Chapter 2349 Scared to Death

The world shook as the light of the blood sun continued to infect it. The red-haired man seemed to become the god of this world.

“Are you done yet? Tell me when you are. It’s getting late, and we need to get back for dinner soon,” said Long Chen impatiently.

The red-haired man coldly looked at Long Chen. Red ripples whirled around him. “Fine. This level is enough to kill you.”

The red-haired man vanished, causing everyone to jump.

Long Chen’s hand suddenly swung out, and the red-haired man reappeared, flying back.

There was a deep handprint on his face.

“Idiot, you’re just a split body. Do you think you’re qualified to fight me?” sneered Long Chen.

The light of the blood sun infected this place, turning it into the red-haired man’s special domain. He was able to freely teleport within it. Long Chen had long since been ready for this, as this domain was similar to his lightning domain. 

This blood light was a secret art of the Blood race’s emperors. He had been wanting to use this technique to subdue Long Chen and then soulsearch him to find out what was going on. The red-haired man felt that Long Chen was extremely strange. He sensed danger, but he wasn’t able to sense any pressure from him.

Based on his combat experience, this meant that Long Chen had some kind of supreme treasure protecting him, while his own combat power wasn’t very high. But this slap woke him up from this delusion. He hadn’t even been able to sense the slap.

“Fourth captain of the Dragonblood Legion, Yue Zifeng, here for pointers.”

The red-haired man was shocked and infuriated to find that before he could unleash another attack, someone he had found insignificant before stepped forward, unleashing a streak of Sword Qi at him.

When Yue Zifeng had seen that Long Chen wasn’t following up on his slap, he knew that Long Chen didn’t care to fight. Not wanting to miss such a good chance, he stepped forward.

Yue Zifeng’s Sword Qi sliced through the red light domain, and the red-haired man’s heart shook. The seemingly weak Yue Zifeng actually possessed such a sharp attack.

With a snort, he swung his jagged sword. The teeth of that sword seemed to suck in the power of the entire world, causing the void to collapse and laws to crumble.

Yue Zifeng’s expression changed. He had never witnessed such a power. His intuition was telling him that he could not receive this attack.

His sword flashed and he unleashed three more rays of Sword Qi. Although they came later, they perfectly merged with his first attack, combining at the exact moment that they met the jagged sword.

Sword Qi exploded and the red-haired man’s sword shuddered. The majority of his power had been canceled out, and due to that, he no longer had the power to unleash his strike at Yue Zifeng.

“Violet Lightning Pierces the Clouds!” Yue Zifeng pointed his sword at the red-haired man. With his left hand in a sword seal, he pressed his forefinger and middle finger on his sword, causing a draconic roar to come from it. A bolt of violet sword-light shot out of his sword.

The red-haired man was shocked. Theoretically, any attack from his enemies should be consumed by his red light domain. That was because this domain was his to command, and the laws here were under his control. He could be considered the ruler of this world.

However, Yue Zifeng’s attacks were able to ignore it. The sword-light instantly reached him, and he hastily twisted his hand, causing the sword-light to shoot past his ear, where he felt a sharp pain. His ear had been severed, but he was still stunned, unable to comprehend how such a person, who could ignore his domain, could exist in this world.

“Ten Thousand Swords Return to the Source.”

Just at this moment, golden light exploded. Up in the sky, sharp swords filled the air, pointing at the red-haired man. Yue Zifeng let out a cry, and those swords streamed toward him.

“Blood Sea Divine Shield!”

The red-haired man tore the air with his hand, causing a giant blood-colored shield to appear in front of him.

Those swords smashed into his shield and tore through it. The red-haired man had never encountered someone capable of breaking this defense, even amongst the other experts of the Blood race that used swords.

However, none of those experts was a sword cultivator. The swords were still very sharp even after having their power reduced by his shield. He hastily retreated, tearing at the void once more to summon more shields. He summoned three in one go.

The swords lost a great deal of power just going through the first shield. The second weakened them more, and by the third, they were no longer able to pierce any further.

However, that didn’t allow the red-haired man to relax at all. He sensed something off with his surroundings. His concept of spacetime was out of alignment. It felt like the surroundings had been sliced apart.

Spacetime was cut apart. A cut appeared on the red-haired man’s waist, slashing him in two.

Even Long Chen jumped in shock. Just when did Yue Zifeng become so terrifying? His sword was able to cut through the laws of space and time. That was powerful enough to practically slay gods and devils.

However, just as the world was displaced, it returned to normal, except for the two halves of the red-haired man’s body. Cracks appeared in it, and there was a look of terror in his eyes.

Just at that moment, the blood sun behind him wrapped him in runes and instantly healed his injuries.

Yue Zifeng sighed inside. In the end, he still failed. That had been a supreme attack of the Heavenly Sword Gate, and even though he had stepped into the Netherpassage realm, he couldn’t fully control it yet.

Shaking his head, he slowly raised his sword in order to sheath it on his back. He no longer had the power to fight.

However, just then, Long Chen shouted, “Zifeng, hold it. Be merciful. Don’t kill him.”

“I…” Yue Zifeng stared. He had less than twenty percent of his energy left. If the battle continued, he would be the one to die.

“I know you like to consume your prey by yourself, but as the fourth captain of the Dragonblood Legion, for you to fight him is bullying him. Leave him alone. Leave him as a dog for people to train on. After all, we haven’t seen another sacred son of the Blood race. Don’t you think you should let others get a chance to fight him as well?” Long Chen waved his hand, not giving Yue Zifeng a chance to speak and pulling him aside.

Since Yue Zifeng was used to being solitary and didn’t quite understand, Gu Yang and the others instantly leaped forward.

“I am the first captain of the Dragonblood Legion. I’m too embarrassed to even fight you.”

“I, the second captain, am the same.”

“The third captain is the same.”

Guo Ran said, “Damn, I was actually going to thicken my face and test him a bit, but now that all of you say that, as the general of the Dragonblood Legion, it would be too embarrassing for me. I’m the same as you.”

The Martial Heaven Continent’s experts’ expressions grew odd. Beitang Rushuang was in immense pain as she tried to hold back her laughter.

Everyone knew that of the four captains of the Dragonblood Legion, the strongest was actually the fourth captain, Yue Zifeng. They weren’t ranked according to power.

However, the red-haired man didn’t know this, because when he scanned through the auras upon arriving, the only one who had given him a sense of danger was Long Chen. But Long Chen’s aura was also strange, making him feel like he only had some kind of mysterious treasure and wasn’t actually strong himself.

The other ones capable of giving him a slight sense of pressure were Chu Yao, Liu Ruyan, Dong Mingyu, Beitang Rushuang, the old man, and others on their level. However, the old man was already old, and he had a secret art to use against him.

As for Yue Zifeng, Gu Yang, Guo Ran, and the others, the red-haired man hadn’t even cared about them. But Yue Zifeng had almost killed him in just a few blows. If he had just been a bit stronger, this body of his would have been crushed by the laws of space and time when he attempted to restore it from being cut.

Yue Zifeng was already frightening by himself. When he had raised his sword, the red-haired man hadn’t known that he was putting away his sword. Instead, the red-haired man thought that Yue Zifeng was preparing an even more powerful attack.

There weren’t any Heavenly Dao fluctuations around Yue Zifeng for him to sense what his next action would be. The techniques of supreme sword cultivators were always invincible.

Yue Zifeng had stated his status upon fighting. He was the fourth captain of the Dragonblood Legion. When the red-haired man learned that there was a first, second, and third captain, as well as a general, he was bewildered and frightened. Long Chen laughed in his heart. 

Seeing that Long Chen was capable of frightening this terrifying expert of the Blood race to such an extent, Qu Jianying and the others held back smiles. It was this sacred son’s misfortune to run into someone so wicked.

“Child, don’t make things hard on yourself. You should just suicide. I feel bad for you,” said Guo Ran sympathetically.

“Are you trying to scare me? I’m not going to believe this nonsense!” The red-haired man’s expression twisted, and he suddenly roared, swinging his jagged sword at Long Chen and the others.

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