Chapter 2326 Corrupt Emperor Xie Qianmo

“I’m not qualified? Then I won’t bother with you. Lei Long, kill him,” said Long Chen.


Lei Long’s giant tail whipped toward the Corrupt God Ancient Tower from another direction, and a dragon claw reached toward the blood-colored spear.

Lei Long let out a furious roar, and its terrifying aura caused the world to shake. It was possible to see the laws of the Corrupt God Cemetery bounce off of it, unable to suppress it.

Lei Long grabbed the spear and tried to pull it away. Tian Xiezi fought back with his manifestation. One person and one dragon began a competition of strength. Their immense power caused the surrounding space to distort.

Black qi continued to pour into Tian Xiezi’s back. The entire Corrupt God Cemetery’s power was supporting him.

However, as Lei Long unleashed its light, the black qi was gradually dispersed. The power supporting Tian Xiezi was silently stripped away.

Although Lei Long could only control the slightest aura of a Sovereign, something that couldn’t even count as a hair of their power, just that little bit when combined with Lei Long’s tribulation lightning nature was enough to suppress Tian Xiezi here.

“How can this be?!” Tian Xiezi let out a soundless roar inside his heart. The Corrupt God Cemetery’s power could basically be called unlimited. As a divine son, he had the Corrupt God’s approval. He was the only one in the Corrupt path capable of freely entering the Corrupt God Cemetery and the only one capable of using the Cemetery’s power.

Here, he was a god. But Lei Long’s attacks now contained the aura of a Sovereign, weakening the effect of the laws here.

Furthermore, Lei Long’s attacks were gradually wearing down his connection with the laws of this place, reducing his power. He was so furious he felt like his lungs might explode.

“Work hard, Tian Xiezi. I look favorably upon you. With your talent and aptitude, if you train for another ten thousand years, you’ll be close to winning,” called out Long Chen from atop Lei Long’s head.

Long Chen had no intention of interfering. He had left everything to Lei Long, while he silently recovered his own energy. He also wanted to see just how powerful Lei Long was.

At the same time, he cried that it was a pity Lei Long hadn’t been able to fully absorb that rune from the Sovereign’s clone. If that had happened, then without him having to lift a single finger, he would probably be able to sweep through the world.

However, when he thought of Sovereign Mo Li’s final words to him, he felt uneasy. Sovereign Mo Li had said that the clone of him was in the same realm as Long Chen. In other words, that Sovereign clone had only been at the peak of the Life Star realm, but his power had been horrifying. Long Chen hadn’t even been close to matching him.

That was Long Chen’s first defeat within the same realm, and it had been a miserable one at that. Furthermore, he knew that Sovereign Mo Li hadn’t even used his full power. Despite that, he had still been defeated.

He also had a question. The Sovereign’s karma had manifested as an opponent during his heavenly tribulation. However, the Sovereign had helped him cheat. In other words, a Sovereign was a figure who stood above the Heavenly Daos. How could people on that level die? It made no sense.


A powerful explosion knocked Long Chen out of his thoughts. The blood-colored spear had actually been torn apart. Its destruction was accompanied by a mournful wail from its item-spirit.

Lei Long pounced on Tian Xiezi, its sharp claws dragging through the air. Every clash with Tian Xiezi’s giant manifestation caused the world to shake.

Long Chen began to shout directions from atop Lei Long’s head. At first, Lei Long’s fighting style was a bit awkward due to its immense power increase. As he directed it, its movements grew smoother, and its killing power grew more terrifying. As a result, Tian Xiezi was roaring furiously.

“Fuck!” Tian Xiezi’s eyes were about to spurt flames. He had tried several times to retreat and use the Corrupt God Ancient Tower to block Lei Long while he prepared one of his big moves, but Lei Long didn’t give him that chance. It stubbornly clung to a clash of physical bodies. Due to Lei Long’s aura, a portion of the Corrupt God Cemetery’s laws were stripped away from him, making him unable to unleash his full potential.

With Long Chen’s directions, its attacks grew sharper and more difficult to block. Four claws repeatedly came at him, along with a dragon tail. Sometimes there would even be a strange attack or a wave of dragon breath that forced Tian Xiezi back. He was so furious that he felt like he might cough up blood.

“I remember someone saying about being the ruler of this world, something about how no one could beat him, something about how even the Heaven Elders of the divine families would be crushed to death like ants if they came here. My memory isn’t that good, so do you remember who said that? What kind of heroic figure said such grand words? I’d really like to know,” asked Long Chen.

“You…!” Tian Xiezi was incredibly infuriated. Even knowing that Long Chen was trying to infuriate him didn’t help because he had truly said those words. That slap was incredibly painful.

He had already used a secret art so that the outside world could see and hear what he said. He had only said that the Heaven Elders wouldn’t be able to leave if they came here, not that he could crush them like ants. Now that the Heaven Elders were hearing such things, that didn’t bode well for his future.

“That’s nonsense, I never-” Tian Xiezi calmed himself and tried to explain, but Lei Long unleashed a furious tempest of attacks that left him with no chance to speak.

“You don’t even dare to accept the words you said yourself? I really look down on you more and more.” Long Chen shook his head contemptuously.

“Bastard, you are forcing me!” Tian Xiezi finally ran out of patience. The Corrupt God Ancient Tower suddenly vanished.

Another giant gate appeared behind Tian Xiezi. Long Chen was startled. It was a similar gate to the one they had entered from, but this one had a giant tower-shaped notch in it.

“What, you want to summon the Corrupt God’s bones to fight for you? Alright, show me just how hard the Corrupt God’s bones are and whether they’re harder than my saber.” Long Chen fearlessly looked at the gate.

In reality, the reason Long Chen had chased Tian Xiezi here was to probe the secrets of the Corrupt God Cemetery. His curiosity was piqued by this gate, and while he appeared indifferent, he was extremely wary.

“You blasphemed the Corrupt God. You won’t have a good end.” Tian Xiezi’s face twisted at this blasphemy.


The Corrupt God Ancient Tower appeared inside the giant notch. It fit inside perfectly.

“The Corrupt God Ancient Tower is the key to open the gate?” The experts outside were all startled.

The two doors of the gate slowly opened inwards. Red light shone from inside, appearing particularly blinding.

“AH! My eyes!”

One of the ancient family alliance’s disciples suddenly covered their eyes. Blood flowed out from between their fingers.

Following the first disciples, more and more disciples cried out. Their eyes were bleeding, and there was no way for them to stop it. Even circulating Heavenly Dao energy was useless.

“Disciples below Netherpassage, don’t look. The Corrupt God’s curse is inside. If you stop now, you can still preserve your eyes!” shouted Qu Jianying.

Most of the people that had come were Netherpassage experts, but a few others had been drawn over by the disturbance. Amongst the Righteous path in particular, quite a few young disciples had begged their seniors to bring them.

There might be no problem with their seniors protecting them at other times, but the light coming from inside that gate was something that made those below the Netherpassage realm feel like their eyes were tearing apart.

“It seems that the legends are true. The Corrupt God Cemetery is split into inner and outer regions. The inner region contains the successive generations of the Corrupt Gods’ true body. I’ve heard that only gods are qualified to be buried inside there. However, there was one person that was an exception. That person was Xie Wentian’s ancestor, the Corrupt Emperor, Xie Qianmo,” the old man spoke quietly as he looked at the gate slowly open.

Xie Qianmo was the most brilliant figure in the Corrupt path’s history. Due to him, the Xie family had remained the dominant power within the Corrupt path, with no one able to shake their position.

The regretful thing about the three Emperors was that they were born at the wrong time. Every one of them was born in the same generation as a Sovereign. In the end, their brilliant light was drowned by the radiance of the Sovereigns. They could only become one of the accompanying stars of the bright moon.

Despite that, Xie Qianmo’s name was well-known amongst the senior generation. Although he was a follower of the Corrupt God and never took the name of Emperor, everyone, including the Corrupt path and the Righteous path, acknowledged that he had the power to stand alongside the Peng Emperor and the Blood Emperor.

Blood Qi dispersed from inside the gate, and the red light infected the world. Just looking at the scene, it was possible to smell the scent of endless blood. Even though the Martial Heaven Continent was currently sunny, people felt a chill.

Even the Netherpassage experts were starting to feel an ache in their eyes. At the same time, they felt some kind of summons. Their souls were trying to leave their bodies. That was such a frightening feeling that they instantly turned away.

Only the Corrupt path’s disciples continued to stare, their faces full of worship. Even Xie Wentian was amongst them. All the Corrupt path’s experts knelt toward the gate and kowtowed reverently, chanting some kind of scripture.

Finally, the inner gate was fully open. Right in front of it was a platform, and there was a person sitting cross-legged on it. Upon seeing that person, Qu Jianying, the old man, Li Tianxuan, and the others cried out in shock.

“Xie Qianmo!”

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