Chapter 2330 Judgement Day for the Kunpeng Race

“Fuck that bastard!”

Looking at the leg, Long Chen raged and flung it into the air. It then exploded into bloody mist.

Even now, he didn’t know how the Corrupt Emperor had managed to do this. Everything had been calculated perfectly by him. In the end, he had even been willing to unleash all of Lei Long’s power to summon a lightning domain to reach the outer gate in an instant, just to capture Tian Xiezi alive. But the Corrupt Emperor had still managed to snatch Tian Xiezi away.

Long Chen’s expression was ugly at having been beaten by a discarnate soul of the Corrupt Emperor. 

However, on the other hand, everyone was stunned by his reaction. They didn’t know what had just happened inside. The image had been cut off just as Long Chen charged into the inner region despite the Corrupt Emperor trying to stop him, and then he came out holding Tian Xiezi’s leg.

Even Elder Long and the others were shocked. In front of the Corrupt Emperor, he had still managed to cut off Tian Xiezi’s leg? He had practically ignored the existence of the Corrupt Emperor.

Long Chen suddenly turned and charged back toward the gate, causing everyone to jump.


The runes on the gate made Long Chen bounce back. The Corrupt God Cemetery had been closed from the inside, and no one else could enter.

Long Chen almost coughed up blood from the impact. After all the battles, his body had reached its limit.

The Corrupt Emperor’s last attack, which had sliced through his waist, contained its own power that was erasing his life energy. Even the primal chaos space’s life energy was unable to heal the wound, only able to temporarily suppress it. Also, the impact from being repelled from the gate had caused it to tear open again. He really needed to find a place to heal.

Long Chen had no choice but to give up on charging back in. He suddenly turned to the Corrupt path’s experts. His fury instantly soared. Even if he couldn’t kill the big ones, killing some extras was good too.

“Warriors of the Dragonblood Legion, slaughter the Corrupt path’s people!” shouted Long Chen. He was the first to charge forward despite being covered in blood and having a wound on his waist. His saber slammed down toward Xie Wentian and the others.

Over ten thousand swords came out of their sheaths at the same time. With Long Chen’s orders, the Dragonblood warriors no longer cared about the Heaven Elders from the divine families. They charged.

“Hmph, with the divine families present, you still dare to be wild?!” demanded Ye Yaochen angrily. However, he found that Long Chen and the rest of the Dragonblood Legion were completely ignoring him. “Bastards! You’re asking for it!”

Ye Yaochen furiously prepared to unleash an attack when Elder Long appeared in front of him. “Elder Ye, this was started by Ye Benchang. As a fellow member of the Ye family, it wouldn’t be appropriate for you to interfere.”

“What are you saying?” Ye Yaochen’s face was frighteningly gloomy.

“You should leave things here to me. If you’re busy, you can leave first,” said Elder Long lightly.

“You…!” Ye Yaochen pointed at Elder Long, shuddering with fury. That was clearly telling him to scram. “Alright, fine! We’ll see who wins in the future.”

Ye Yaochen took a single step, vanishing from sight.

“Long Chen, count yourself tough this time. But my Corrupt path’s foundation isn’t something you can imagine. Just wait. Your nightmare will soon descend.” Xie Wentian sneered. The void behind him suddenly split open and formed a giant vortex that sucked in the Corrupt path’s experts. They vanished, leaving behind only Xie Wentian’s voice echoing through the air.

Long Chen and the others pounced on empty air. The Corrupt path had managed to run. Suddenly, a bout of dizziness made him feel like the world was spinning. Meng Qi caught Long Chen as he collapsed.

“Long Chen, are you alright?” Chu Yao immediately came over to help him recover. She found that there was extensive damage to his meridians. They had almost reached the point of crumbling, and he could no longer fight.

Long Chen was also aware of his condition, but he had to act tough until the end.

“If the Corrupt path has run, then fine. Exterminate the Kunpeng race.” Long Chen took a deep breath. The Corrupt path and the Righteous path’s enmity was something that stretched back tens of thousands of years. He wasn’t in a rush to get revenge on them. If they had run, then the Dragonblood Legion could start with the Xuan Beasts.

“Boss, you rest. Leave this to your brothers.” Guo Ran saw how pale he was and led the charge against the Kunpeng race.

Seeing the Dragonblood Legion charging over so furiously, Peng Wanli and the others’ expressions changed. He shouted, “Seniors of the divine families, are you going to allow the Dragonblood Legion to slaughter the innocent so indiscriminately?!”

“All things have karma. Even during the time of the Heavenly Divine Writ, the Xuan Beasts launched a sneak attack on the Cloud Chasing Heaven Swallowing Sparrow race. You’ve already ignored our rules. The bitter seed you planted results in the bitter fruit you reap. Even if it causes tears, you still have to eat it. Sorry, but the divine families are powerless to interfere,” said Elder Long.

Upon hearing that, Peng Wanli’s heart dropped. He suddenly turned to Pill Valley to see Yu Xiaoyun not looking at him. He then looked at Di Long of the ancient family alliance and saw that his eyes were closed in meditation as if he was unrelated to this matter.

The most unacceptable thing to him though was that even Long Juncang of the ancient races had, at some point, brought the ancient races’ experts away to retain a respectful distance from the Xuan Beasts. Even the ancient races’ loyalty didn’t stretch this far.


The Dragonblood Legion fell upon them. Guo Ran was the first to charge at Peng Wanli. However, before he could attack, a giant bone club came smashing down at Peng Wanli. Wilde’s furious roar rang out.

“This one’s mine!”

Wilde’s furious attack was met with Peng Wanli’s full-power defense, but he still hacked up blood. He was no Ye Yaochen, who was capable of using his hand to receive Wilde’s attack. 

Peng Wanli was injured in just one blow. Stars spun in his vision. This one attack from Wilde caused the morale of the Xuan Beasts to crumble.


The Dragonblood warriors and the Cloud Chasing Heaven Swallowing Sparrow race’s experts attacked. Their enmity with the Kunpeng race could no longer be resolved by any other means. The martyrs that had died to the Kunpeng race during these countless years would also not permit such a thing.

“Those who didn’t participate in the attack against the Cloud Chasing Heaven Swallowing Sparrow race should get away now. Today, the Dragonblood Legion and the Cloud Chasing Heaven Swallowing Sparrow race are getting vengeance, and our only target is the Kunpeng race!” announced Long Chen.

The hesitating experts of the Xuan Beasts who were undecided about running or not instantly fled like the wind.

“The Kunpeng race’s conflict with the Cloud Chasing Heaven Swallowing Sparrow race has nothing to do with our Shadow Devil Leopard race!” announced one of the leaders of the Xuan Beasts as he led his people away from the battlefield.

“It has nothing to do with our Wind Wolf race!”

“It has nothing to do with our Blood Ape race!”

“It has nothing to do with our Scarlet Python race!”

In just a moment, the Xuan Beasts still standing behind the Kunpeng race had left due to Long Chen’s words.

The Xuan Beasts were arrogant, but they weren’t so stupid as to not understand their current position.

The divine families had chosen to look on without lifting a finger. Pill Valley, the ancient family alliance, the ancient races, all their allies had chosen to ignore their plight.

The ones that they were facing were the Dragonblood Legion, the Martial Heaven Continent’s number one legion, the ones who had defeated even the Heavenly Dragon Legion. That was a killing legion that slaughtered their enemies without blinking.

Although the Xuan Beasts had always had a hostile relationship with Long Chen, they all knew his character. He wouldn’t go back on his word and attack them. As a result, the Xuan Beasts collapsed from the inside.

In the end, the only ones staying with the Kunpeng race were the Nine Heavens Phoenix race and a few other loyal followers.

Those were the races that had slaughtered countless experts of the Cloud Chasing Heaven Swallowing Sparrow race in the past. Their hands were covered in their blood. Even if they surrendered, it would be useless.

Peng Wanli managed to block three of Wilde’s attacks. On the fourth, his spear was knocked out of his hands, and the back of his head was smashed apart by Wilde’s club.

His Yuan Spirit shot out, trying to flee, but it was swallowed by a giant mouth.

It was Cloud. After swallowing Peng Wanli’s Yuan Spirit, she let out a resounding cry, one that contained grief and sorrow for the fallen members of her race.

With Peng Wanli dead, the grudge of countless years was finally settled, and all the accumulated years of resentment were unleashed now. The other members of the Cloud Chasing Heaven Swallowing race echoed her cry.


With Peng Wanli dead, the Kunpeng race, the Nine Heavens Phoenix race, and the remaining experts of their side were unable to stop the Dragonblood Legion. They fled in every direction. A rain of blood followed as the Dragonblood warriors and the Cloud Chasing Heaven Swallowing Sparrow race’s experts chased them down.

Having lost their will to fight, the Xuan Beasts were unable to counterattack. As Long Chen watched the Dragonblood Legion slaughter them, he didn’t say a word. There was no need to say anything about mercy or letting off cornered enemies. There was no compassion to be had.

This kind of enmity was so deep it had sunk into their bones and even their souls. This kind of enmity could only be settled when one side was destroyed.

The Cloud Chasing Heaven Swallowing Sparrow race couldn’t possibly let off the Kunpeng race or their loyal followers, just like how the Kunpeng race and the others had never had mercy when they were hunting down the Cloud Chasing Heaven Swallowing Sparrow race.

The human race might be one to easily forget the past, but the Xuan Beasts were different. This kind of enmity was something that continued through their bloodlines. There was no way for them to forget it.

“Not good!”

Suddenly, Elder Long and the other Heaven Elders’ expressions changed. A tablet on each of their waists was flashing rapidly. The seven of them vanished at the same time.

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