Chapter 2328 The Coffins Inside the Inner Cemetery

Just as the Corrupt Emperor stood, the energy of the world condensed into one point and crashed onto Long Chen.

It was as though the weight of the entire world was condensed on where Long Chen was standing. He felt a strange energy trying to crush him.

However, beneath his feet, Lei Long was completely unaffected. Long Chen realized this was not the power of the laws here but a spiritual pressure that wanted to crush his will.

Holding Evilmoon tightly, Long Chen’s figure was as straight as an iron spear. Even in the face of the Corrupt Emperor’s pressure, he didn’t cower. Who cared about a Corrupt Emperor? Long Chen was someone who called a Sovereign brother, and the Sovereign was someone who could crush the Corrupt Emperor.

“Hm? The brat can’t fight any longer, so the senior is coming out?” asked Long Chen lightly.

The Corrupt Emperor shook his head. “Even though I am already dead and just a trace of a discarnate soul, you aren’t worth me doing anything. You have Mo Li’s aura on you, so I’ll treat you as his brother. A lightning housepet isn’t enough for you to be so arrogant.” The Corrupt Emperor turned to Tian Xiezi. “I will transmit a portion of my techniques to you. If you can kill him, I will pass on my entire inheritance to you. But if you still can’t beat him, it means you aren’t qualified to continue the Corrupt God’s will, and I won’t save you.”

The Corrupt Emperor pressed a finger against Tian Xiezi’s forehead. The latter’s body trembled, and his aura began to transform. Blood-colored runes began shooting out of the cemetery, merging with him.

“Many thanks, master Qianmo!” Tian Xiezi gratefully bowed to the Corrupt Emperor and then turned to Long Chen with a confident smile. “Long Chen, face your death!”

Tian Xiezi’s manifestation shook. His aura had changed from before. It now contained a trace of an Emperor’s aura.

With his spear destroyed, he sent a fist smashing toward Long Chen. This punch seemed like it was supported by the entire world.

“Just you? Give up and have that old ghost come out.” Long Chen sneered and Lei Long vanished.  His divine ring shuddered as he raised Evilmoon high into the air.

Black and white scales appeared on his body. This was the phenomenon from the merging of the Azure Dragon Battle Armor and the evil dragon’s power. 

Before this, the black had been clearly a bit faint in comparison to the white. That was because an evil dragon’s power could not compare to the power of the azure dragon.

However, today, with Long Chen having advanced to the Netherpassage realm, another level of the seal locking Evilmoon had been undone. With both forms of power boosting him, Long Chen’s power soared.

Lightning burst into existence around Evilmoon as a giant saber-image rose. Long Chen added Lei Long’s power to Evilmoon.

A resounding dragon roar rang out, one that was three voices in one: a lighting dragon, an evil dragon, and an azure dragon.

Long Chen’s saber crashed down with such power that Tian Xiezi’s expression changed. Having obtained the support of the Corrupt God Cemetery and some techniques of the Corrupt Emperor, he had thought he could crush Long Chen with a wave of his hand.

Even the Corrupt Emperor’s pupils shrank when he saw Long Chen’s attack.


Tian Xiezi screamed as his manifestation was blown apart. Half his body vanished, with half remaining, which was covered in cracks and on the verge of shattering.

The Corrupt Emperor grabbed Tian Xiezi, saving his life. If he hadn’t, the shockwaves would have blown Tian Xiezi’s crumbling body apart.

Although he had said that he wouldn’t save him, that had just been a threat to make him use his full power.

“This is the power of the Corrupt Emperor? After spouting such crap, you eat it back without saying a word? That is something that even the Sovereigns can’t accomplish,” sneered Long Chen upon seeing the Corrupt Emperor eat his own words.

The Corrupt Emperor’s expression darkened. In his life, he didn’t know how many heavenly geniuses he had killed. His life had been full of glorious legends.

This was his first time having to eat his own words. After all, Tian Xiezi was a divine son, someone chosen by the Corrupt God. He couldn’t just watch as he was killed.

On the other hand, Long Chen’s naked insult made killing intent finally appear in his eyes. However, before he could make a move, Long Chen suddenly charged inside the inner gate of the Corrupt God Cemetery.

“Courting death!” Seeing that, the Corrupt Emperor was stunned and enraged. He immediately slashed the sword on his knees at Long Chen to prevent him from entering.

“Ha, if you really had the power from your peak, you would have immediately confined me instead of letting that idiot Tian Xiezi try to stop me. You knew from the start that Tian Xiezi wasn’t a match for me,” sneered Long Chen.

From the first moment he had seen the Corrupt Emperor, he had felt things to be off. The Corrupt Emperor had acted as if Long Chen was nothing, as if he was definitely dead.

However, he didn’t sense any feeling of mortal danger from him. In other words, the Corrupt Emperor himself didn’t possess the power to kill him.

After thinking about it, Long Chen had guessed that he was trying to scare him away. If that was the case, then there was definitely some secret within the tomb.

Furthermore, this attack the Corrupt Emperor had launched at Long Chen was launched to the area in front of him. In other words, he just wanted to stop him and didn’t have the power to kill him in one blow.

“Split the Heavens 8!”


The sword-light that the Corrupt Emperor had summoned in front of him was torn, and Long Chen charged through.

Originally, he should have used Evilmoon’s divine abilities to get by, but Evilmoon’s technique covered a wide area and would have its power dispersed throughout the entire sword-light to destroy it all. But all he needed to do was pierce a hole.

After all, that was the Corrupt Emperor. Even if he was just the slightest discarnate soul, Long Chen wasn’t sure of crushing his full-strength attack. Furthermore, Long Chen had to conserve energy. He had barely recovered to about fifty percent of his energy.

With the smallest price thanks to the barrier-piercing effects of Split the Heavens, Long Chen got past the Corrupt Emperor’s barrier and entered the inner region.

The experts outside were all stunned to see that Long Chen was able to get by the Corrupt Emperor. Wasn’t it said that the only ones capable of fighting the Emperors were Sovereigns?

However, Elder Long nodded. “Long Chen’s got guts. Even in the face of Sovereigns and Emperors, he can muster the will to fight.”

“Yes. Others can’t even raise their weapons in front of the glory of the Sovereigns and Emperors. Even if they could manage to summon the will to fight, they wouldn’t even be able to unleash half their power. But Long Chen is completely unaffected,” added another Heaven Elder, nodding with praise.

Long Chen charged in, and the blood-colored inner region was lit up by his lightning. He saw one giant stone coffin after another.

The Corrupt Emperor’s expression changed. He suddenly pointed a finger. A ray of light shot out, not toward Long Chen but the screen up in the air.


The screen that Tian Xiezi had summoned so that others could see what was happening inside exploded. The secrets of the inner region could not be revealed to outsiders.

Suddenly, the inner gate slammed shut. The Corrupt Emperor, Tian Xiezi, and Long Chen were locked inside.

Long Chen ignored it. He appraised the situation within the inner cemetery.

This space wasn’t as large as outside. There were sixteen giant coffins scattered in every direction, seemingly according to some pattern.

“It seems that the Corrupt Gods’ corpses are here.” Long Chen didn’t have much time, so he rushed over to the closest coffin. This coffin was like a giant mountain.

Standing at the bottom, he grabbed it with both hands and pulled. “Get up!”

Long Chen’s arms bulged as he tried to pull up the coffin. It was as heavy as a star, but it slowly began to rise.

“Bastard, what are you doing?!” roared Tian Xiezi.

“What do you think? Have you not heard that bandits never go home empty-handed? I went through all the trouble of coming here, so no matter what I have to get something in return. Don’t be so stingy. You have sixteen coffins, and I’m only taking one. Be happy!” shouted Long Chen.

“You… you… you fucking madman!” Tian Xiezi couldn’t help cursing. He had never cursed before, but this was too much. He had heard that Long Chen dared to do anything, but he even dared to take the coffin of a Corrupt God? Was that a giant joke?

“Master Qianmo…” Tian Xiezi could only turn to the Corrupt Emperor. However, upon seeing one of his hands in a special seal, he shut his mouth.

The giant coffin was really picked up by Long Chen. His arms trembled from the effort. It was unknown just what kind of material it was made of.

It was precisely because it wasn’t ordinary that he wanted it. He might not recognize the material, but Guo Ran definitely would. Perhaps he could smelt it into some legendary divine material.

“Get in!” Long Chen activated the primal chaos bead. However, just then, the earth shuddered. Only at this moment did he realize that at the other side of the coffin, there was a giant chain connecting it to the core of this region.

At the core was another platform. There was someone sitting on top of it.

Long Chen barely got a look at that figure when his heart turned icy cold. He shot back.

A ray of light shot out from the stone platform, flying right past Long Chen. An icy sensation filled him. He felt like his skin was about to rip apart.

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