Chapter 2342 One Eye Open, One Eye Closed

The three hundred thousand strong army entered the Yin Yang World. As for Long Chen’s beating of Yan Fei, the old man was delighted by it, while Qu Jianying was more solemn.

Offending the Ye family to this extent was clearly the result of being used by Elder Long. Their two forces were fighting, while Long Chen was caught in the middle, dancing on the tip of a blade.

“Mingyu, what kind of movement art did you just use?” asked Tang Wan-er curiously. “It even ignored spatial and temporal laws.”

None of them had ever witnessed the movement art that Dong Mingyu had used. Not even Yan Fei had been able to react to it.

“It’s one of the Killing God’s secrets techniques - the movement part of the Heavenly Desolation Extinction Art. I just learned it and haven’t mastered it yet,” Dong Mingyu laughed excitedly, very pleased.

Dong Mingyu had fully integrated into the Dragonblood Legion and was no longer a cold and aloof assassin. She was acting much more like a normal girl, with her emotions on her sleeve.

“That’s amazing. You haven’t even mastered it but were still able to cut off Yan Fei’s head instantly,” praised Tang Wan-er. An assassin was truly terrifying.

“It was mostly thanks to big sister Ruyan’s help. If she hadn’t trapped him, this move might not have worked,” said Dong Mingyu.

Only then did the others realize that the one who had silently bound Yan Fei was Liu Ruyan. Nangong Zuiyue and the others were quite startled. They had seen Liu Ruyan’s fighting style before. It was a style which overwhelmed others through sheer size and scope. Her attacks filled heaven and earth.

However, this time, she had been silent, striking without anyone noticing. It was a completely different style. Clearly, her cultivation base had grown even more powerful.

After half an incense stick’s worth of time, Long Chen had everyone stop. The Dragonblood warriors got to work, setting something up on the ground.

“What is this?” asked Beitang Rushuang.

“A transportation formation. If something unexpected happens, it’ll allow us to retreat quickly,” answered Long Chen.

Everything had been arranged long before. It was quickly set up, with another illusion formation assembled outside it to prevent others from noticing.

After the formation was set up, Guo Ran took out a tiny formation disc. There was a small pointer on it that roved around before settling in a certain direction.

“What’s that?”

“This is the great invention I made with brother Xia Chen,” said Guo Ran, very pleased with everyone’s curiosity. “The needle can sense where the Blood race is. Since the needle moved a lot, it means that there are many of them in every direction. But the final direction is where there are the most.”

This startled them. Such a thing had never been invented on the Martial Heaven Continent, but it had appeared in the Dragonblood Legion. If something like it had existed before, it must have been lost or broken.

In truth, if it weren’t for a certain kind of mystical ore found in the Wild World, Guo Ran and Xia Chen wouldn’t have been able to come up with this thing. That ore was very sensitive to bloodline auras. Xia Chen had carved a special formation onto it, and by condensing the essence blood of the Blood race, he gave it the ability to sense the general direction of the Blood race.

They continued onward. However, they didn’t see a single expert of the Blood race patrolling, causing Qu Jianying to cautiously wonder, “Isn’t this strange? The Yin Yang World is oddly silent.”

Li Tianxuan said, “Alliance head, no one could possibly know that we are coming to attack the Yin Yang World. Only our few core members knew about this, with the disciples only learning about it after arriving here. Our enemies couldn’t possibly calculate such a thing into their schemes. That’s why Long Chen chose to attack on the day of the Cloud Chasing Heaven Swallowing Sparrow race’s coronation.”

“That’s right, why did we have to keep it so secret? Would someone have stopped us?” asked Beitang Rushuang suddenly.

“I don’t know about someone stopping us, but I would guess that someone would have warned the Blood race,” said Long Chen.

“Warn them?!”

“You mean that the Martial Heaven Continent has traitors?”

Long Chen nodded. “There are definitely traitors, but it’s hard to say who exactly. Don’t you feel that the Blood race’s sudden sneak attack to break the Sovereign seals came at far too convenient of a time?”

Upon hearing that, everyone’s hearts plummeted. That truly was questionable.

As soon as Long Chen had returned to the Martial Heaven Continent from the Netherworld, he had charged into the Kunpeng race’s territory to undergo his tribulation. The Martial Heaven Continent’s experts had all gathered there, with Ye Benchang also leaving his post. That was what had allowed the Blood race to launch a sneak attack and destroy the Sovereign seals.

How had the Blood race known what was going on? How had they managed to attack when their defenses were at their weakest? Everything had gone flawlessly for them as if it had been planned in advance. If that was a coincidence, then it was far too coincidental.

People had simply assumed that the Blood race possessed the ability to keep an eye on the entrance even without being there. After seeing Ye Benchang leave, they had decided to launch a sneak attack.

However, when Long Chen brought up the possibility of traitors, a shadow fell on people’s hearts. If there really were traitors, then the Martial Heaven Continent was in danger.

“Who are the traitors? Let’s sniff them out and exterminate them now,” said Bao Buping hatefully.

“It’s still just a possibility. Without any solid proof, mentioning it will only cause chaos on the continent. If there is a fox, it will reveal its tail sooner or later. To us, who the traitor is isn’t important. What’s important is that we increase our power. As the old man says, in front of absolute power, all schemes are useless,” said Long Chen with a smile.

“Hahaha, that’s definitely right,” laughed the old man. 

In truth, that line wasn’t just from him. It was a principle left behind by the founder of the Heaven Splitting Battle Sect. The old man liked it, as did Long Chen.

As they were traveling, Guo Ran suddenly took out his crossbow. However, Beitang Rushuang was even faster. Her arrow shot out into the distance. At the very end of people’s sight, one of the Blood race’s experts exploded into bloody mist.

That Blood race expert was holding a sphere. It was most likely a communication tool, but before he could activate it, he was killed.

Beitang Rushuang’s attack was as smooth as flowing water, extremely easy. Her bow and body complimented each other perfectly. 

“Beautiful,” praised Guo Ran. That attack had been so beautiful that he forgot how to breathe. He was envious of that beauty.

However, he was a man, and he didn’t use a lithe bow but a giant crossbow. It seemed that he wouldn’t be able to imitate such a thing.

Guo Ran chortled and moved closer, saying, “Fairy Rushuang, as a peerless heavenly genius, someone who swept away those in their generation, a phoenix of her time, a slayer of evil, an undefeatable heroine, someone on the same level as heaven and earth, who competes with the sun and moon-”

“Stop, stop! If you have something to say, just say it. I’m getting goosebumps from your nonsense,” ordered Beitang Rushuang.

“Ah, I just meant that after so many years, have you not found someone that your heart fancies?” asked Guo Ran.

“You wish to place your intentions on me?” Beitang Rushuang looked at Guo Ran curiously.

“No, I know my own limits. I can’t match someone like you.” Guo Ran hastily waved his hand.

“Then what?” demanded Beitang Rushuang.

“Hehe, I was just wondering, with your status, position, beauty, talent, well, how should I put it? If you found a man that you liked, and that man liked others… well… romantically… What would you do?” probed Guo Ran.

At the front, Long Chen’s expression darkened. That bastard Guo Ran was once more itching for a beating. Was he insulting him as unfaithful?

Beitang Rushuang looked at Long Chen’s back and smiled. “Me? Of course I would choose to close an eye.”

“Really? You’d be that great about it?” asked Guo Ran, surprised.

“Yes. That way, I can aim accurately!” Beitang Rushuang nodded.

Guo Ran: “...”

Long Chen: “...”

Everyone: “...”

Just at this moment, Beitang Rushuang shot another arrow. It silently pierced straight through a mountain and killed another expert of the Blood race that had been hiding within.

Beitang Rushuang’s archery skill was practically divine, capable of softness and hardness. She had killed someone inside a mountain without the slightest noise.

“We’re getting closer to the Blood race’s camp. Be careful.” Xia Chen looked at the formation disc in his hand. Many concentrated dots of light had appeared on top of it now.

“There’s so many!” Guo Ran gasped. The number of light dots was surprising.

“What are you saying? If there aren’t that many, there won’t be enough for us to share,” said Long Chen.

Long Chen looked at the surrounding terrain. It was spacious. There was no need to do anything special.

He turned to face everyone. “In a bit, the Dragonblood Legion will charge into the center of them. Lingshan, Rushuang, Zuiyue, attack from three different angles. Charge straight through the battlefield every time. Don’t let yourselves be surrounded by us. We still don’t know what kind of reinforcements they might summon, so the sooner we end it, the better. Zi Yan, you’re in charge of the rhythm of the battlefield.”

Zi Yan smiled and nodded, indicating to leave it to her.

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