Chapter 2334 Opportunity Within Crisis

The Dragonblood Legion had advanced to the first Heavenstage of Netherpassage. During this time, they had started refining the immemorial essence blood.

“Boss, based on your previous estimates, an ordinary person would need ten drops of immemorial essence blood to activate their Spirit Blood and connect to their manifestation. But I’d guess that they’d need a hundred.” Guo Ran immediately ran over to discuss this matter with Long Chen when he returned.

Seeing the surging Blood Qi around Guo Ran and his faint dragon qi, Long Chen guessed that Guo Ran had been the first to try absorbing the immemorial essence blood. His lip curled. “How many drops did you use?”

“Ninety-three.” Guo Ran was a bit embarrassed.

“Even a weak chicken like you needed ninety-three drops? Then someone like Gu Yang will probably need two hundred.” Long Chen sighed and shook his head. Guo Ran’s physical body was the weakest of the men of the Dragonblood Legion. When considering the Dragonblood Legion as a whole, he was second to last, ranking only in front of Meng Qi.

“Boss, it’s not nice to bring up your brother’s flaws.” Guo Ran turned red.

“Well, isn’t your calculation way off then? What do you mean around one hundred drops? Aren’t you the only one who’s going to use less than one hundred drops, while everyone else will be using way more?” demanded Long Chen. No matter what time it was, Guo Ran never forgot to give himself some extra face.

“Isn’t there also big sister Meng Qi?” retorted Guo Ran.

“Meng Qi is a soul cultivator. You’re going to compete against her in how weak your physical body is?” Long Chen was speechless.

“Hehe, boss, as long as you understand it’s fine. You don’t need to say it out loud. Give your little brother some face,” proposed Guo Ran.

Long Chen rolled his eyes. “How do you feel after activating your Spirit Blood?”

“Powerful, very powerful. The immemorial essence blood has fully ignited the evil dragon essence blood. My power has increased by at least three times,” said Guo Ran, growing excited.

“Three times? How is that possible?” Long Chen was startled. That was too much. It was said that the power increase should be around thirty to fifty percent, with only rare cases of eighty percent.

“It’s true. After I absorbed the immemorial essence blood, the dragon blood inside me began to unleash limitless power. I’ve tested it multiple times, and it really is a three times increase. Hehe… maybe it is because I was just too powerful from the start,” chortled Guo Ran.

Long Chen instantly understood this sarcasm. The other Dragonblood warriors had absorbed the metal devouring evil dragon’s essence blood as well, but to unleash its full power required corresponding power and will.

Guo Ran was weak in both aspects, resulting in him being unable to bring out the full potential of the evil dragon essence blood, unlike the other Dragonblood warriors.

Thanks to the immemorial essence blood, he had fully activated the dragon blood, increasing his power by an exceptional amount.

“Then are you unbeatable now?” asked Long Chen. A three times increase that was then multiplied by his armor meant that Guo Ran’s power was definitely shocking.

“You overpraise me, hehe…” Guo Ran was very pleased. If he had a tail, it would definitely be up and wagging with pride. He patted his chest. “I secretly tested myself against Wilde. As long as he doesn’t go big, I can overpower him.”

“That’s pretty amazing.” Long Chen gave him a thumbs up.

Only Long Chen could match Wilde in power. Even Gu Yang wasn’t able to do that.

Regretfully, Wilde couldn’t train in cultivation techniques or Battle Skills. He could only fight with brute power, otherwise, he’d be even more threatening.

For Guo Ran to be able to match Wilde in power, then adding on his special fighting techniques, he was definitely extremely powerful.

“Boss, this immemorial essence blood is truly a priceless treasure. Due to the dragon blood in our bodies, we’ll need a huge amount of it. Based on my calculations, we probably only have enough for five hundred people. So…” Guo Ran trailed off. He didn’t know how to distribute the immemorial essence blood because it was such an important matter. Hence, he needed Long Chen’s opinion.

“Do you need to ask? Give it to the strongest members first. Once they’re finished with it, they can go for a stroll through the Yin Yang World and then we’ll have enough for everyone.”

“But the divine families…”

The divine families had stationed two armies to guard the Yin Yang World due to the last sneak attack. They had mobilized two Heavenly Dragon Legion and were not allowing anyone to enter.

“We’re not going to bother with them. We just have a collaborative relationship, but they can’t restrict us. I’ll handle this by talking to Elder Long. If he doesn’t agree, we’ll just charge through.” Long Chen flapped his hand dismissively.

Last time’s matter was caused by Ye Benchang, and that meant it was the divine families’ fault, not the Dragonblood Legion’s. For Long Chen to not go make demands over this matter was already not bad of him. If they tried to make things hard on him though…

“Alright, I’ll handle it right now,” said Guo Ran.

“Good. Remember, we have to be ready for the Star Field Divine World when it opens. I want as many people as possible to have their Spirit Blood awakened before that,” said Long Chen.

Last time, Elder Long said that it would take some more time to open the Star Field Divine World. Supposedly, it took quite a few resources from the divine families to do so.

Now that the Blood race had broken the Sovereign seals, the divine families had quickened the pace because this was the final chance for the divine families and the junior generation of the Martial Heaven Continent to get stronger.

Before those seals fully collapsed, they had to strengthen themselves as much as possible.

As for the Blood race, they were currently gathering their forces in secret. Once the forces from Devil Spirit Mountain, Resentful Death City, and the Ancient Battlefield were ready, they would definitely attack the continent together.

Once Guo Ran left, Long Chen went to see Zheng Wenlong. The tense atmosphere of the continent was actually benefiting the business of the Huayun Sect immensely.

Everyone knew a bloody battle was coming. They needed to get as strong as possible, so they didn’t mind spending all their sect’s resources and foundation on buying various life-saving treasures. They were willing to bankrupt themselves.

When Long Chen arrived, Zheng Wenlong smiled. “Brother Long, I really am admiring myself more and more. When I first met you, I was just a rookie of the cultivation world, but I had the great vision to invest in you. Everything I have now is proof of just how wise that decision was back then.”

“Are you praising me or yourself?” Long Chen smiled. “Although I’m very indifferent about fame and fortune, your praise is still making me conceited.”

Zheng Wenlong’s special charisma was able to make him feel calm even with the impending crisis coming. Furthermore, he saw that the Huayun Sect was operating quite well. The disciples smiled and greeted him. It was a stark contrast from the bleakness of the rest of the world.

“I believe the part about not caring about fame, but as for being indifferent toward fortune? You should know that in this world, without money, it’s difficult to advance even by a single inch,” said Zheng Wenlong with a smile.

“You’re right, I was wrong. Money really is very important,” agreed Long Chen. “I came to buy a few medicinal ingredients.”

“Haha, I had difficulty buying them the last time you came since no one wanted to sell them. But now, with the pressure of the dark era, people are willing to sell even their treasures for things that can protect them. They’re not thinking about long-term profit any longer, so now is the best time for you to trade things,” said Zheng Wenlong.

Having worked with Long Chen for so long, Zheng Wenlong was aware of what kind of things Long Chen possessed. The essence blood, crystal cores, and divine materials that Long Chen possessed were in great demand during this time.

Long Chen smiled. He knew that this was the best time to trade. It was the worst era but also the best era.

Long Chen left a long list of ingredients he wanted. They were all ingredients for precious eleventh tier medicinal pills. When he had advanced to the Netherpassage realm, many pills formulas had silently appeared in his head without him even being aware of it.

With the immemorial essence blood as well as the support of medicinal pills, the Dragonblood Legion would be able to soar in power.

The upcoming dark era gave him immense pressure. Furthermore, Sovereign Mo Li had said that his cheating this time would increase the karma for next time. As a result, Long Chen’s next heavenly tribulation would be on an unimaginable level. If he didn’t do everything he could to increase his power, he would be doomed.

However, it seemed that many opportunities also appeared during these dark times that could boost the power of the Dragonblood Legion. That increased his confidence.

Long Chen had a premonition that the Netherpassage realm would be the chance for the Dragonblood Legion to erupt in power. In the future, they would be his greatest support.

After leaving Zheng Wenlong’s place, he went into the Wild World. During this time, the original devil race had also been very busy. The devil race was continuing to attack the Wild World. It seemed that they had sensed something wrong, and stronger devil races were attacking.

Fortunately, with the formation that Xia Chen had set up, not one of them had managed to escape. Everything was progressing rapidly, but with no need for concern.

Long Chen walked away with a huge amount of resources, including divine materials and precious materials from Magical Beasts. Those were all things that the Martial Heaven Continent urgently needed. He left them for Zheng Wenlong to handle.

After arranging those things, he returned to the Cloud Chasing Heaven Swallowing Sparrow race, whereupon he jumped in shock. Countless experts of the Xuan Beasts were currently pouring in.

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