped away, vanishing along with the dagger as if they had never appeared.

“The Heavenly Desolation Extinction Art really is terrifying.” Long Chen was amazed. The technique that Leng Yueyan had told her about was truly amazing. Dong Mingyu being able to freely move inside the red-haired man’s domain was ridiculous.

It seemed that he would also have to be careful in the future. He had the utmost confidence in his lightning and flame domains, but after seeing this, he felt that he would have to be more careful of his back. If he encountered a terrifying existence like Dong Mingyu, he wouldn’t be able to sense them either.

The red-haired man instantly healed all his injuries, but his expression was growing uglier. The pressure that Dong Mingyu gave him in particular was immense. Even within his own domain, he was unable to find her. He had to be constantly on guard against her while fighting everyone else.

As his fury soared, the blood sun quivered, while the sacrificial altar and the spatial channel rumbled. It seemed that the blood sun was receiving some kind of energy from within the channel.

Zither music, ice crystals, wind blades, wood and water dragons, all kinds of attacks filled the air. Despite it being a chaotic battle, it felt delightful to watch. They were all like goddesses.

“This would be a good scene: Fairies Drive Away the Devil.” Long Chen announced, “Little red-haired fellow, I feel like if you still don’t kill yourself, it would be failing to appreciate our kindness.”

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