Chapter 2332 The Killing God’s True Face

“You don’t know if he’s alive or dead?” Long Chen’s heart shook. “What exactly is going on?”

The disciple from Mo Gate said, “The young master has yet to come out of seclusion from attacking the Netherpassage realm. His body remains in a quasi-dead state.”

“What about his soulstone?”

“The soulstone is still fine.”

Hearing that the soulstone was fine, Long Chen relaxed slightly. That meant that Mo Nian hadn’t failed. It was just that even after all this time, he had yet to pass.

“The family head wished to inform you of this. It wasn’t that the young master didn’t want to help you this time,” said the disciple.

Long Chen shook his head. It seemed that the current family head of the Mo family was not Mo Nian’s grandfather, otherwise, he wouldn’t say such a thing. Long Chen knew that Mo Nian would have his own reasons since he hadn’t shown up. He wouldn’t go thinking such petty things.

However, it also didn’t seem that Long Chen would be able to help him. Ming Cangyue had said that the reason they had entered her Netherworld was because she had set it up that way.

She had meddled with the laws. The only ones from the Martial Heaven Continent that had entered the Netherworld that Ming Cangyue administered were the Dragonblood Legion. This was why they hadn’t encountered anyone else from the Marital Heaven Continent inside the Netherworld.

Right now, he couldn’t even send a message to Ming Cangyue. Even if he did return to the Netherworld, he wouldn’t necessarily enter her territory.

Ming Cangyue had said that there were as many Netherworlds as there were stars in the sky. She was only in charge of one. The reason he was able to be brought over to her world was because of the karma between them due to their past relationship.

However, Mo Nian wasn’t in the area that Ming Cangyue administered. She wouldn’t be able to investigate even if Long Chen could send word. Right now, the only one who could help Mo Nian was Mo Nian himself.

Long Chen comforted the disciple, telling him that Mo Nian had definitely encountered a problem, but the fact that he was still alive meant that he was currently breaking out of that crisis. Furthermore, Long Chen’s intuition was telling him that Mo Nian wouldn’t die so easily.

The disciple left and Dong Mingyu came in. The two of them exchanged a smile. Long Chen held Dong Mingyu’s hand and they walked out together.


A giant set of gates were blasted apart by a punch. Long Chen and Dong Mingyu walked through. They had just entered when space twisted and one figure after another appeared.

“Long Chen, Dong Mingyu.”

The leader of those people was an old man whose heart sank upon seeing the two of them.

That old man was the Bloodkill Hall’s master, Zhong Ziyang, and this place was the headquarters of the Bloodkill Hall. It was completely secret, but as the divine daughter, the Bloodkill Hall’s secret headquarters was no secret to Dong Mingyu.

“What are you doing?” demanded Zhong Ziyang.

“Theoretically, I should be coming here today to destroy your Bloodkill Hall and kill all of you. But Mingyu did come from the Bloodkill Hall, and her cultivation comes from you. So don’t worry, I won’t kill you today. Mingyu came to pay her respects to the Killing God to settle things with him. In the future, the Bloodkill Hall will have nothing to do with us,” said Long Chen indifferently.

Zhong Ziyang was a third step Netherpassage expert. His assassination arts would give even a fourth step Netherpassage expert a headache. But Long Chen didn’t view him as a threat.

“Hmph, a traitor of the Killing God has the face to return and pay respects to him?” A voice rang out in the air.

Dong Mingyu pointed a single finger. The void twisted, and a figure came falling down. It was a very young disciple. His head had been pierced, and his sneer still hung on his face. Even before his death, he hadn’t sensed the danger.

“Those who don’t wish to die should leave. Those who wish to die can stay,” said Dong Mingyu. She was even more direct than Long Chen. After that, she pulled Long Chen in.

“You…!” Zhong Ziyang’s expression changed, but in the face of the divine daughter Dong Mingyu who had advanced to the Netherpassage realm, even he didn’t have the courage to stop her.

They were both assassins, but she had the power of the Killing God. That put a sense of extreme pressure on him.

As for that unlucky fellow she had just killed, it was a warning. That attack had contained god power.

An assassin who lived on the edge of a knife was extremely sensitive to any danger, but Dong Mingyu had killed that person without him sensing anything. That was due to the god energy of the Killing God, which was especially effective against the followers of the Killing God. That was the absolute authority bestowed to a divine daughter.

The most inexplicable thing to Zhong Ziyang was that despite betraying the Killing God, the Killing God hadn’t unleashed any divine punishment on her and even allowed her to retain his god energy.

In the end, Zhong Ziyang stepped back, opening a path for her. “You can enter, but Long Chen-”

“I’ll go wherever I want to. If you have the guts, then come and try to stop me. It just so happens that you’ll give me an excuse to wipe the Bloodkill Hall out of existence,” snorted Long Chen.

Long Chen very much disliked the Bloodkill Hall, viewing them as even worse than the professional assassins within the Phoenix Cry Empire. At least those assassins had some morals. They had three no’s: no killing the pregnant, the ill, or children.

However, the ones known as the Martial Heaven Continent’s number one assassin’s organization had no taboos. For money, they could do anything. As long as they were paid, they didn’t care who they killed.

Back then, they had sent Dong Mingyu as a three or four-year-old child to assassinate Long Chen, drawing his greatest wrath. If it weren’t for Dong Mingyu, he would be destroying the Bloodkill Hall today.

It was Dong Mingyu who wished for Long Chen to not do that today. No matter how it was put, she came from the Bloodkill Hall. The reason she was with Long Chen now was because of them. Perhaps that was a kind of fate.

The Bloodkill Hall had done so much evil and were now doomed. This could be considered their own karma. It probably wouldn’t be long before they fully vanished from this world, so Long Chen didn’t mind letting them off as a favor to Dong Mingyu.

However, if they really wanted to die and further provoked him, then he wouldn’t mind killing more of them.

Regretfully, the Bloodkill Hall’s people weren’t as tough as he had hoped. After the first was killed by Dong Mingyu, the others shut their mouths.

Dong Mingyu led the way through a large palace, and they arrived at an underground passageway. At the end of the path, they found a small transportation formation.

“Who goes there?”

The voices of four old men rang through the air when they arrived.

Dong Mingyu waved her hand, and four heads flew through the air. Nonchalantly, she stepped onto the transportation formation with Long Chen, saying, “These black and white-robed fellows are the wildly fanatic Elders, the most loyal dogs of the Killing God. They aren’t under the administration of the hall master and even have the authority to replace the hall master with a new one if they wished to. They’ve been brainwashed to the point that anything they view as blasphemy to the Killing God would result in immediate death, even if it was the current hall master.”

“Brainwashing really is amazing. It turns people into bigoted madmen.” Long Chen shook his head.

The transportation formation activated, and they arrived in a dark and gloomy world.

This was most likely somewhere underground. There was a long passageway, with dark red flames flickering along the walls.

Long Chen examined the stone walls. There were some ancient carvings left there. Within them, he saw a man holding a blade in front of many experts.

Sometimes his blade stabbed right through their foreheads, while sometimes it cut through their throats. Sometimes he was dragging their heads.

“This is the Killing God?” asked Long Chen.

“Yes. But the Killing God has been beautified in those carvings,” said Dong Mingyu, her expression a bit odd.


The two of them quickly reached the end of the passageway. At the end was another palace, one that was mostly empty. There was simply a throne with an old man on it. His white hair was balding at the center, and he was heavyset.

“He is also the Killing God?” asked Long Chen with some disbelief.

“Yes.” Dong Mingyu nodded.

Long Chen almost coughed up blood. “How did a lecherous fatty end up being a handsome young man in those carvings?”

“They say that this sculpture is of the moment the Killing God condensed his Dao Fruit. As for the murals and other statues, they’re from when he was young.” Dong Mingyu shrugged.

“And people believe that nonsense? They don’t even look like the same person,” said Long Chen speechlessly.

“Hehe, that’s what I’ve always thought too. But they said that when the Killing God was young, he was handsome enough to bewitch others. Later he had the fortune to condense a god fruit, resulting in his looks becoming like this as a warning to others. However, those who can see this sculpture must have made great contributions to the Killing God, so only a few people have seen it,” said Dong Mingyu.

“So the Killing God is actually a lecherous fatty but has been beautified to such an extent by those boot-lickers. Aren’t they just lying to themselves?” Long Chen shook his head.

“Who dares to make a racket in the Killing God’s palace?!”

Long Chen and Dong Mingyu had barely entered the palace when a furious shout came from within.

Inside, they saw eight elders wearing black and white robes glaring at them. They held staves in their hands.

“Kneel and receive forty whips for your disrespect to the Killing God-”

The first elder was slapped in the face before he could finish speaking. He spun through the air as Long Chen sneered, “Did that wake you up? Who dares to talk big to Master Long?”

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