Chapter 2347 Sacred Son of the Blood Race

Seven balls of light appeared within the spatial channel, and one of them lit up brighter than the others. It was like an exploding sun, but the explosion gave it the power to pass through spacetime to enter the Yin Yang World.

The ball of light burst, revealing a blood sun whose rays covered the battlefield.

At this moment, the fourth step Netherpassage experts had been cut down to half their number thanks to Chu Yao, Liu Ruyan, and everyone else’s cooperation. But the blood sun melted their wood domain, causing the branches and thorns to crumble like a bubble.

“What kind of power is this?!” Chu Yao and Liu Ruyan were dismayed. This blood sun was incredibly strange. It countered their wood energy.

The Blood race’s experts seemed to go crazy upon seeing the blood sun. They were howling.

“The sacred son has descended!”

“Haha, you foolish humans, just wait for the sacred son to reap your organs and souls.

Despite having lost so many of their number, the Blood race’s experts were invigorated. It was like they felt that victory was already theirs.

“What is that?” Beitang Rushuang suddenly shot another arrow, but this arrow, which had slain dozens of fourth step Netherpassage experts, silently vanished when it entered the blood sun.

Beitang Rushuang’s expression changed. That blood sun seemed to be its own world. Her own attack was consumed by it.

“Don’t attack it. It’s just a projection. The real one is in another world and is using this thing to come here,” said Long Chen. 

According to reason, since the spatial channel had been interrupted before it was complete, it should have been impossible for the experts from those worlds to enter this one. However, it seemed that they were using some kind of secret art to force it.

The blood sun expanded, growing even more resplendent. At this moment, a figure could vaguely be seen within it, growing more and more solid.

That figure was a red-haired man in blood-colored robes. His outline had appeared, but his appearance was still unclear. The deepest impression that he gave off was his demon-like violet eyes.

“Foolish humans, you’re just sheep raised by my Blood race. You dare to resist? You will pay the price for your foolishness.” The red-haired man’s voice rang out from the blood sun without the slightest emotion. It was like an icy needle stabbing people’s ears.

His voice wasn’t loud, and yet it echoed through the air continuously. Some of the weaker disciples felt their heads buzzing.

“What kind of magic trick is this? If you have guts, then come out and fight!” roared Gu Yang, stabbing his spear at him.

His ferocious attack stabbed straight through the blood run. All his power vanished into it without a trace, startling him.

“Gu Yang, don’t fall for it. This fellow is baiting you to attack him. He doesn’t have a corporeal body here yet, so you can’t hit him. First, slaughter the rest of the Blood race. Show this idiot who the real pigs are. I want all the Blood race’s experts here dead by the time he gets here. Old man, Zi Yan, you can come out now,” shouted Long chen.

“Hahaha, it’s finally time. My hands were itchy.” The old man laughed and charged in. He had long since grown impatient upon seeing so many fourth step Netherpassage experts.

With the Heaven Splitting Blade, the old man unleashed a giant attack. It was like a river of stars was falling from the heavens.

“Split the Heavens 8!”

The old man’s attack was the true eighth form of Split the Heavens. While Long Chen was also capable of using it, his was a deviated form due to his different cultivation technique.

The nine forms of Split the Heavens were a set with the Heaven Splitting Battle Sect’s unique cultivation technique. Although the Nine Star Hegemon Body Art was also capable of unleashing them, the Nine Star Hegemon Body Art was too domineering, and some of the smaller details were impossible to replicate. Long Chen’s version of Split the Heavens was no longer the same as the disciples of the Heaven Splitting Battle Sect.

The old man’s eighth form of Split the Heavens was even more powerful than his. It struck one of the Blood race’s fourth step Netherpassage experts and cut through his weapon. The old man then turned, cutting that expert in half.

Long Chen was envious of that. The old man, Boss Bao, and the others were able to control Split the Heavens much more smoothly than he could. They had the leftover energy to use a follow-up attack.

He was unable to do such a thing. He had to unleash all the power he built up for that technique in one go. If he tried to control it, it would reduce his power immensely and no longer be able to threaten his opponents. He wasn’t able to be like the old man who had so easily followed up on his first attack to kill the Blood race expert before the latter could recover.

Once the old man entered the battlefield, Long Chen saw that he was already a third step Netherpassage expert. His death energy was so powerful that even the Samsara power of fourth step Netherpassage experts was unable to stop him. Any of them struck by his full-power attack would end up losing half their life.

The old man had just sent one of the Blood race’s experts flying and was about to unleash the following blow when the fourth boss came flying over and killed the flying enemy.

The old man glared at the fourth boss for a moment. The fourth boss had just taken his kill.

“You have enough kills to not miss this one.” The fourth boss smirked.

Just at that moment, zither music resounded across the battlefield. In that instant, all the Martial Heaven Continent’s experts felt power welling up within them.

The zither music was like a blessing. Even Empyreans had to take the initiative to pull in Heavenly Dao energy. But the zither music made it so that Heavenly Dao energy poured into their bodies on its own, filling them with strength.

This was divine music capable of stimulating a person’s potential. It could make a person forget their fear, their nervousness, and all the negative emotions inhibiting them.

Furthermore, this blessing was not just limited to this. Everyone felt their senses grow more perceptive. Their understanding of the minute fluctuations of the battlefield and their sense of danger grew clearer.

“The Illusive Music Immortal Palace’s zither arts are practically godly. Haha, excellent. Brothers, kill!” roared Bao Buping. With power surging within him, he charged toward one of the fourth step Netherpassage experts on his own.

As a result, after a few exchanges, he was sent back. Although the zither music had stimulated his potential, it wasn’t able to make his combat power grow to the level of being able to beat a fourth step Netherpassage expert on his own.

With the old man, Zi Yan, and the others joining in, the Martial Heaven Continent’s side crushed the battlefield.

The Blood race’s experts started to feel fear. They wouldn’t be able to last long enough for their sacred son to descend at this rate.

“My blood is the sacrifice, my soul is the altar. I use my life to forge the divine altar!”

One of the fourth step Netherpasage experts suddenly killed himself. He exploded into Blood Qi. The Blood Qi was like snakes, and they shot past the battlefield, gathering up the Blood Qi on the battlefield to a sacrificial altar beneath the spatial channel.

The countless corpses on the battlefield exploded, their blood pouring into the altar.

Before anyone could do anything, the red-haired man in the blood sun walked out of it.

“Humans, you can repent in hell for killing my Blood race’s warriors!” The red-haired man’s eyes shone with a demonic violet light. He held a strange sword in his hand that was as wide as a palm, but so thin that it seemed translucent.

The two sides of the sword were jagged with uneven sawteeth. The cold light was so sharp that people involuntarily shivered.

He raised his sword up and casually swung it toward the Martial Heaven Continent’s experts.

BANG! Just as his Sword Qi was about to reach Gu Yang, it suddenly curved and flew past everyone. In the distance, mountains crumbled.

Gu Yang and the others were startled. That attack was even stronger than the attack of a fourth step Netherpassage expert, but his aura didn’t seem to have reached that level. 

The Dragonblood warriors had been prepared to join forces to receive that attack, but it suddenly swerved from their path. They then found that Long Chen was standing in front of them.

Long Chen’s hand was still outstretched. He had clearly been the one to slap the red-haired man’s attack away.

Thunderforce flickered on Long Chen’s hand and slowly faded. Long Chen clasped his hands behind him and coldly said, “How could a little split body that passed through spacetime have the confidence to say such arrogant bullshit?”

Despite the contempt on his face, Long Chen was stretching out the hand behind him. That hand had been protected by his thunderforce but was still numb from knocking away the red-haired man’s attack.

Since the red-haired man wanted to act like a badass, he would have to act like an even bigger one.

“What are you looking at? I can’t be bothered to kill a weakling like you. You should just kill yourself!” Long Chen turned up his chin slightly at the red-haired man’s shock, looking at him with disdain.

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