Chapter 2327 Resolving Grudges

Upon seeing that figure, everyone was shocked. He wore blood-colored robes, with shoulder-length hair and sharp cheeks. He looked young, surprisingly so. His eyes were closed like he was meditating there, and there was a strange sword resting on his knees.

“Heavens, that’s the Corrupt Emperor, Xie Qianmo, the most mysterious expert of the Corrupt path’s history!” 

The junior generation of disciples didn’t know that much about the Corrupt Emperor, but of the senior generation, many had seen his image.

It was said that the Corrupt Emperor’s talent was so amazing that he had soared like a shooting star, sweeping through all the experts within the same generation. He reached the peak of the martial path and became an Emperor before he was even a hundred years of age.

Just as the Corrupt Emperor was unrivaled and the Righteous path was on the verge of destruction, Sovereign Mo Li was born and rose. Although the Corrupt path brought out their full power to stop his growth, Sovereign Mo Li still rose to the very peak and defeated the Corrupt Emperor.

After that battle, the Corrupt Emperor had never appeared again. Some people said that he had been so badly wounded by the Sovereign that he had died not long after getting back.

Others said he had gone into seclusion to cultivate until he was stronger than the Sovereign, wanting to wipe away that humiliation. In any case, the Corrupt Emperor silently vanished after that battle.

Later on, the Sovereign had led the Martial Heaven Continent against the invading world’s experts, and that brilliance had completely drowned out the Corrupt Emperor’s light, causing him to be forgotten.

It was the later descendants who had been looking at the history of the continent that brought up his existence again. They called him the Corrupt Emperor, as after all, his power qualified him to have that title. Below the five Sovereigns, the three Emperors were the strongest.

As for Shi Changsheng being the Stone Emperor, that was a title he had bestowed upon himself. Although his cultivation realm had reached that level, compared to the Corrupt Emperor, Peng Emperor, and Blood Emperor, he was still lacking a little bit of prestige and maturity. That was why the continent did not recognize him as an Emperor.

Hearing the startled cries of the senior generation, the junior disciples realized who this young man was. 

When the gate opened and Xie Qianmo’s figure appeared, Long Chen didn’t have Lei Long continue attacking. He stood in front of the gate, quietly looking at that figure.

Although Long Chen didn’t recognize the Corrupt Emperor, he sensed a pressure that felt like the weight of the entire cosmos was pressing down on him.

Tian Xiezi smashed himself in the chest with his fist, coughing up a mouthful of blood. He grabbed that blood and waved his hand. As a result, a blood rune appeared in the air and then exploded.

A resounding sound rang throughout heaven and earth when that blood rune exploded. The young man slowly opened his eyes.

Upon seeing that, Qu Jianying and the others felt their hearts stop beating. The Corrupt Emperor wasn’t dead?

Xie Qianmo slowly opened his eyes, and strange runes flowed within them. It was only after a long moment that his eyes focused. He looked at Tian Xiezi in front of him and then at Long Chen who was outside the gate. He frowned.

“Why do you want to disturb the successive heroic spirits of the Corrupt Gods?” demanded Xie Qianmo. His voice contained the unquestionable might of an Emperor.

“Master Qianmo, disciple is Tian Xiezi…” Tian Xiezi hastily bowed. He didn’t call Xie Qianmo the Corrupt Emperor because due to their devotion to the Corrupt God, they could not call themselves an Emperor.

“No need to say any more. As a divine son, against someone in the same realm, you were chased all the way into the Corrupt God Cemetery and now wish to disturb the Corrupt Gods’ heroic spirits. As a divine son, you are useless.” The Corrupt Emperor’s gaze was cold.

“Master Qianmo, it’s Long Chen! He…” Even as a divine son, Tian Xiezi felt great fear and trepidation toward the Corrupt Emperor.

“Defeat is defeat. If you can’t even admit to such a thing and need to find excuses, it just makes you more useless.” The Corrupt Emperor snorted and ignored Tian Xiezi. He focused on Long Chen. Upon seeing the lightning dragon below Long Chen’s feet, he nodded. “So that’s the case. It’s the aura of Mo Li. Are you Mo Li’s disciple?”

“No. Sovereign Mo Li is my big brother.” Long Chen shook his head. Evilmoon was still lazily resting on his shoulder. Even facing the Corrupt Emperor, Long Chen wasn’t affected by his pressure.

Perhaps it was due to having faced a Sovereign before, but despite the Corrupt Emperor’s frightening pressure, Long Chen felt that it lacked the Sovereign’s will that caused everyone to submit.

“What nonsense. Mo Li was born through the entire world’s karmic luck. He has no father or mother. How could you be his brother?” snorted the Corrupt Emperor.

Hearing that, Long Chen was startled. He had never heard of such a thing.

The experts outside were also shocked. This secret was also something they didn’t know.

“We weren’t blood brothers, but we called each other brothers. So what? Is that not allowed?” demanded Long Chen. He was starting to feel irritated by the Corrupt Emperor’s appearance of supremacy.

As for Tian Xiezi, he was quivering to the side, too affected by the Corrupt Emperor’s aura to even say anything.

The Corrupt Emperor looked at Long Chen. He snorted, “You really are stupid. Mo Li was born through karmic luck. A whole era’s karmic luck was eighty percent occupied by him alone. I took a tenth, while the rest was split by the remaining heavenly geniuses. The reason I wasn’t as strong as him wasn’t due to my talent, but simply because he was blessed by the heavens. The only difference between us was karmic luck. It is precisely because of how much karmic luck Mo Li occupied that it affected the function of the rest of the world. The Heavenly Daos grew chaotic, resulting in more and more karma. As his cultivation base increased, it only grew worse. Anyone who got close to him was destroyed by the Heavenly Daos, so the successive generations of Sovereigns were always solitary figures. Those who got close to them were affected by so much karma that they ended up dying. Others could only show their respect for them from a distance. You call him brother? No wonder you charged into the Corrupt God Cemetery. There must be karma involved that’s drawing you to your death.”

Hearing those words, the Beitang family’s experts standing outside the gate became dumbfounded.

Beitang Rushuang looked at Nangong Zuiyue with wide eyes. “That’s why? Sovereign Zi Yang noticed that problem back then and so… You let the Nangong family be blamed for so many years? I... hereby apologize to the Nangong family on behalf of the Beitang family.”

Beitang Rushuang got on her knees and kowtowed. The grudge of so many years was resolved in an instant. All the Beitang family’s people felt guilty.

Back in the day, Sovereign Zi Yang had had a romantic relationship with the Beitang family’s heavenly genius, but due to the interference from the Nangong family’s people, those lovers ended up apart. 

However, hearing what the Corrupt Emperor had just said, they immediately linked it to that mystery.

At that time, Sovereign Zi Yang had not said much about that matter, resulting in a grudge growing between the Nangong and Beitang families.

According to reason, a Sovereign wouldn’t intentionally cause such a conflict between families, but he never brought up that matter or explained it.

Now, they realized the truth. At first, when Sovereign Zi Yang’s relationship with the Beitang family’s heavenly genius had started, he was still young and not so powerful. He most likely hadn’t sensed the effect of his karma.

He must have sensed it later and made his decision. As for why he didn’t explain, it was definitely related to karma. Perhaps if he had, the two families would have fallen into desperate straits.

The Beitang family’s experts were ashamed of their actions, with Beitang Rushuang kowtowing. However, Nangong Zuiyue immediately pulled her up. Beitang Rushuang’s voice shuddered. “Are you not accepting my apology?”

In the beginning, the two of them had also been in conflict, but ever since Long Chen appeared, they had started to get along better. Neither of them wished to bring up the conflict between their two families, so they always avoided that topic. With the Righteous path in trouble especially, they had to stand on the same side. In private, they even called each other sisters. 

Nangong Zuiyue was not necessarily wrong to refuse to accept such an apology. This misunderstanding had existed between the two families for so many years. The Nangong family had been insulted and humiliated behind their backs for countless years. That kind of injustice could not be wiped away by a kowtow.

“No. It was the Nangong family that was wrong. A wrong is a wrong. Even if those ancestors did it to shield her, they should have done it the right way. The Sovereign was the strongest expert of that time and capable of seeing through the river of time. For him to not mention anything, he must have known that the two of our families would be able to resolve our differences eventually. Now that we have, let’s let it go. The burden that our ancestors left behind can be left in the past. We will now use our hands to create our own history.” Nangong Zuiyue held Beitang Rushuang’s hand.

Hearing that, countless experts felt emotional over Nangong Zuiyue’s actions. She was truly worthy of being the heavenly genius that the Nangong family had raised. 

A grudge that had lasted tens of thousands of years was wiped away with just a few words. Just how vast was her heart? That was someone capable of leading people, someone possessing both boldness and charisma.

“In the future, if big sister needs help, then I will accompany you through blades or fire,” promised Beitang Rushuang.

These words also moved people. After all, her words represented the Beitang family. She also had great daring, having tied the fate of her entire family to the Nangong family. The two of them would advance or retreat together. They were both figures that made the other heavenly geniuses present blush with shame.

Just at that moment, divine light grew within the Corrupt God Cemetery, drawing everyone’s attention back there.

The seated Corrupt Emperor actually began to stand. As he stood up, Long Chen’s saber appeared before him. His nerves tightened.

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