Chapter 2344 Heaven Earth Twisting Massacre

Of the three armies, the one belonging to the Martial Heaven Alliance had the most people. They had over two hundred thousand disciples, and they were handpicked to the best of the best.

Under Ye Lingshan’s guidance, they charged through the Blood race like an angry dragon.

On the other side, Nangong Zuiyue and Beitang Rushuang led the disciples of their two families through the Blood race, causing chaos through their ranks.

“Nine Tribulation Killing Formation!” called out Guo Ran. Blue light appeared on top of the Dragonblood warriors’ swords. Rays of Sword Qi shot out, and they were like a jagged disc whirling through the Blood race.

The blue Sword Qi was bizarre. It went straight through their opponents’ weapons to kill them.

“Careful!” warned Beitang Rushuang. Guo Ran had just given the order to change formations when over ten of the Blood race’s old fourth step Netherpassage experts appeared. It seemed that they had decided that Guo Ran was the leader, and they all bounced on him.

“You want to compete in numbers? A few old tortoises aren’t worth shit in front of me!” Guo Rang arrogantly laughed and crossed his sabers in front of him.

The manifestations of the Dragonblood warriors shook and linked up. Ten thousand streams of energy surged toward Guo Ran.

“Dragonblood Cross Slash!”

This attack containing the concentrated power of the entire Dragonblood Legion crashed down upon the Blood race’s Netherpassage experts. Their expressions completely changed, and they all joined forces to defend against it.


The void exploded, with life and death energy shooting out in every direction. After that, all those fourth step Netherpassage experts coughed up blood and were blown back.

“The light of a firefly dares to compete with the light of the bright moon? How laughable… cough…” Guo Ran ended up coughing a mouthful of blood before he could finish his mocking. 

Just now, the combined power of the fourth step Netherpassage experts hadn’t been able to fully cancel out the power of the Dragonblood Legion, but as the conduit, Guo Ran had suffered a certain backlash.

Normally, such a backlash wasn’t strong enough to make him cough up blood. However, in order to act supreme and undefeatable, Guo Ran had talked immediately after the exchange without first focusing on suppressing the backlash, resulting in his coughing.

One of those fourth step Netherpassage experts had barely stabilized when his expression changed. A gust of wind at the back of his head made him smash his fist behind him.

However, he didn’t hit anything, and a wind blade slashed through his face. In that instant, he realized he had fallen for a feint, with the true killing blow coming from the front. Regretfully, even if he understood, it was meaningless. His blood splashed through the air.

“Endless Falling Wood, Wood Burial.” Chu Yao stabbed her black staff into the ground, and wooden thorns came flying out of it like pythons, attacking the other fourth step Netherpassage experts.

As thorns exploded from the ground, willow branches filled the air, completely covering those Netherpassage experts.


The thorns and branches were like a pot and a lid, slamming shut on them.

“Heaven Earth Twisting Massacre!”

Chu Yao and Liu Ruyan shouted in unison, their minds connected. The thorns and branches twisted in one direction like wringing water from a cloth.

The wooden pillar trembled. Clearly, the trapped Netherpassage experts were struggling with all their might. But they were unable to escape.

Suddenly, a burst of blood came from one of the cracks and slowly dripped out. More and more blood appeared from various cracks in the wooden pillar, until the auras of those fourth step Netherpassage experts finally faded. They were all killed.

“How powerful!” Beitang Rushuang exclaimed in amazement. Liu Ruyan and Chu Yao had perfectly combined their power. This was practically a peerless killing art. Once trapped, no one could escape. Adding on the huge range that this attack covered initially, it wouldn’t even give someone a chance to escape.

Chu Yao and Liu Ruyan exchanged a smile. This was the combination art they had come up with after advancing to Netherpassage, and it was the first time they were using it in front of others. To kill over ten of the Blood race’s fourth step Netherpassage experts with it on their first try was surprising even to them.

Chu Yao was pleasantly surprised. This staff looked unremarkable, but it contained a terrifying wood energy and was capable of instantly sucking up the energy of the earth to unleash an equally terrifying attack.

Before this, her wood energy couldn’t move that fast because she needed time to absorb the energy of the earth, which also gave her enemies extra warning before her attacks.

However, with this staff, the speed at which she could unleash her wood energy had doubled, and best of all, this staff was growing alongside her with every passing day. It had its own life, and as it grew stronger, she could use it more efficiently.

Furthermore, because she was nourishing it along with Liu Ruyan, the two of them were able to work together in ways that they hadn’t been able to before. Liu Ruyan’s willow branches and Chu Yao’s wooden staves had become much tougher, to the point of being able to trap over ten fourth step Netherpassage experts and kill them.

Even though these two ladies had caught them off guard by unleashing their attack quickly, it was still a fact that not one of them had managed to escape. That was enough to show just how terrifying their combination technique was.

“Hahaha, fourth step Netherpassage experts are only on this level,” laughed Guo Ran confidently.

“Don’t get arrogant. These fourth step Netherpassage experts aren’t on the same level as Elder Long and the others. Take care. Some old monsters are charging out from below,” warned Long Chen.

It was unknown if it was because of their bloodline or their aptitude, but Long Chen felt that these fourth step Netherpassage experts were far weaker than Elder Long. If Elder Long wished to kill them, he could do so without any effort. 

Last time, in front of Devil Spirit Mountain, Long Chen had seen some clues about his power. Those fourth step Netherpassage experts that Elder Long had slain had clearly been killed in one blow each.

If Guo Ran judged all fourth step Netherpassage experts to be at this level, then he would be doomed if he encountered one like Elder Long.

The earth exploded. All of a sudden, the sacrificial altar at the center of the battlefield sank, and the spatial channel in the air shuddered.

“Damn human race, you’re courting death.”

The world suddenly turned dark, and over a hundred elders of the Blood race appeared, all of them so furious that flames were about to burst from their eyes. They were led by an elder with two golden bull horns on his forehead. Golden light twinkled in his eyes.

“Ignorant humans, go to hell!”

Those experts looked as though their ancestral tombs had just been robbed. That was how furious they were. Their furious auras revealed them as fourth step Netherpassage experts, and they all charged at the Dragonblood Legion.

“Boss, they were most likely the core of the formation setting up the giant spatial channel. But they were interrupted by us,” said Xia Chen.

Long Chen nodded. Although he wasn’t a formation master, seeing these elders look like their fathers had just been killed was enough to tell him that he had just ruined something good for them.

“It just so happened that I was worried about not having enough to kill! Excellent, don’t move. Your daddy Guo will beat the blood out of you!” Guo Ran slammed his blades against each other, causing sparks to fly. He charged out alone against those experts.

“Fuck off!” The golden horned Blood race expert actually cursed him with the human language. From his curved golden blade, a golden light infected the world.

BOOM! Guo Ran was sent flying back, smashing into the ground like a shooting star, startling everyone.

Guo Ran himself was horrified. His whole body was covered in cracks, and her sabers had large nicks cut into them.

If that saber hadn’t landed on the door knocker on Guo Ran’s chest in the end, that one attack might have cut him in half along with his armor.

The golden horned Blood race expert roared and stepped forward. Space twisted, and he appeared right in front of Guo Ran in an instant, slashing his blade once more.

BOOM! This time, a giant bone club blocked his saber. Wilde had summoned his Barbarian Blood Silver Body, but even then, he was being forced back again and again. With one final step back, he stabilized himself, and the void behind him collapsed from the impact.

“A descendant of the Barbarian race? I wouldn’t expect one to appear here. You brainless musclehead, die!” The elder smiled sinisterly. He suddenly opened his mouth, and a golden light shot out at Wilde’s head.

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