Chapter 2331 Unknown to be Alive or Dead

Elder Long and the others’ disappearance gave everyone else a bad feeling. Suddenly, Qu Jianying let out a startled cry as her own tablet began flashing. When she checked it, her expression completely changed.

“Without a guard on the Yin Yang World, the Blood race has invaded the Martial Heaven Continent!”


All the various experts’ expressions sank. If the Blood race managed to get onto the continent, countless people would be killed, and the situation would take an even worse turn in the future. That was because after killing people from the Martial Heaven Continent, the Blood race would steal their Root Qi and grow even stronger.

“We have to get over there!” The old man grabbed Long Chen and dragged him off. In Long Chen’s current state, he was afraid of Pill Valley and the others trying to kill him.

“Wilde, eat later!” shouted Long Chen. Wilde was munching on a wing, even eating the feathers. It was a bloody sight. Hearing Long Chen’s command, Wilde put away Peng Wanli’s corpse and came rushing over.

“Long Chen, are you alright? You were really vicious this time. I thought you were doomed several times.” The old man had a hand on Long Chen’s shoulder. His spiritual yuan gently entered his body to help him heal.

“Hehe, you don’t need to worry about me. I’m always confident in what I do. You don’t need to waste the effort right now. Due to my cultivation technique, your spiritual yuan can’t help me heal,” said Long Chen.

Having entered the Netherpassage realm, his body essentially contained its own cosmos. His 108,000 astral spaces were fully connected with his six stars. They had their own ability to help him recover.

As for the old man’s spiritual yuan, it was true that Long Chen could absorb it, but it was like a bucket of water on a burning cart in his current condition. It wasn’t enough for anything.

Long Chen’s divine ring slowly revolved as he absorbed energy from heaven and earth. His astral spaces were slowly recovering. Having endured Sovereign Mo Li’s attacks, they had reached the verge of collapse.

Later on, he had absorbed the Heavenly Dao rune and successfully advanced to the Netherpassage realm, giving him control of life and death energy. But his astral spaces had not yet had a chance to recover.

With the battle finally over, he quickly absorbed energy. Once his 108,000 astral spaces were recovered, they could provide him with practically limitless energy.

Cloud came flying over with Meng Qi, Chu Yao, Tang Wan-er, Ye Zhiqiu, and Dong Mingyu on her back.

“What happened?” asked Meng Qi. They had received the news and came rushing over with Cloud, while the others were slaughtering the leftovers of the Kunpeng race.

“It’s a good thing you came. We have to hurry over to the Yin Yang World,” said Long Chen. He, Qu Jianying, the old man, Li Tianxuan, and some of the seniors of the Martial Heaven Alliance jumped onto Cloud’s back.

Cloud flapped her wings, and the void twisted. They shot through the air, the light twisting around them due to how fast they were going. They couldn’t even see the outside world clearly. The Martial Heaven Alliance’s seniors sighed in amazement. The Cloud Chasing Heaven Swallowing Sparrow race’s reputation for being number one in speed was not unearned.

The void suddenly untwisted, and they saw the world around them. In just a few breaths’ time, they had reached the entrance to the Yin Yang World.

However, they saw that this area was a complete mess. The earth had been torn asunder, with lava still bursting out of the ground. A bloody scent hung in the air.

The sky was dusky with black and white ripples still clashing. This was the result of life and death energy.

“This is the result of fourth step Netherpassage experts going all-out. It seems that Elder Long and the others have taken action,” said Qu Jianying.

“The aura of the Sovereign seal has completely vanished. The Blood race unleashed a full-power assault to exhaust its final shred of power.”

“We were tricked by the Blood race. They pretended to seem weak, as if the Martial Heaven Continent had an advantage over them. By doing so, they made us overconfident. The moment we relaxed, they took advantage to break through our defenses.”

“But why are they all gone? If the Sovereign seal is broken, a giant army of them should have charged through already. But I don’t see or sense any of them,” noticed Li Tianxuan. “We must have been too late. The battle’s already over.”

“So quickly?” Long Chen didn’t feel that this was possible. They had arrived in just a moment, so how could the Blood race’s army already be gone?

“This battlefield is strange…” Li Tianxuan examined the surroundings and shook his head.

The earth quivered slightly. An explosive sound came from an extremely great distance.

“That direction… isn’t it Devil Spirit Mountain?” Long Chen suddenly had a bad feeling. He jumped back onto Cloud’s back. “Let’s go!”

They rushed over to Devil Spirit Mountain, only to see Elder Long and another Heaven Elder staring gloomily at the Sovereign seal in front of them.

The Sovereign seal was now infected by black blood. Fiendish runes flowed on top of it.

When they arrived, Elder Long sighed, “We were careless. Thirty-seven peak Netherpassage experts have joined forces to destroy the Sovereign seal. They even left a demonic blood curse on it, corroding it. Devil Spirit Mountain’s Sovereign seal should have lasted for years, but now… it probably won’t be long before it breaks apart.”

“This is adding to the calamity which has struck the continent…” Qu Jianying shook her head dismally.

Elder Long said, “It’s worse than that. Do you not see that there are only seven corpses of the Blood race that we killed here?”

Only then did Long Chen and the others notice the corpses. They were wrapped in white and black chains. Their auras were frightening, but they were already dead.

Two against seven, they had annihilated their opponents. That meant that the power of Elder Long and the other Heaven Elders had to be shocking.

“Although we killed them, they achieved their goal. They were just sacrificial pawns,” sighed the other Heaven Elder.

“You mean, the others…” Long Chen stared.

Elder Long nodded. “Yes, they split into three, with the others going to the Ancient Battlefield and Resentful Death City.”

Just at that moment, the two Heaven Elders’ tablets flashed again. They exchanged a glance and couldn’t help sighing. Clearly, the same thing had befallen those two places as well.

The Heaven Elder waved his hand, gathering the corpses of the Blood race. Elder Long said, “Things are serious now. The Blood race has always been brainless before, but they actually came up with such a scheme, catching us off guard. We’ll need to discuss this with the Lord Venerate. As for the reward for you from the divine families, you don’t need to worry about it. Rest. The true dark era is about to come. This might be your final chance to breathe. Cherish it well.”

Elder Long nodded to Qu Jianying and the others before leaving with the other Heaven Elder.

The Dragonblood Legion had returned from seclusion. The Kunpeng race’s ancestral lands had been destroyed by heavenly tribulation. A heavenly tribulation had manifested a Sovereign. Long Chen had killed Kun Pengzi, charged into the Corrupt God Cemetery, cut off Tian Xiezi’s leg, and exterminated the Kunpeng race. Every single one of these matters was enough to shake the Martial Heaven Continent and should have been the most popular gossip for a long time.

However, when news about the Sovereign seals around Devil Spirit Mountain, the Ancient Battlefield, and Resentful Death City spread, no one was in the mood to chat. They all knew that the true tribulation was about to come.

When the terrifying races from Devil Spirit Mountain, the Ancient Battlefield, and Resentful Death City were added to the Blood race of the Yin Yang World, how could the continent survive?

Every time the dark eras had come, even with Sovereigns present, only a tenth of the continent’s experts survived. Most importantly, during those eras with the Sovereigns, they had only been against one invading race at a time. After driving them back, they sealed the entrances to those worlds, preserving the continent’s safety.

Now though, the Yin Yang World, the Devil Spirit Mountain, the Ancient Battlefield, and the mythic Resentful Death City’s seals had all been broken. Once the races from the other side attacked, would there still be any hope for the continent? People felt like the world had lost its color. Past tribulations had had Sovereigns to protect them, but now there wasn’t a single person who possessed the disposition of a Sovereign. None of the heavenly geniuses of the world met the criteria to be a Sovereign after all this time, meaning it was very likely that there would be no Sovereign in this era.

A dark era with no Sovereign signified the end of the continent. Some cultivators had lost their drive to get stronger. What was the point?

With a Sovereign present, the past tribulations had still resulted in only a tenth of the continent’s experts surviving. Now, four worlds were about to attack on an unprecedented scale. Unless four Sovereigns appeared at once, there was no chance the continent could survive.

Their only hope rested on the shoulders of the divine families, but even that hope was extremely dismal. Could the divine families be even stronger than the Sovereigns? That didn’t seem likely.

However, as the rest of the continent’s people despaired, the Martial Heaven Alliance remained cool-headed. Others were afraid because they had nothing to rely on. But they had Long Chen.

Long Chen had advanced to the Netherpassage realm and crushed three peak heavenly geniuses to the point that one was killed, one fled, and one had suffered an amputation. He had even fought a Sovereign and the Corrupt Emperor. Even in the youth of the Sovereigns, they probably hadn’t had such achievements. Long Chen was viewed as the hope of the Righteous path, unifying them to an even greater degree.

After three days, Long Chen recovered fifty percent of his combat power. His astral spaces had fully recovered, but the rest of his body would need at least ten more days. This battle had left behind quite a few hidden wounds in his body that were taking a particularly long time to heal.

“Boss, a disciple from Mo Gate has arrived,” reported a Dragonblood warrior. Long Chen had the disciple brought in.

“How is that little fellow Mo Nian?” asked Long Chen.

“My family’s young master… he has yet to successfully advance to Netherpassage. It’s unknown whether he’s alive or dead,” said that disciple, his eyes red. Long Chen’s expression instantly changed.

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