Chapter 2329 Lotus Throne

Long Chen narrowly avoided the attack. As a result, it struck the gate and unleashed ripples that spread throughout the cemetery.

“What is that?!” Long Chen’s expression changed, and another ray of light shot out from a different angle. Unable to avoid this one, he slashed Evilmoon at it.

BANG! Long Chen’s arm shook, and the webbing between his thumb and forefinger split open. Flying back, he saw that these lights were coming from below the core platform.

It was only at this moment that Long Chen realized there was a giant black lotus suspended in the air above the core region, linking together the sixteen coffins.

The black lotus had many petals, and every petal had a person embedded into it.

Those people had their hands clasped together. Their bodies were like withered corpses. At the base of the lotus were sixteen chains connecting to the sixteen coffins. It was no wonder he had been unable to take a coffin.

At this moment, it was the black lotus unleashing rays of light at him. Long Chen glanced toward the Corrupt Emperor to see him forming seals. “So it was you!”

“Long Chen, you’re sharp to have been able to realize that I can’t fight you in my current state. But you were too careless. Even if I am a discarnate soul, even if I offered up ninety-nine percent of my power, even if the wearing of time has weakened me, I am still the guardian of this cemetery. Killing you is still easy. The Devil Lotus Divine Throne has locked onto you. As it awakens, its power will grow. I only have less than one ten-thousandth of my original power, but even if I was at my peak, I would need a large amount of time to stop this lotus. So… you can peacefully face your death,” said the Corrupt Emperor indifferently.

As he said, the black lotus continued to grow stronger like a wild beast awakening. Its attacks grew sharper and more concentrated.

Long Chen dodged seven in a row before his expression changed. That lotus throne made him feel a familiar aura.

That aura was something he had sensed from the Nethergod’s throne. Although the aura between the two had fundamental differences, it definitely had enough power to kill him. Its terrifying aura continued to grow.

After dodging one attack, Long Chen stamped down on the coffin, surprisingly charging toward the lotus throne.

Long Chen’s target was the person sitting on the central platform. His back was facing him, so he couldn’t see his face. Evilmoon slashed toward him.


A layer of divine light appeared over the person’s body just as Long Chen was about to strike him. Evilmoon bounced right off, and a terrifying ripple spread in every direction.

Long Chen was struck head on by that ripple. He coughed up blood and cracks appeared on his body. He almost died right there and then, horrifying him. Just who was that person? 

At the same time as Long Chen was shocked, the Corrupt Emperor’s pupils shrank upon seeing this. Just what kind of origin did Long Chen have to possess a physical body that wasn’t blasted apart by that counterattack?

More and more lights flew toward Long Chen from the black lotus. Its attacks grew stronger and faster. If struck by any one of them, there was a chance he might be instantly dead.

“Fuck, what a scam. It seems I can’t get anything good today. Well, I’ll treat it as a scouting mission and wait for when I come with Mo Nian.” Long Chen used the Celestial Lightning Body Blink to dodge. As the lotus awakened, its power began to compress the space around him. Any longer and he would no longer be able to dodge.

Long Chen suddenly unleashed a slash at the Corrupt Emperor and Tian Xiezi.

The Corrupt Emperor shook his head. “Although my current state is weak, it’s not so weak that you can kill me.”

The Corrupt Emperor pointed a finger, and a protective light appeared around him and Tian Xiezi. Layers of runes stacked up within the light.

Long Chen’s saber merely caused the barrier to quiver once. All his power was instantly sucked away by it.

“Long Chen, in front of master Qianmo, you are just an ant. Even all your power isn’t enough to harm a single hair of his,” taunted Tian Xiezi.

“Idiot, why would I care about the hair of a dead person?” sneered Long Chen. He took out a strange object and suddenly thrust it forward.

That object was the door knocker from the Gates of Hell. Holding the ring, he smashed the knocker forward.

The Corrupt emperor’s expression changed when he recognized the carving of the knocker. He couldn’t help exclaiming, “A Purgatory Yama Spirit!”

Purgatory Yama Spirits were monsters that protected purgatory. It was also known as the Three-Headed Purgatory Dog. However, its other heads were located below its neck and were normally just two marks.

Only when it fought would it manifest its three heads. Those three heads represented three different laws: Heaven, Earth, and Man.

Long Chen had no idea about that. All he knew was that something from the Gates of Hell would definitely be good at warding off evil.

He still didn’t know that those two knockers were part of the seal that had been suppressing a terrifying divine beast. Even the Corrupt Emperor had only heard of Purgatory Yama Spirits and had no idea about the origin of the door knockers.

All he knew was that there was no way such a thing could exist on the Martial Heaven Continent.


The barrier shattered instantly. The effect was even better than Long Chen had expected.

The Corrupt Emperor retreated several steps. His body seemed to fade slightly.

Tian Xiezi was horrified. He had absolute confidence in the Corrupt Emperor, so it was unimaginable to him for Long Chen to break the Corrupt Emperor’s defenses.

“My target is you.” Long Chen slashed his saber at Tian Xiezi.

The Corrupt Emperor slashed his sword, blocking Long Chen’s saber. Long Chen snorted and sent a foot smashing into Tian Xiezi’s neck.

At the same time, he smashed the knocker at the Corrupt Emperor, who surprisingly used his hilt to block the attack. 

This time, there was no amazing effect. Long Chen’s arm shuddered, and the knocker almost flew out of his grasp.

Starting, Long Chen retreated, swinging Evilmoon in defense. As for the Corrupt Emperor, he seemed to have predicted how easily he could block the knocker, and his sword turned, slicing toward Long Chen’s waist.

In the end, an Emperor was an Emperor. Even if he had less than one ten-thousandth of his original power, he still had his combat experience.

He combined offense and defense into one, and despite Long Chen clearly managing to avoid the sword, it was like a viper spitting poison. A flicker of light extended out of it, slicing open Long Chen’s waist.

Long Chen was startled. If it weren’t for his dragon scales, he would have been cut in two. This was an existence that could challenge Sovereigns.

Long Chen shot back, avoiding the next two attacks from the black lotus.

“Watch out!” shouted the Corrupt Emperor. He vanished from his original location.

Tian Xiezi suddenly realized that he was flying in an arc, while Long Chen was shooting through the air. They were going to intersect. 

Long Chen had no intention of killing the Corrupt Emperor. Although it was a nice thought, it wasn’t possible. The Corrupt Emperor wasn’t that weak even in his weakened state. He was an apex existence. Even just a trace of his discarnate soul was extremely dangerous. It wasn’t worth it for Long Chen to risk his life on such a thing.

From the start, his target had been Tian Xiezi. Even though he had been injured by the Corrupt Emperor just now, things were still going according to plan.

Tian Xiezi roared and summoned his final dregs of energy to punch at Long Chen.

As for Long Chen, he swung his hand naturally, slapping him in the face. Tian Xiezi had less than half the combat potential of his peak state and was no match for Long Chen. As a result, he spun through the air from the slap, and Long Chen grabbed his leg. He switched out Evilmoon for the knocker again and smashed it at the gate.


The gate was incredibly tough, but this unremarkable knocker still smashed a hole into it.

“So that’s how it works!” Long Chen was now sure that the knocker had its own laws, and those laws had a terrifying destructive aspect to them. However, they were useless against attacks that didn’t contain their own laws. The Corrupt Emperor’s previous attack was the best proof.

Without hesitation, Long Chen flew through, dragging Tian Xiezi with him.

A dragon cry rang out and lightning filled the outer cemetery. Within this sea of lightning, Long Chen could essentially teleport. With a single step, he arrived at the outer gate. One more step and he could leave the Corrupt God Cemetery.

Suddenly, a flash of sword-light appeared along with a cry. Long Chen’s hand lightened as he stepped through the gate. His vision darkened and then brightened once more as he appeared outside the Corrupt God Cemetery.

He looked back to check on Tian Xiezi. He found that he was gone, and he was just holding a bloody leg.

There were countless experts in front of the gate. When Long Chen had charged into the inner gate, the Corrupt Emperor had cut off their vision.

Just as the Corrupt experts were smiling at Long Chen’s misfortune, Long Chen came out alive and well. Furthermore, he was holding a leg that caused a wave of shock as people recognized it as Tian Xiezi’s.

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