Chapter 2343 Guo Ran Fights an Old Monster

This place was originally a flourishing mountain range full of life and greenery. Now, it was barren, as barren as a shaved head.

The unbroken mountain range had countless experts of the Blood race crawling about like ants, and at the core of everything was a certain mountain. Many of the Blood race experts were sitting around the mountain range like statues with their eyes closed. But at the core, countless figures were bustling about.

Those experts were constructing a giant sacrificial altar. Above it, the void was split open, and a giant spatial channel churned in the air. It was like the gaping maw of a fiend seeking to devour the entire world.

“Boss, they’re constructing a formation that can cross worlds. It’s a supreme formation, and based on the fluctuations, it seems to connect to formations in several other worlds,” said Xia Chen heavily. Long Chen and the others slowly approached this area.

“It’s connected to seven worlds,” said Long Chen.

“Boss, when did you get so proficient in formations?” asked Xia Chen with surprise. “You can tell how many worlds are connected based on the runes?”

“No, I can see seven holes within the spatial channel, and I can see other experts of the Blood race at the end of those holes.”

Xia Chen looked more closely at the spatial channel, but his Spiritual Strength was unable to penetrate so deeply into it. He could vaguely see a few of those holes Long Chen mentioned, but he couldn’t tell how many of them there were.

“Seven whole worlds. Just how powerful is the Blood race?” Gu Yang was speechless.

“What is there to be surprised about? Everyone says that the only ones capable of resisting the crazy tide of a dark era are the Sovereigns. That’s enough to show how dark the dark eras are. The Sovereigns are peerless existences after all,” said Long Chen.

Last time, he had lost to Sovereign Mo Li, and he was completely convinced by his defeat. Although Long Chen had never tasted defeat by someone in the same realm, Sovereign Mo Li had personally said that his clone that had appeared was at the same cultivation base as him. Yet, the power difference between them was immense.

However, the battle had not shaken his confidence. It only made his desire to fight grow. He had a new target for himself.

“But you’re not inferior either, boss. The only one capable of surviving after fighting a Sovereign is you,” said Guo Ran worshipfully.

“Your boot-licking ability has also grown immensely. A defeat is a defeat. Guo Ran, you can start things off. I’ll give you a chance to show off as you like today,” said Long Chen.

“Alright, then just watch!” 

Guo Ran charged out, his blood-colored armor instantly appearing. After that, his crossbow unleashed an arrow that exploded in midair, releasing bright light that drew the attention of the Blood race.

“I swept through the four seas, crossed a thousand mountains, caused huge billows in heaven and earth, slaughtered demons, eliminated devils, plucked the stars and moon. The slayer of evil, Guo Ran, has come! My divine crossbow and blood armor shake the wind and clouds! Hey, with the general of the Dragonblood Legion here, what are you waiting for? Just kill yourselves. Are you really going to force the mighty Guo Ran to personally kill you all?”

The Blood race’s experts looked at Guo Ran standing in the air with confusion. It seemed that they had yet to understand what was going on.

Guo Ran waved his hand. His crossbow shot out a blood-colored arrow at the experts working on the spatial channel.


The arrow exploded in their midst into countless tiny fragments. They were so sharp that they instantly pierced the bodies of those who were struck.

Blood filled the air in an instant. With just one arrow, that area was completely emptied.

As Guo Ran’s cultivation base progressed, the explosive arrows he could make also grew more terrifying. Before this, one of his exploding arrows would only have one explosion rune embedded into it. Now, he had three, all of a higher level.

“Attack!” Surprisingly, the Blood race’s experts gave the order in the language of the human race. Perhaps they had been fighting humans for too long.

Countless experts surged toward Guo Ran from every direction. At the same time, the mountain range opened up, and even more of their experts were coming out from within.

“Haha, this will definitely be enough!” Seeing all those experts of the Blood race, Guo Ran laughed. If they were all killed, then the immemorial essence blood they could get would be enough for everyone to share. “Rain of Flowers!”

Guo Ran suddenly let out a strange shout. Putting away his crossbow, he began to toss one sphere after another into the air.

Those spheres exploded on contact with people, and the continuous explosions were like firecrackers. Anyone caught within the range of the spheres was blasted apart.

Despite that, the Blood race’s experts were about to completely envelop Guo Ran. Just at that moment, rays of Sword Qi pierced through their midst, annihilating them.

The Dragonblood Legion had come out again. Having advanced to the Netherpassage realm, they felt like they had been reborn. Here on the battlefield, they could unleash their reason for being.

The void suddenly split open, and a spear pierced through the air. That spear contained intertwining life and death energy. It was the attack of a fourth step Netherpassage expert.

“I’ll block it!”

Guo Ran bravely stood right in front of the spear and took it on his chest.


Guo Ran was blown back by the spear but not pierced through. An elder of the Blood race appeared, staring in disbelief at Guo Ran.

“Hahaha, a fourth step Netherpassage expert is only at this level. You can’t even break my defense!” laughed Guo Ran.

At this moment, a door knocker appeared on Guo Ran’s chest. It was something that Long Chen had torn off of the Gates of Hell. The other door knocker was in Long Chen’s hands, but this one had been added to Guo Ran’s armor.

At first, Guo Ran had been a bit worried about the attack of a fourth step Netherpassage expert, but the result was that he wasn’t injured at all. Other than being uncomfortable, it was nothing. 

The fourth step Netherpassage expert snorted and shot toward Guo Ran once more, clearly unconvinced. Blood Qi filled the air as he unleashed his full power.

“You think I can’t block another?” sneered Guo Ran. He once more stepped forward, sticking out his chest.

However, this time, the Blood race’s expert suddenly twisted his spear, causing it to snake toward Guo Ran’s abdomen.


Sparks flew and Guo Ran was blown back once more. The Blood race expert was shocked to find that his attack had stabbed the door knocker again. His arm was numb, and his spear almost fell from his hand. Just what was going on?

“Idiot, my protective talisman can be freely moved around my armor. Did you think your little tricks would allow you to fight against your daddy Guo? How laughable!” sneered Guo Ran.

However, inside his armor, blood dripped out of his mouth. He had been too careless just now. Fortunately, the door knocker had moved automatically just as he had set it up. But the power that got through it was enough to shake his insides.

Despite that, this once more proved just how amazing the door knocker that had come from the Netherworld was. It was even able to receive the full-strength attack of a fourth step Netherpassage expert.

“Old fellow, taste one of my attacks now!” Guo Ran slashed his blood-colored saber at him.

The old expert of the Blood race didn’t dare to tarry. His right hand was still somewhat numb, so he switched his spear to his left hand.

When Guo Ran’s saber slashed into the spear, he was forced back by its immense power. However, as the Blood race expert retreated, a dagger silently appeared behind his head. His head then slammed into it on its own, with the sharp dagger piercing all the way through.

His eyes lost their light as his life faded away. After that, a hand pulled the dagger out of his head and vanished. From start to end, no one managed to see who was holding the dagger.

Standing in the air, Long Chen smiled. The Heavenly Desolation Extinction Art was truly amazing. As expected of something that Leng Yueyan viewed highly. Dong Mingyu had grown even more terrifying. Even he was unable to sense her once she wished to conceal herself.

BOOM! A powerful explosion drew everyone’s attention. Another fourth step Netherpassage expert had appeared, and Wilde exchanged blows with him. The two of them were evenly matched and were both blown back.

Just as that elder retreated, a towering willow tree appeared, binding him with its branches. At the same time, a transparent crescent moon blade slashed toward him.

The elder let out a furious roar, and the branches binding him exploded off of him. However, just at that moment, the crescent moon blade reached his head.

This gift that came from Leng Yueyan was incomparably sharp. It instantly pierced the elder’s head, killing him. Tang Wan-er cried out excitedly at having killed a fourth step Netherpassage expert while working with Liu Ruyan.


Just at that moment, heaven-shaking roars came from the surroundings. Nangong Zuiyue, Beitang Rushuang, and Ye Lingshan attacked, leading three armies from three different directions. They pierced through the army of the Blood race like sharp blades.

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