Chapter 2324 Heaven Executioner

The Xuan Beasts’ expressions changed upon hearing Wilde’s words. Powerful existences like them had actually been viewed as food. That was the greatest insult to them.

“Now isn’t a good time. Why don’t you take a nap?” suggested Guo Ran, glancing at Elder Long and the others.

The eight Heaven Elders of the divine families were present. Although Elder Long had said that he wouldn’t force anyone to do anything, ignoring them like that wasn’t good for the future.

After weighing the pros and cons, Guo Ran didn’t give the order to attack the Xuan Beasts. It was better to wait for their boss to return.

“Alright..” Wilde obediently obeyed. He was about to go to sleep when Meng Qi suddenly handed him some roast chicken.

“Here, your big brother Long wanted me to prepare this for you.”

Upon seeing that roast chicken, Wilde’s eyes lit up. He immediately took it. “Thank you, big sister Meng Qi!”

Everyone was shocked upon seeing that roast chicken, even the Heaven Elders. That was no roast chicken; it was clearly a peak twelfth rank Magical Beast, the Raging Flame Bird. It was covered in divine flame runes which allowed people to recognize its identity. While it looked like it had been roasted, that was actually its natural color.

Wilde munched down on its leg. Flames burst out of his mouth as he chewed.

People shivered. The Raging Flame Bird lived in lava, and its natural flames were on par with the power of the top ten Earth Flames.

However, Wilde was eating it like it was barbecue. It only tasted a bit hot to him. He continued eating after blowing on it a few times. In just a short while, a peak twelfth rank Magical Beast was eaten.

“He definitely possesses the Barbarian race’s bloodline, and a high ranking bloodline at that. Otherwise, there’s no way he could endure the Blood Qi of that Magical Beast,” said one of the Heaven Elders upon seeing this.

“The Barbarian race has been extinct for countless years. There can’t be one in existence. This person had to have encountered some kind of miracle to awaken the Barbarian race’s bloodline.” One of the other Heaven Elders shook his head, thinking that Wilde couldn’t possibly be part of the Barbarian race.

If Wilde really was part of the Barbarian race, then he couldn’t possibly be alone. He had to have a mother, a father, or a family.

If such a terrifying race existed on the Martial Heaven Continent, then it would be impossible for it to be kept secret.

“If you want to know his origins, isn’t it simple? Just ask the Heaven Executioner and everything will become clear.” Ye Yaochen’s lips curled sinisterly.

The other Elders’ expressions clearly changed upon having the Heaven Executioner mentioned. It seemed that this name was taboo. Elder Long darkly said, “Ye Yaochen, I’d advise you to curb your craziness. Don’t go too far, or you might lose your own life.”

Elder Long had always managed to act very indifferently, but a flash of fury appeared when the Heaven Executioner was brought up.

“Hahaha, what, did I say something wrong? The Heaven Executioner is knowledgeable about all kinds of foreign races. This big fellow will definitely be research material for the Heaven Executioner in the future.” Ye Yaochen laughed brightly as if he had won a round and taken the advantage.

The other Elders didn’t say anything. They all just looked at the gate.

Only Elder Long remained dark-faced. He looked coldly at Ye Yaochen, and Ye Yaochen returned his gaze. The atmosphere was frosty.

When Long Chen entered the gate, the world turned dark. Although it wasn’t pitch black, it was dusky. The air was filled with the aura of death and decay.


Long Chen’s saber slashed into the Corrupt God Ancient Tower once more, sending it flying. Inside, Tian Xiezi became covered in cracks. He had reached his limit. One more attack and he would be dead.

“Hahaha!” However, despite that, Tian Xiezi laughed like a madman. “Long Chen, you can’t kill me! I am the heir of the Corrupt God! Not only am I blessed by heaven and earth, but I also have the protection of the god! That includes all the karmic luck of the Corrupt path. You could kill Kun Pengzi, but you can’t kill me!”

“I don’t believe it. Let me try another attack, and if you don’t die, I’ll believe it. Get over here.”

Long Chen charged over, preparing another attack. The bone tower flew away. Every time, after unleashing an attack, it would take a few breaths’ time before he could catch back up.

“Didn’t you say I couldn’t kill you? Why not stop and let me try again? If I can’t kill you, I’ll turn and leave!” called out Long Chen.

“Let’s talk about it when you catch up,” sneered Tian Xiezi.

“Long Chen, something’s wrong. We’ve been surrounded,” warned Evilmoon.

“No worry. Today, we must kill him one way or another.” Long Chen pressed on, ignoring everything else.

Very quickly, he was close enough to raise Evilmoon once again. His saber fell toward the bone tower.

However, the void suddenly exploded and the surrounding space completely changed. At some point, he had appeared within a giant cemetery.

Countless gravestones could be seen, and they went further than he could see. Those gravestones now shot out chains toward the Corrupt God Ancient Tower. Divine runes flowed through them, and the bone tower seemed to have received the nourishment of some kind of energy.


Long Chen’s attack landed and his arms shook. He was blown back by the backlash, which almost caused him to cough up blood.

Inside, Tian Tixiezi was coughing up more blood. Just how much blood did he still have in his body to not have coughed it all up after all this time?

“Hahaha, Long Chen, how is that?! Now you believe me, right? You can’t kill me!”

Tian Xiezi wiped off the blood and laughed. He actually flew out of the tower to stand on top of it, looking down on Long Chen.

By standing there, all the energy of the surroundings surged toward him. It was like he was the master of the world, and his injuries slowly began to heal.

“Long Chen, the most foolish thing you’ve ever done in your life is to chase me into the Corrupt God Cemetery. There is no way you will ever leave. Perhaps this was the guidance of the mighty Corrupt God, letting me obtain another powerful puppet.” Tian Xiezi clapped his hands together, and countless gravestones split open. They were like a giant formation shooting out rays of light that completely sealed this area.

“How laughable. Since I dared to come, it means I’m not afraid of your little tricks!” Long Chen sneered. A dragon cry rang out and a giant lightning dragon appeared. Lightning blasted apart the barrier that had just formed.

“Hmph, even if you have thunderforce, how will you fight against the energy of the entire world?” Tian Xiezi was not at all surprised by Lei Long’s appearance and the destruction of the barrier.

It was no longer any secret that Long Chen was raising a lightning dragon capable of devouring tribulation lightning, turning that lightning into its own.

Heavenly tribulation lightning was of the pure Yang aspect, the bane of all fiendish and demonic energies. He was well aware of that, yet he was still confident.

The entire world shook as more gravestones split open. Pillars of light shot over. Lei Long’s giant form still appeared small in the face of the power of the entire world, and it was trapped within the intertwining lights.

The Corrupt God Cemetery was so large that it was impossible to see its end. Chains of death shot out, and parts of Lei Long began to crumble.

“Long Chen, you must not be aware of this, but the Corrupt God Cemetery does not just contain the bones of the Corrupt God. It also has the true body of the one that you call the Corrupt Emperor. At the same time, it has millions and millions of heavenly geniuses born throughout countless years. Every gravestone has an outstanding figure buried beneath it. In their lives, they killed countless experts of the Righteous path, giving them the qualifications to be buried here. Every one of them buried their life’s power here. Do you know why the divine families can wave off the other powers, but must maintain the proper respect toward the Corrupt path? It’s because the power contained within the Corrupt God Cemetery is enough to destroy the entire Martial Heaven Continent. Even if the eight Heaven Elders from the divine families came in, they wouldn’t be able to leave,” sneered Tian Xiezi.

More pillars of light soared, as if agreeing with Tian Xiezi. The entire Corrupt God Cemetery was covered in light.

Chains of death were also present. Within the light was their darkness, and the aura of death was thick.

Lei Long’s body flickered as it fought. It was like a lamp in a world of darkness. Hence, it retreated behind Long Chen and glared at Tian Xiezi.

“Are you bragging? After being chased down to your ancestor’s tombs, your ancestors are cursing you inside their coffins. They probably want to charge out and beat you for this disrespect,” responded Long Chen.

“All you have is a sharp mouth. I’ll just treat those as your final words. Just quietly enjoy the taste of death!” Tian Xiezi suddenly slammed the Corrupt God Ancient Tower with a palm. Just now, as they were talking, the Corrupt God Ancient Tower’s wounds had all healed. Its aura was even more terrifying than before.

“Long Chen, don’t worry. I won’t use the laws here to kill you. I will openly defeat you. Don’t you claim to be undefeatable within the same realm? Today, I will break that miracle, letting the world know that in front of the one known as Tian Xiezi, you, Long Chen, are just an ant.”

Tian Xiezi’s manifestation burst into existence, and the giant Corrupt God unleashed boundless pressure. It actually grabbed the bone tower to use as a weapon. Its aura was completely different from before.

“On the Martial Heaven Continent, my manifestation is suppressed by the laws and unable to bring out its full form. I can’t use its true power. Now, I’ll show you my true body.”

Tian Xiezi waved a hand. A blood-colored spear appeared and suddenly stabbed into the void.

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