Chapter 2341 The New Seventh Commander, Yan Fei

The two of them were extremely close, and Long Chen had been nodding along when he suddenly struck. No one was able to react.

Yan Fei was sent flying by Long Chen’s slap, causing everyone to jump. Even the short fellow was dumbfounded.

Long Chen’s guess was correct. The short one was from the Long family and had received words to look after Long Chen.

As for Yan Fei, based on his demand for proof, it was clear he was intentionally making things hard on Long Chen.

Although Yan Fei had heard of Long Chen and knew that he could do anything, he hadn’t thought that Long Chen would be so crazy as to directly slap him.

The Heavenly Dragon Legion behind Yan Fei instantly exploded in fury. Weapons came flying out. This slap was a slap to the Heavenly Dragon Legion.

“The commander of the seventh Heavenly Dragon Legion was already killed by me. What hole did you crawl out of to dare to lie to me?!” Long Chen sneered at Yan Fei, ignoring the furious gazes.

The truth was that Yan Fei had been sent by the Ye family to take over the seventh commander position after Ye Benchang was killed. He truly was the seventh commander.

As for the short one, he was the sixth commander. They were on the same level, but he was one rank higher.

Yan Fei wasn’t actually viewed highly by the Ye family. As a person, he was too unbridled and aggressive. He was only given this position temporarily because there was no one else suitable.

Guarding the Yin Yang World during this time was actually a boring task with nothing to do day and night. When he was bored, Yan Fei would try to cause some trouble and provoke the other commander, but the short fatty had ignored him the entire time. To use Elder Long’s words, he could be treated as a dog.

However, today, Yan Fei had tried to bite Long Chen, and Long Chen didn’t have the same attitude when it came to responding. Long Chen’s slap was startling but also satisfying to the other commander. At the same time, he also realized Elder Long’s intentions.

“Courting death!” Yan Fei furiously extended a hand and an ancient sword appeared. With a stamp on the ground, he shot toward Long Chen.

However, he had barely moved when he suddenly realized two black and white vines had appeared beneath his feet without him noticing. He wasn’t able to escape from their hold.

Yan Fei slashed his sword at those vines, only for a small figure to flash by his body. His head went flying from his neck.

Everyone let out a startled cry. Dong Mingyu was holding Yan Fei’s head. This time, she hadn’t even bothered to conceal her body. With just her speed, she had taken his head as easy as pie.

“If anyone makes a move, I’ll kill him.” Dong Mingyu pointed her dagger at Yan Fei’s head in response to the charging Heavenly Dragon Legion.

The Heavenly Dragon Legion’s warriors all came to a stop. This seemingly pure little girl was actually so terrifying that she could take Yan Fei’s head in an instant.

Dong Mingyu tossed the head to Long Chen, who caught it. He directly slapped the head thirty-six times, causing it to swell up.

Yes, Yan Fei was definitely worthy of being an expert on the verge of stepping into the fourth step of the Netherpassage realm. Anyone else’s head would have exploded.

As he slapped him, Long Chen cursed, “Who let you be so arrogant? Who let you try to pretend to be the seventh commander? Speak, who are you!?”

“I… I’m Yan Fei. I’m the seventh commander of the Heavenly Dragon Legion…” With just a head, Yan Fei was shocked, enraged, and terrified at the same time.

“Bullshit! The seventh commander is Ye Benchang! Who do you think you’re trying to fool? Your mouth’s pretty tough, huh? I’ll slap it some more and see if I can get the truth out of you!”

Long Chen continued to slap him for free. Yan Fei’s head swelled up to three times the size. Meanwhile, Guo Ran and the others retreated, afraid of being in the splash zone if his head exploded.

Yan Fei’s subordinates were just watching, not knowing what to do. They were afraid that if they got any closer, Long Chen would kill him.

They hadn’t expected Long Chen to be so powerful as to crush a commander. Actually, he hadn’t even needed to do anything himself. They didn’t even know where those vines had come from, and Dong Mingyu had simply brushed past Yan Fei to take his head.

“I’m the new commander!” shouted Yan Fei. Due to the swelling, his voice wasn’t very clear.

“I don’t believe you,” sneered Long Chen.

“Everyone here can testify to it!” shouted Yan Fei.

“I won’t believe their testimony. Have your people take a trip to the higher-ups! We can wait here.” After saying that, Long Chen still didn’t stop slapping. However, he was forced to lighten up because it really did appear like Yan Fei’s head was on the verge of exploding.

“Commander Qiu, are you just going to watch?!” shouted someone from the seventh Heavenly Dragon Legion.

The other commander’s full name was Qiu Yang. Only upon being called upon did he recover from his shock. “Long Chen, this person is truly a commander of the Heavenly Dragon Legion. I can testify to that.”

“Commander Qiu, your testimony doesn’t seem to have any use. You also testified that my tablet was from Elder Long, but someone didn’t believe that. So it’s very hard for me to believe your testimony,” said Long Chen.

Now everyone understood. This was Long Chen’s revenge. Yan Fei had known the tablet belonged to Elder Long but had still tried to make things hard on him.

Long Chen had now reversed things on him.

“Well… alright then?” Qiu Yang acted like he was in a difficult spot, as if he was thinking about how to settle this.

Long Chen didn’t respond. He continued to occasionally slap Yan Fei. His skin was violet and splitting open. People really were afraid he was about to explode. 

Beitang Rushuang and the others solemnly shook their heads. They had been angry at first about Yan Fei making things hard on them, but seeing him in this state, they felt a touch of sympathy for him.

He could have provoked anyone, but he just had to provoke Long Chen. This was the recompense of a bad person targeting another bad person.

“I’m telling the truth, and your tablet is also the real thing! We’re both telling the truth!” cried Yan Fei.

“So we don’t need any further proof?” Long Chen finally stopped.

“Yes, there’s no need for that!” cried out Yan Fei immediately.

“Hahaha, good, good. It seems that we had some misunderstandings before, but now that they are settled, here, let me help you fit your head on.” Long Chen smiled brightly as he put Yan Fei’s head back on his neck.

That sight was very odd, as his head was as thick as his shoulders now. Meng Qi and the others stifled some laughter.

However, Long Chen didn’t laugh. He solemnly said, “We’re both young and have to constantly improve our communication skills. I believe that in the future, by constantly looking to improve ourselves in that regard, our technique will steadily improve.”

Yan Fei’s head gradually returned to normal. He could barely open his eyes, but his venomous gaze came through anyway. He had lost all his face today, and he had an urge to tear Long Chen into pieces. However, he didn’t dare to. He was afraid. His life had always gone smoothly, resulting in his arrogance. But in the face of the even more arrogant Long Chen, he instantly turned into a coward.

“Hm? Aren’t you going to get out of our way? Or do we need more proof?” asked Long Chen.

Yan Fei clenched his teeth, only to find that he couldn’t. At some point, his teeth had left his mouth.

He waved his hand, opening a path. Long Chen smiled, cupped his fists to Qiu Yang and then brought his people through.

Seeing the seventh Heavenly Dragon Legion’s warriors glaring at him furiously, Long Chen suddenly paused and said, “It would be best if you don’t bare your fangs at me, as you aren’t qualified to do so. If you want, you can pick out any warrior of my Dragonblood Legion to challenge. Man, woman, strong, weak, pick anyone you want.”

The Dragonblood warriors’ eyes lit up, and their gazes swept across the Heavenly Dragon Legion like cheetahs looking at their prey. That bloodthirsty light made the Heavenly Dragon Legion’s warriors shiver. Their hearts plummeted. Not one of them walked out.

Long Chen snorted and brought his people into the Yin Yang World.

Once the army was through, Yan Fei furiously cursed, “Long Chen, just wait, sooner or later, you’ll get a punishment worse than death for going against the divine families!”

“Commander Yan Fei, on your own, you are unable to represent even the Ye family, let alone the divine families. Also, I’d advise you not to speak any more, because you’re starting to… deflate.”

With Qiu Yang’s reminder, everyone was shocked to find that Yan Fei’s head was deflating like a balloon. His skin gradually fell to his chest, causing people to cry out in shock. Just how had Long Chen done this?

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