Chapter 2340 Pretending

The coronation of the Cloud Chasing Heaven Swallowing Sparrow race was a matter that shook the entire Martial Heaven Continent. It signified that the Xuan Beasts would be unified under their rule.

Furthermore, it was Long Chen who had raised the Cloud Chasing Heaven Swallowing Sparrow race. They were loyal to the death.

In other words, from now on, the Xuan Beasts would be Long Chen’s troops.

Thinking of how Long Chen had protected the Cloud Chasing Heaven Swallowing Sparrow race so fiercely back in the day, and then thinking about this result, people wondered if this had been his plan the entire time. If that was the case, then his plotting ability really was frightening.

On this day, experts from all the various powers were sent over bearing gifts. Even the Corrupt path sent someone, although that person was not Tian Xiezi or Xie Wentian. It was just some random Elder. Clearly, they were only willing to send someone they didn’t care about losing. That Elder was just a second step Netherpassage expert that Long Chen didn’t care about.

Under the principles of ambassadors from different nations being allowed to travel freely, Long Chen didn’t make things hard on them. Due to this, Pill Valley, the ancient family alliance, and the others also sent people.

The ancient races’ Long Juncang came, representing the entire ancient races to swear loyalty to the Cloud Chasing Heaven Swallowing Sparrow race.

However, this time, he was met with scorn from every member of the Xuan Beasts. The ancient races had clearly shown that they were opportunists. But considering that even the Xuan Beasts had changed masters now, they didn’t say anything.

Que Yuzhu merely gave a polite smile toward the ancient races. She didn’t say anything, neither accepting nor rejecting them.

That was what Long Chen had told her. Due to the ancient races’ possessing the bloodlines of the human race and the Xuan Beasts, they had the craftiness of the humans and the brutality of the Xuan Beasts. They were the perfect example of someone who bullied the weak but ran from the strong.

Back when the Xuan Beasts had formed relationships with the human race, it had been a mistake. At that time, the Xuan Beasts and the human race had been powerful, and they hoped to have descendants possessing the strength of the Xuan Beasts and the human race’s closeness to the Heavenly Daos.

Regretfully, the results were that the ancient races weren’t as they had hoped. Their physical bodies were weaker, and even their closeness to the Heavenly Daos was affected.

Later on, the human race declined, so the Xuan Beasts began to forbid those marriages, expelling those of mixed blood who eventually became the ancient races. They were cast aside and not permitted to join the Xuan Beasts.

This resulted in a new independent power. Since the human race had declined, the ancient races didn’t care about them. They began to say that they only recognized the Xuan Beasts’ bloodline, growing colder toward the human race. Several times, they even raised their weapons against the human race.

In Long Chen’s opinion, it wasn’t due to the bloodline of the Xuan Beasts affecting the ancient races but because they wanted to capitalize on their relations. They would suck up to whoever benefited them the most.

That was why Que Yuzhu was hanging them out to dry according to Long Chen’s suggestion. Although the ancient races also possessed their own power, their forces were of a mixed lot and not easy to use. If they joined with the Xuan Beasts, it might lower their overall power.

As for how to handle them later, she was ready to listen to Long Chen. She couldn’t be bothered with such things. When it came to scheming, the Xuan Beasts would never be able to match the human race. She would just trust him.

“Let the coronation begin.”

All the experts present fell silent, but they were also confused. It was starting so soon?

There wasn’t anyone from the Dragonblood Legion present. Long Chen wasn’t here and neither was Qu Jianying. Only some unimportant Elders were here to represent the Martial Heaven Alliance, and many people that should be present weren’t. 

Despite their curiosity, the coronation was starting. Que Yuzhu was sitting atop a high platform, while the Xuan Beasts were chanting and kowtowing toward her. An ancient rite was underway.

Just as the Cloud Chasing Heaven Swallowing Sparrow race’s coronation rituals began, Long Chen led the Dragonblood Legion, the Martial Heaven Alliance, the Nangong family, the Beitang family, the Illusive Music Immortal Palace, the Cloud Chasing Heaven Swallowing Sparrow race, and other powers. Their elites had all been gathered.

Ye Lingshan, Nangong Zuiyue, Beitang Rushuang, and Zi Yan were leading their own groups.

Bao Buping and Chang Hao were leading the Heaven Splitting Battle Sect’s disciples. Following the Dragonblood Legion, their eyes were already shining.

The two of them were well aware that as long as they followed Long Chen, there would be plenty of meat to eat. This time in particular, Long Chen definitely wouldn’t disappoint them.

On the Xuantian Dao Sect’s side, Hua Shiyu was leading Zhao Ziyan, Mu Qingxuan, Su Mo, and the other elite disciples.

They had even greater trust in him than the others. After all, they had been from the same sect. They were all filled with anticipation for what was coming.

In total, they had over three hundred thousand elites. These were the strongest members of their powers, and this was the first time they were bringing out their full power.

“Boss, this is a bit big. Is the battlefield still up to me to command?” asked Guo Ran both nervously and excitedly.

“You’re the general of the Dragonblood Legion. You’ll lead the battlefield of the Dragonblood Legion. But this time, you’ll have to make sure to cooperate well with Rushuang, Zuiyue, Zi Yan, Lingshan, and the others. It’s our first time working together, so come up with some steady strategies to avoid any chaos,” said Long Chen.

“Alright boss, you just watch!” Guo Ran was excited that Long Chen wasn’t going to take his place this time.

To the side, Beitang Rushuang’s eyes widened. “Don’t tell me that you didn’t even come up with a strategy. Are you bringing us to attack the Blood race just like this?”

“Yes? Is something the matter?” asked Long Chen.

“You… you really are unreliable. You didn’t plan out something so big?” demanded Beitang Rushuang speechlessly.

“Ah, you were talking about the plan? Yes, I have one.” Long Chen nodded.

“Then tell us. We’re almost there.”

“The plan is to kill as many of the Blood race as possible to get more immemorial essence blood.”

“And then?”

“There’s nothing else.”

Beitang Rushuang staggered. If it weren’t for Meng Qi, Chu Yao, and the others standing nearby, she might have punched him.

“Rushuang, you’ve fallen for it. He’s just teasing you. He can’t possibly have no plan for something so big.” Nangong Zuiyue covered her mouth and laughed.

Long Chen also laughed. “Fairy Zuiyue, this time you’re wrong. To tell the truth, I really have no other plans.”

“Are you telling the truth or not?” Nangong Zuiyue found it unbelievable.

“Of course it’s true.” Long Chen shrugged.

Behind them, the old man said, “Plans are prepared for enemies of the same power. Long Chen doesn’t have a plan because he thinks he doesn’t need one.”

“Hahaha, you’re still the one who knows me best,” said Long Chen, laughing. The Dragonblood warriors also laughed along with the disciples of the Martial Heaven Alliance. Their laugh was full of confidence.

Every one of them was brimming with energy. Even in the face of the upcoming battle, they didn’t show any fear. Their appearance made it seem like they wished to charge into the Yin Yang World immediately, something which was incomprehensible to Nangong Zuiyue and Beitang Rushuang.

“Hold it!”

They quickly arrived at the entrance to the Yin Yang World, where an army from the divine families was guarding it tightly.

The divine families had strengthened their defenses on the Yin Yang World ever since the Blood race had charged onto the continent and corrupted the Sovereign seals. Two Heavenly Dragon Legions were sent, a total of twenty thousand troops.

Even before Long Chen’s group arrived, their powerful auras had startled the Heavenly Dragon Legions.

Two of them came out, wearing the robes of commanders. Long Chen didn’t recognize either of them.

One of them was tall and skinny, while the other was short and fat. The tall one had a sword on his back. His eyes were electric, and faint black and white runes revolved within them. His cultivation base was at the peak of the third step of the Netherpassage realm, on the verge of reaching the fourth step.

As for the short one, his face was dark, and he had a curiously large ax on his back. The ax head was as large as a table. From a distance, it looked like he had a tortoise shell on his back.

The short one nodded slightly at Long Chen, startling Long Chen. He quickly realized that this person was on the side of Elder Long, or he wouldn’t greet him like this.

“You are Long Chen? What did you come here for?” demanded the tall one.

“I’m taking a trip inside the Yin Yang World,” said Long Chen. Sensing the vague hostility from the tall man, he got straight to the point.

“The divine families have ordered the Yin Yang World to be sealed. No one may exit or enter. You can leave now,” barked the tall man.

Long Chen extended a hand, revealing a tablet. “This is Elder Long’s tablet. Out of the way!”

The tablet was something he had specifically asked Elder Long for. When he had said that he wished to enter the Yin Yang World, Elder Long hadn’t asked anything. He directly handed him this tablet.

The short one nodded and waved his hand. The people behind him opened a path.

“Slow down. This tablet was given to you by Elder Long? Is there any proof?” snorted the tall man.

“Who are you?” asked Long Chen. If this person wasn’t from the Ye family, then he had to be someone closely related to them.

“I am the commander of the seventh legion, Yan Fei. I suspect the veracity of this tablet. I’ll go and ask Elder Long for confirmation. I can only let you pass once I have that proof,” said Yan Wei indifferently.

Hearing that, the Dragonblood warriors and everyone else was infuriated. Just how long would that trip take?

“Ohhhh? So you’re a commander of the Heavenly Dragon Legion?” Long Chen’s ‘oh’ was very long. His hand suddenly shot out, and in front of everyone’s shocked gazes, he slapped Yan Fei. “How brazen, to pretend to be one of the commanders of the divine families! You’re courting death!”

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