Chapter 234 Move Out, Battle Between the Righteous and Corrupt Paths!

When Long Chen pulled out that terrifying saber, everyone was completely awed. At this moment, Long Chen looked like an incredibly imposing god.


But a bell suddenly began to ring out over and over, causing Cang Ming’s expression to immediately change.

“Something’s happened. Everyone hurry to the Xuantian plaza!”

After saying that, Cang Ming disappeared in front of everyone’s eyes. Everyone was already alarmed.

In all their time at the monastery, that bell had never rung multiple times. But this time it had rung nine times.

Although they didn’t know what that meant, they were sure it must be something major.

“This is the signal for an emergency assembly. Everyone hurry over!”

Long Chen put the saber on his shoulder and began to rush over, but after just taking a couple of steps, he realized that all the stones beneath him were shattering.

The saber was just too heavy. Even he was unable to brace against it, and so the weight transferred all the way to the ground beneath him.

Although he didn’t know the saber’s exact weight, he could tell it definitely wasn’t much lighter than Wilde’s spiked club.

Without summoning his divine ring, he was unable to use it. And even when he did have his divine ring, he would only barely be able to use it.

If he wanted to truly be able to wield it normally, that would require him to summon the FengFu Battle Armor.

Now wasn’t the time to think about the saber though. He put it into his spatial ring and brought everyone rushing to the Xuantian plaza.

When they arrived at the plaza, they were all given a fright. All the thirty-plus Elders of the monastery, a hundred law enforcers, and over two thousand disciples had gathered here.

Ling Yunzi, Cang Ming, and Tu Fang were solemnly standing at the front, looking over everyone.

Once everyone arrived, Ling Yunzi explained, “Let me give you all a piece of news. This time you won’t have to invade the Corrupt path’s territory for the trial.”

Ling Yunzi’s words immediately caused an uproar. Quite a few people even looked disappointed.

They had spent two months going all-out to cultivate. The majority of them had already reached the first Heavenstage of Tendon Transformation, while the Heaven Earth Alliance’s disciples had already reached the second Heavenstage.

They had crazily increased their strength all for the Corrupt Devil trial. They had been planning on using their full strength to cut down the Corrupt path’s disciples, tempering their own wills, and letting themselves become true experts.

Furthermore, the trial’s rewards were too alluring. Just a couple of the Corrupt path’s disciples could be exchanged for an exorbitant amount of points. Those points could be exchanged for more of the monastery’s resources which were the quickest way for them to grow stronger.

They had bitterly prepared for two months, all for the trial to be canceled? That was hard to accept.

Seeing their disappointment, as well as some people’s fury, Ling Yunzi smiled. This generation of disciples was much more courageous than the previous generations.

Most likely, those former disciples would have all relaxed when they heard this news. There definitely wouldn’t be any disappointment.

“However, the trial isn’t canceled. In fact, the trial is beginning ahead of time. The Corrupt path has already invaded us.

“Corrupt path disciples have already entered the Righteous path’s territory, beginning to mercilessly slaughter their way in.

“All the Righteous path’s disciples are gathering now. That’s because whenever the Corrupt path invades us, they will begin an absolute massacre of those innocent commoners.

“With each passing second, more lives are being lost. So you won’t have any more time to mentally prepare yourselves. In a bit, you’ll all have to move out.”

Everyone was shocked. This was far too sudden. They still weren’t prepared yet.

“As a cultivator, you must be prepared for battle at any moment. Do you think enemies will give you a warning before attacking you? Maybe they’ll say hello, wait for you to warm up, and then fight? Fools!” Tu Fang couldn’t help but angrily shout when he saw those indecisive disciples.

“This time it’s not just our Xuantian Monastery. The other sects’ disciples are all in charge of their own regions.

“But the battlefield can change in the blink of an eye, so you cannot adhere to those regions too strictly. You’ll have to mutually defend and assist each other. There must not be any internal strife!

“And for this operation, your commander will be Long Chen. All disciples must listen to his orders!” said Ling Yunzi.

Long Chen was given a fright. He would be the commander in charge of leading them? Then how would he get his own points? If he were to just command everyone, then he wouldn’t be able to get anything!

Seeing Long Chen was about to speak, Ling Yunzi cut him off. “The most capable person must do the most work and is duty-bound. Long Chen, as a disciple of the monastery, you must do your part. This is your duty.”

Having such a large hat placed on him, Long Chen had no words to argue with it. Looking at Tu Fang, he saw Tu Fang smile at him.

“Don’t worry, Long Chen. If your display this time is good, the monastery definitely won’t mistreat you. We’ll give you the position of a core disciple,” smiled Tu Fang.

Long Chen’s lip twitched. Was a core disciple position so amazing? Didn’t all it mean was that he would be able to get a large immortal cave for himself and his monthly ration would increase a bit?

Although his monthly ration wasn’t that high right now, he was still living in a large immortal cave, and he could eat Qing Yu’s delicacies every day.

If he became a core disciple, wouldn’t he have to move out? Long Chen felt the monastery was really being too stingy with him, but he also couldn’t retort. It was as Ling Yunzi said: he had a duty to the monastery.

As if seeing through Long Chen’s thinking, Tu Fang continued, “Don’t look down on the status of a core disciple. Previously, a core disciple position might not have meant much to you, but the Jiuli secret realm is about to open. That is a space that was left behind from the ancient era. 

“There are countless treasures and inheritances to be gained in there. If you manage to obtain a heaven-defying opportunity, your cultivation base might soar into the heavens!”

“Jiuli secret realm?” Long Chen was startled. He didn’t know why, but when he heard that foreign name, his heart began to pound.

The FengFu Star at the bottom of his foot actually began to crazily circulate outside his control. Long Chen was completely bewildered.

For the FengFu Star to make such a large movement on its own, did it mean it had a relation to the Jiuli secret realm?

“You don’t need to ask any more questions about it. All you need to know is that only core disciples can enter that place, and the spots are limited.

“So you have to take advantage of this opportunity. We all think highly of you. As for whether you can obtain a core disciple position, that will be up to how well you perform this time.” Tu Fang patted Long Chen on the shoulder sincerely.

This was a naked enticement, but Long Chen was helpless about it. For some reason, he had a premonition that there was something he needed within the Jiuli secret realm.

And that something was very likely to be related to the Nine Star Hegemon Body Art. With such a profound feeling, the only thing Long Chen could do was nod his consent.

“Thank you, sect leader for your confidence. I’ll do my best.” Long Chen bowed. This kind of enticement was irresistible, and so he didn’t bother arguing.

Ling Yunzi smiled. “Good. From today onwards, you’ll be this operation’s commanding general. If anyone dares to not listen to your orders, you have the authority to directly punish them any way you want, including taking their life!”

Ling Yunzi’s words made the Heaven Earth Alliance’s disciples extremely excited. They were extremely proud to have Long Chen as their commander.

“That’s unacceptable!”

But there was suddenly someone who stood up and shouted, causing everyone to look over. He was an inner disciple.

“Sect leader, we have enmity and hatred against Long Chen. If you give him the position of commander, then couldn’t he just do some little tricks to kill us all?” shouted that disciple.

He had only just finished speaking when a large hand grabbed him and directly threw him out. That hand’s owner was Gu Yang.

That disciple was one of his subordinates. After throwing him out, Gu Yang bowed to Ling Yunzi. “My subordinate was disrespectful. Please give me your punishment, sect leader.”

Ling Yunzi didn’t react much, not displaying any displeasure. He curiously asked, “Do you have anything you want to say?”

Gu Yang shook his head. “I have nothing good to say. I am convinced that with Long Chen’s character, he wouldn’t do anything like that. He would disdain using such tricks.”

Gu Yang’s words startled everyone, including Long Chen. Who would have thought Gu Yang would say something like that?

“Correct. We have no objection to having Long Chen as commander.” Surprisingly, even Lei Qianshang walked out to speak.

That puzzled many people. They clearly had a deep enmity between them. Were they not afraid of Long Chen making life hard for them?”

This time they would be facing those incredibly cruel Corrupt path disciples. Long Chen could make a single order that would place them in extreme danger.

“Not bad, not bad.” Ling Yunzi nodded with a bit of praise. But just how few people realized the real reason why Gu Yang and Lei Qianshang were so magnanimous?

Long Chen’s strength had reached the point where even his enemies were convinced by his power. And even his opponents didn’t have the slightest bit of doubt about his character and morals.

“Boss…” That disciple who had been thrown out panicked. He was about to say something when Gu Yang waved his hand to cut him off. Instead, he turned to Long Chen.

“Can I fight shoulder to shoulder on the battlefield with you?” Gu Yang asked of Long Chen.

Long Chen looked at Gu Yang and smiled slightly. “If you are willing to give your back to me, then I naturally won’t betray your trust.”

Gu Yang suddenly laughed heartily, “Good. Then my life will be in your hands.”

Everyone’s hearts shook. None of them had thought Gu Yang would lower his head to Long Chen, and so publicly as well.

Lei Qianshang wanted to say something as well, but even after a long time, he couldn’t bring himself to do it. Although he definitely supported Long Chen, he couldn’t bring himself to lower his face like that. He sighed, unable to be as magnanimous as Gu Yang.

Long Chen looked over everyone. “The previous grudges of the monastery are all over now. I’m sure you all know what kind of person I am.

“As long as you don’t betray me, then I, Long Chen, am willing to bleed even my last drop of blood for any one of you.

“The ones we’re facing are the cruel Corrupt path’s disciples. I can’t promise that every one of you will be able to survive, but I can promise you that at the most dangerous times, I will definitely be at the very front to face them.”

He didn’t give them an impassioned speech. He only gave them a simple promise. But that simple promise struck like a hammer at the core of people’s hearts.

And that caused all of them to stir, their blood surging. Song Mingyuan, Li Qi, and the other core disciples all felt as if their blood was boiling, wanting to immediately go kill their enemies.

Tang Wan-er looked at Long Chen with complete worship. When Long Chen was actually serious, he was a hero capable of supporting both heaven and earth. She liked this Long Chen, the real Long Chen who was worthy of worship.

Ling Yunzi smiled. Long Chen really was a natural-born leader. He didn’t even need to waste any effort to immediately raise everyone’s morale.

Ling Yunzi waved his hand, and hundreds of huge flying Magical Beasts flew over, descending on the plaza. They were surprisingly all third rank flying mounts.

“Move out!”

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