Chapter 233 Saber Cry Shakes the Heavens

“Brother Long, we’ve returned!”

 A loud roar that could be heard dozens of miles away rang out. That was Wilde’s voice.

Tang Wan-er hastily left Long Chen’s embrace and wiped off her tears. Going out to look, they first saw two figures coming over.

Those two were Wilde and Little Snow. On Wilde’s back was a new spiked club that was even bigger than the old one. The old club’s head was around the thickness of a bucket; this new one was several times’ that.

The entire club was pitch-black and emitted a powerful pressure. After all, a spiked club on its own already appeared like a fierce and terrifying weapon. But most frightening of all was that with each step Wilde took, the earth would tremble. The thick stones that paved the path he was walking on cracked with each step.

By the time Wilde and Little Snow rushed all the way up the mountain peak, the neatly paved stone path had become crushed to smithereens.

Long Chen could easily tell just how frightening the weight of Wilde’s new weapon was. If it wasn’t, there was no way he could crush those rocks like that. Each rock that paved that path was between five to six feet thick.

“Little fellow, I told you to pay attention to your footsteps! Did you even hear me?” Behind Wilde and Little Snow was Cang Ming. Seeing this path of broken stones, he couldn’t stop himself from shouting furiously. But he still had a pampering and proud expression despite his anger.

Little Snow rushed over to Long Chen like a gust of wind. Nowadays Little Snow had grown even larger, his body at least ten meters long. His aura was also becoming increasingly powerful. Furthermore, his wounds had already disappeared now, and his white fur practically glowed. 

“You’ve advanced?!” Long Chen looked at Little Snow in disbelief. Little Snow’s aura had already reached the mid third rank. The domineering pressure of an overlord third rank Magical Beast made it so that people wouldn’t dare to look at him directly.

Little Snow rubbed his head against Long Chen’s body. Even despite advancing so far, Little Snow was still like how he was when he had just been a tiny little ball of fur and was filled with love for Long Chen.

“Brother Long, let me show you my new weapon! It’s amazing!” Wilde was like a child, waving his club back and forth, causing the land to tremble. It felt as if the air was about to be blown apart, and a huge tempest of wind exploded out.

Tang Wan-er was astonished. Just the wind from a wave of his spiked club was ten times stronger than a Tendon Transformation expert’s attack.

She was about to block that gust of wind when Long Chen appeared before her.

That terrifying gale of wind thundered like an angry sea. But Long Chen was like a heavy boulder, and no matter how that wind howled, it was unable to move him in the slightest.

Long Chen was also awed. After being apart for a month, Wilde’s physical strength had reached a terrifying level.

Just that gale would have been able to easily break the bones of a Tendon Transformation disciple. If they were directly hit with that spiked club, they’d be crushed flat.

“Hehe, brother Long, how is it? My master made this for me.” Wilde put down the spiked club on the ground, causing the entire mountain to shake and the stone beneath him to crack even further.

Pow! Cang Ming cuffed Wilde in the back of his head. He was too short, so he had to jump up to do it.

“Little brat, how many times have I told you to be gentle! Are you trying to tear down the entire monastery?!” raged Cang Ming.

But despite sounding so furious, he was clearly very pleased. Anyone could probably tell that he was actually completely delighted.

He was scolding him, but seeing how powerful his own apprentice was made him incredibly proud. 

As for those broken stones, they didn’t mean anything. The monastery had many lazy workers doing nothing to earn their keep. Now they finally had some work to do.

With each step Wilde took, he caused the mountain to incessantly quiver. Quite a few people rushed out of their immortal caves with alarm, thinking some sort of terrifying Magical Beast was attacking.

They only relaxed when they saw that it was only Wilde and Little Snow, and they put away their weapons.

But then seeing that path of broken stones, they were all shocked. 

When Cang Ming saw those expressions, he became even prouder and more pleased.

He might be acting like he was calm on the outside, but his acting skills were incredibly lacking. Everyone could clearly tell what he was thinking.

Tang Wan-er was surprised by Cang Ming and laughed. This master-apprentice duo were both eccentrics suited to each other. But seeing that spiked club in Wilde’s hand, all of them were filled with respect.

“But at least you finally called me master for the first time,” laughed Cang Ming. 

Wilde would always call him old man, and Cang Ming never cared about that. At least it sounded a bit more affectionate.

Now was the first time Wilde called him master, so that naturally made him feel happy.

“Seni-, cough, uncle Cang Ming, how heavy is this spiked club?” Long Chen couldn’t help but ask.

“Seven hundred fifty thousand pounds,” replied Cang Ming lightly.


Everyone, including Long Chen, was stupefied, their jaws dropping.

Just a ten thousand pound weapon would count as a heavy weapon. But Wilde’s spiked club was seven hundred fifty thousand pounds? That was way too shocking!

Looking from Wilde’s muscles which bulged out crazily and then to that spiked club, they all felt a chill. Just what could you possibly use to block him?

Plus, before Wilde had switched to this new weapon, he had already used his old one to send Gu Yang flying, breaking both his arms in one blow.

Gu Yang’s physical body was incredibly powerful. If it had been another core disciple, they probably would have been smashed to death in one blow.

Now that he had this even more terrifying weapon, was there even a single disciple in the monastery who could receive just one blow from Wilde?

They naturally all turned to Long Chen when they thought of that. Perhaps in their entire generation, only Long Chen could possibly block him!

“Hehe, that old thing was only one hundred eighty thousand pounds. This one’s a real weapon.” Wilde once more swung his club around a couple of times excitedly.

So that old club already had one hundred eighty thousand pounds, and this new one was several times heavier? Everyone finally understood just how terrifying Wilde’s true strength was. 

Cang Ming saw how envious Long Chen was and laughed, “Long Chen, last time I said I’d give you a proper weapon. Hehe, take a good look.”

A large saber appeared in Cang Ming’s hand. It was almost three meters long, and its entire body was golden, almost looking as if it had been made of real gold.

The blade was fourteen inches wide and three inches thick. Lines had been carved onto the blade, and careful examination revealed they were carvings of ancient beasts that were extremely powerful and domineering.

Where the blade and hilt met, Long Chen noticed a crystal core. Long Chen’s heart leapt; so this was actually a spirit weapon.

Long Chen had long since heard that powerful Forging Masters could carve runes on top of weapons and embed a Magical Beast crystal core into the weapon. Runic power would draw out the energy of the crystal core, letting the weapon release incomparably terrifying strength. That was the power of spirit weapons.

Spirit weapons had no grades or tiers that classified them. Their power was entirely based on the Forging Master’s techniques and the rank and attribute of the crystal core.

Long Chen’s heart jumped wildly. All he could hear was the sound of his heart pounding away.

Cang Ming lightly placed the tip of the sword onto the ground, and let go.

With a light sound, people were awed to see that the hard stone beneath it was cut through like tofu, and the saber sank all the way to the hilt.

“It’s incredibly sharp!” Everyone was completely shocked. Just by letting go of it, it was able to easily pierce through these rocks. Just what kind of sharpness was that?

“This is practically a weapon of legends! With senior apprentice-brother Long Chen possessing this saber, he’ll definitely be like a tiger that has grown wings!”

“Hehe, now that senior apprentice-brother Long Chen has this saber, he’ll be able to lead us to cut off the heads of those Corrupt Devils like plucking weeds from the ground. Just thinking about it makes me excited!”

“Yeah, I’m about to piss myself in excitement!” echoed a person beside him.

“The fuck? Get away from me!”

That person, who echoed his agreement, was immediately kicked away by those beside him.

Cang Ming saw that Long Chen looked a bit disappointed. He urged, “Try it.”

“Thank you, senior.” Long Chen bowed to Cang Ming, he gripped the hilt and pulled.

But he was awed to realize that his light tug which could easily lift tens of thousands of pounds only caused the saber to tremble ever so slightly.

“What the, it’s actually this heavy!” Long Chen couldn’t hold back his delight. When he had seen that this saber was only three inches thick, he had thought it would be too light. Now he realized he had been wrong.

“Long Chen, you’re the one who said the heavier the better. I’ve put up a lot of capital to make this saber for you. If you can’t even use it, then I’ll have to reclaim and recycle it,” laughed Cang Ming.

The last time he had seen Long Chen, he had felt that Long Chen had already reached the peak of Blood Condensation and would step into Tendon Transformation at any time.

He had predicted that Long Chen’s strength would explode by a couple of dozen times once he advanced to the Tendon Transformation realm, and in accordance to his previous strength, he had forged this incredibly heavy saber.

This saber had cost him a great deal of time and effort, and the crystal core was actually from a fifth rank Magical Beast. That was the only fifth rank crystal core he currently possessed.

Originally, he had been planning on leaving it for Wilde. But Wilde didn’t have spiritual qi in his body and was unable to activate its runes to bring out the crystal core’s energy.[1] Thus, he had decided to embed it in this saber for Long Chen.

Over a month had passed and Long Chen hadn’t broken through to the Tendon Transformation realm. He couldn’t help but feel a bit disappointed. He felt that it was still too early to give this saber to Long Chen, as he would still be unable to use it for now.

“Haha, don’t worry, I won’t disappoint uncle.” Long Chen smiled and placed both hands on the hilt. Lifting with his full strength, the stones beneath him all began to shatter.

People were appalled to see that even as those stones all shattered, that saber actually began to sink further in. He was unable to pull it out.

That scene stupefied all of them. Just how terrifying was this saber? Would it sink all the way to the earth’s core?

“Hahahaha, good, good!”

Long Chen suddenly laughed with excitement and anticipation. His divine ring appeared behind him, and the land burst apart.

When he pulled the saber out of the ground, a terrifying ray of Saber Qi soared into the sky. The divine ring and saber shook all of heaven and earth. Endless waves of qi were constantly soaring into the sky.

This was the best weapon Long Chen had ever had in his entire life. A powerful pressure shot out in every direction.


Suddenly, the sound of a bell ringing nine times rang out, alarming all of them.


[1] Yes, the author wrote here that Wilde does not possess spiritual qi in his body. But if you remember, back in Volume 1, it was mentioned that he had spiritual qi within his body and could occasionally use it. My guess is that the author has refined out later plot points and decided to make Wilde a pure body cultivator, so from now on (until the author changes his mind again) we’ll be operating on the assumption that Wilde does not have spiritual qi or it is not the same spiritual qi as others. 

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