Chapter 2325 Ninth Form of Heaven Corrupter, Soul Drawer

Layers of chains surrounded Long Chen and Tian Xiezi, following Tian Xiezi’s movements. At the same time, the Martial Heaven Continent’s experts standing outside the gate to the Corrupt God Cemetery suddenly got to watch a revealed scene. Rumbling sounds accompanied the images.

“Is that Long Chen and Tian Xiezi!?” 

“Where is that? How is it so bizarre? Is it really the interior of the Corrupt God Cemetery?”

Shocked cries rang out. The gate was showing Long Chen and Tian Xiezi facing each other amidst endless darkness.    

“Hahaha, Long Chen has been drawn into the depths of the Corrupt God Cemetery. Even if he had nine lives, he wouldn’t be able to leave alive!” laughed Xie Wentian.

“What a joke. Even the Netherworld was barged into by my boss along with the rest of us. As for a little Corrupt God Cemetery, you must be dreaming if you think it can trap my boss!” sneered Guo Ran.

“Hmph, just wait for the moment we can enjoy the sight of Long Chen dying,” snorted Xie Wentian.

Within the Corrupt God Cemetery, with a lightning dragon curling around him, Long Chen looked up to see a screen of light in the air. From that screen, he could vaguely see what was happening outside. He looked back to Tian Xiezi, knowing that Tian Xiezi wanted everyone to watch as he killed him.

“To tell the truth, sometimes I really admire you,” sighed Long Chen.

“Oh? What do you admire?” asked Tian Xiezi curiously. He seemed to believe that victory was already within his grasp.

“I’ve never been able to figure out how you people have so much blind confidence. Just where does it come from? You have nothing to base your belief on. Do you know my trump cards? Do you know why I dared to enter the Corrupt God Cemetery? To be honest, your confidence is a bit worrying. It’s like your trump cards are stronger than mine. I’m very curious about the truth,” said Long Chen.

“What a waste of words. You want to see the truth? While chasing me, you must have recovered to about thirty percent, right? Then I won’t take advantage of you. I’ll let you attack first, and I’ll use power to show you what despair is.”

Tian Xiezi’s aura had fully recovered. With the support of the laws here, his power was growing even greater than before.

“Really? Then I won’t stand on courtesy!” Long Chen suddenly reached out a hand. He slowly raised it, and in front of Tian Xiezi’s cold gaze, he lightly snapped it.

The snap of his fingers left people guessing just what kind of peerless technique he would be using. His aura didn’t change at all. But at that moment, the lightning dragon behind him opened its mouth.

A lightning sword shot out toward Tian Xiezi. The countless chains filling the air shuddered just from the existence of that lightning sword. Cracks appeared along them.

Although thunderforce was the bane of the laws here, it was more like water against fire. One drop of water couldn’t possibly resist in the face of a blazing inferno.

Tian Xiezi controlled the laws of the entire Corrupt God Cemetery, while what Long Chen had was just a lightning housepet. Besides, what kind of power could possibly destroy the laws of the Corrupt God Cemetery?

The lightning sword definitely didn’t have the requisite power to do such a thing. Hence, Tian Xiezi didn’t even have to care about it. Runes condensed from every direction of the world and pulled into his blood-colored spear. The surrounding Death Qi was sucked up by it.


Lightning exploded and Tian Xiezi hacked up blood, his spear flying out of his hold and vanishing.

On the other hand, the lightning sword continued onward, smashing through the thousands of chains and creating a giant hole.


The people outside were dumbfounded by this result. Tian Xiezi was like the ruler of a world. With just a wave of his hand, he could control the Corrupt God Cemetery’s laws. Everyone knew that he had currently reached an unimaginably horrific level.

However, Long Chen didn’t even attack him personally and had only sent out a single housepet. This kind of attack should be considered a probing blow that Tian Xiezi could wipe out easily, but the result was inexplicable.

Xie Wentian in particular was stunned, unable to accept this result. Meanwhile, Tian Xiezi stared in shock at his right hand, which was completely crushed from that exchange.

“Hahaha, do you see? This is my boss’s number one trump card! With just a snap of his fingers, he can make Tian Xiezi piss himself!” Guo Ran arrogantly laughed. The sight of the shocked Corrupt experts was incredibly refreshing.

This one attack didn’t just shock the Corrupt path but also everyone here. Even the eight Heaven Elders were startled.

“That sword, it… it seems to possess the aura of a Sovereign,” said one of the Heaven Elders, bewildered.

“It truly did have the slightest aura of a Sovereign. Although it was just a tiny bit, it was enough to break apart the laws inside the Corrupt God Cemetery. That lightning housepet of Long Chen’s is incredible,” said another Heaven Elder.

“That lightning housepet is a defiance of the heavens. The Sovereign left a mark on the heavenly tribulation, and that was enough for it to take in the slightest aura of the Sovereign. That little bit of aura is capable of making its attacks supersede the various laws, so power on the same level is unable to compete with it. To suppress it would require at least double the power.” The oldest of the eight Heaven Elders spoke for the first time.

His voice contained some praise as well as envy. If Long Chen raised his lightning pet properly, it would become a supreme killing weapon. As for Ye Yaochen, he had a hint of jealousy, as well as darkness in his eyes. An unreadable smile appeared on his face.

Within the Corrupt God Cemetery, Tian Xiezi was completely dumbfounded. He had never imagined that Long Chen’s lightning pet would be capable of such a terrifying attack.

When that attack had been unleashed, he had felt the power supporting him in this world being stripped away, resulting in him losing most of his power.

“Damn, Long Chen, you really are crazy. You managed to absorb the mark of the Sovereign?” Evilmoon cried out in shock.

“But of course. A treasure that has reached my hands cannot escape,” chortled Long Chen.

When he had absorbed the final lightning rune left behind by the Sovereign, he had managed to assimilate a part of its aura for Lei Long.

Having been stabbed through by the Sovereign’s sword, Long Chen had a profound understanding of what made that sword so terrifying. He had hoped for Lei Long to be able to imitate it.

Since the Heavenly Daos were able to imitate the Sovereign’s techniques, then Lei Long should be capable of the same. Unfortunately, reality was far from his fanciful thoughts. The rune had just been a mark of the Heavenly Daos, and the Sovereign aura had vanished with the fading away of his clone.

Fortunately, he had been clever and had Lei Long absorb it with him. As a result, Lei Long managed to imitate the slightest bit of the Sovereign’s aura, but that slightest bit was enough to allow Lei Long’s attacks to become incomparably sharper.

That was why Lei Long had not participated in the battle after the tribulation. Long Chen had conserved it as a trump card.

Even when hunting down Tian Xiezi, Long Chen didn’t think that he was worth using that trump card. This trump card was why Long Chen dared to charge into the Corrupt God Cemetery so recklessly.

“Today’s the day for you to become famous. It’ll be up to you.” Long Chen jumped onto Lei Long’s head and laughed.

As a reply, Lei Long let out a heaven-shaking roar. Lightning exploded in every direction, and the entire Corrupt God Cemetery quaked. 

With Lei Long at the center, one grave after another exploded. After the tribulation, Lei Long had gained its own true dragon pressure. It seemed that this tribulation had allowed Lei Long to awaken some kind of mysterious energy, making it into a dragon.

“Be suppressed!” Tian Xiezi roared. He had never imagined that Long Chen’s lightning dragon would grow to such a terrifying level. In all his calculations, this had never entered the equation. His manifestation quivered, and the Corrupt God Ancient Tower came smashing toward them.


With a flick of Lei Long’s tail, the tower was sent flying. Its tail was like a heavenly whip tearing through the void, smashing apart laws. 

Opening its mouth, Lei Long shot out another giant sword. It didn’t want to be entangled with the Corrupt God Ancient Tower. Its only target was Tian Xiezi.

Tian Xiezi’s manifestation waved a hand, and the spear that had been sent flying returned, shooting toward the sword.


The lightning sword exploded, but the figure in Tian Xiezi’s manifestation was also forced back. Even his manifestation of the Corrupt God wasn’t able to keep up with Lei Long so easily.

“Ninth form of Heaven Corrupter, Soul Drawer!” Tian Xiezi’s face twisted malevolently. Chains shot out of the forehead of his manifestation, binding him and pulling him inside.

Tian Xiezi’s flesh and blood dispersed throughout his manifestation. His manifestation was infected with his aura as it came to life.

That giant manifestation suddenly opened its mouth. Tian Xiezi’s voice was hoarse but still contained dense killing intent.

“Long Chen, I already said that I am the ruler of this world. You aren’t qualified to fight me.”

Tian Xiezi had actually used his own soul and Spirit Blood to control his manifestation. His manifestation waved a hand, and all the laws of the Corrupt God Cemetery moved with it. A spear pierced toward Long Chen.

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