Chapter 2323 Corrupt God Cemetery

The void exploded, and a giant bone tower came charging out like a shooting star. Qi waves blasted out of it as it rushed away at maximum speed.


Another explosion followed. A saber-image slashed into the Corrupt God Ancient Tower, sending it flying with even greater speed. A new scar appeared on the Corrupt God Ancient Tower, which was already covered in scars.

Within the bone tower, Tian Xiezi’s aura was turbulent. Blood was pouring out of his orifices, yet he persevered.

Long Chen was like a death god unleashed from hell to drag him down. Every time he attacked the Corrupt God Ancient Tower, a piece of Tian Xiezi’s soul crumbled. If this continued, then even before the Corrupt God Ancient Tower fell apart, he would be dead.

Long Chen continued chasing and attacking. He asked Evilmoon, “What’s going on? Why isn’t this damn tower breaking?”

Evilmoon answered, “How could it be so simple? That’s a legacy divine item with countless years of faith energy from the entire Corrupt path condensed inside of it. It must have absorbed countless souls to strengthen itself. Although it might look broken and on the verge of blowing apart, the actual damage isn’t that great. Without harming its core, the damage done to it isn’t even as great as what we did to it last time. Once we exhaust all the faith energy, it will lose its support and be blown apart. As for that little fellow, he’s badly wounded and has no chance to heal. As long as you keep attacking like this, he won’t last long.”

“But I don’t have that much energy left either!” Long Chen sighed.

After advancing to the Netherpassage realm, he had been fighting against powerful opponents the entire time. He had fought against the four of them, and at that moment, over half his energy was used up by Evilmoon to activate its divine ability. Right now, Long Chen was only acting tough. He merely had a bit more than ten percent of his spiritual yuan left.

“It’s fine. He’s in a worse condition than you, so you’ll definitely last longer. Just work hard,” snickered Evilmoon.

“Then can’t you put in some work?” grumbled Long Chen.

“How? Yun Shang’s seal makes it so that my power must come from you. You’ll need to rely on your strength,” said Evilmoon.

“Didn’t you say that you already broke the Sovereign’s seal before?” demanded Long Chen.

“I’m still a long way from that. I only broke one level of it. Yun Shang’s seal isn’t something you can imagine. At that time, I really was too arrogant to run into him. To tell the truth, I still regret it. Well, whatever, just keep attacking. He’ll definitely fall apart before you,” said Evilmoon. Even it felt great respect for Sovereign Yun Shang despite constantly cursing him.

Seeing Evilmoon wasn’t in a good mood, Long Chen didn’t pursue the topic. He continued attacking.

Originally, Long Chen should have brought Cloud with him to chase. But the Corrupt God Ancient Tower was too powerful, and he didn’t want her to be injured. 

Even if Long Chen had the power to unleash one of his bigger moves, he wouldn’t have time to unleash it. Tian Xiezi would have long since fled, so all Long Chen could do was continue attacking like this.

Every time Evilmoon attacked, the bone tower quivered and the void rumbled.

They passed by countless cities and sects. People looked up in shock when they passed.

They barely managed to catch a glimpse of Long Chen with his saber chasing a giant tower and attacking it. Some people recognized it to be the Corrupt path’s core divine item, the Corrupt God Ancient Tower, shocking them even more.

However, both of them were so fast that they were gone in just a twinkling. Only some people with stronger cultivation bases saw them.

Long Chen’s arms were growing weary. He didn’t even know how many times he had attacked, but he didn’t stop. He had no idea when he would be able to break the tower.

Even with his willpower, he was thinking of giving up. However, seeing Tian Xiezi’s blood pouring out of him inside of the tower every time he attacked made him continue.

They had gone to the other edge of the Central Plains. At this moment, a giant gate appeared in the air.

The gate opened and black qi gushed out. The green mountains instantly turned into a land of death. Giant trees withered, while even stones aged and cracked.

The air of death enveloped the tower. This wasn’t the law of death, but a kind of death aura, an aura of decay and darkness. It was like the air of a tomb.

Tian Xiezi laughed once he flew inside the gate. “Long Chen, you want to kill me? Come and fight in here!”

“This should be the legendary Corrupt God Cemetery.”

A grave look appeared on Long Chen’s face. This place was said to contain the body of the Corrupt God. It was the Corrupt path’s strongest support.

“Who do you think is afraid of you?” sneered Long Chen. He charged in, his figure vanishing into the gate.

Just a moment after he entered, a group of people arrived. It was the eight Heaven Elders, followed by another mass of people.

Back in the Kunpeng race’s destroyed ancestral lands, the various powers no longer dared to fight. But they didn’t want to just foolishly stand there, so they had chased the two of them here by following their auras.

“Tian Xiezi actually opened the gate to the Corrupt God Cemetery.” Elder Long frowned. The Corrupt God Cemetery had several entrances, but most of them were fake. There was only one true gate.

It was said that ever since the Corrupt God Cemetery had appeared, the main gate had never been opened. It was said that once it was open, a calamity would befall all life. That was the prophecy left by the Corrupt God. Or perhaps it should be called a curse.

Elder Long watched the giant gate emitting endless Death Qi. The vitality of this region was gradually being corroded. In the future, this region would be a land of death.

“It seems that Long Chen actually chased Tian Xiezi inside. Has that little fellow never heard of the Corrupt God Cemetery?” One of the other Heaven Elders also frowned.

“He has definitely heard of it. But he has one hobby which can be summed up as playing with his life.” Elder Long shook his head.

“Hmph, someone who doesn’t know the immensity of heaven and earth. He doesn’t have the slightest shred of respect for anything. He’ll sooner or later lose his life like this. How can such a person be of any use to the divine families? He just advanced to Netherpassage, and he’s going to die in the Corrupt God Cemetery. Elder Long, you can give up on your fanciful thoughts,” sneered Ye Yaochen.

Clearly, Ye Yaochen was against Long Chen, while Elder Long had always been supporting him. The conflict between the two of them was growing increasingly obvious.

Elder Long lightly smiled. “Every person has a different cultivation path. Although Long Chen likes to wear black and has his own peculiarities, I’m sure that even you have no choice but to admit he has a charisma that no one else possesses. All the people beside him are willing to sacrifice their lives for him. Even the twelve thousand members of the Dragonblood Legion are of one heart. At any time, they have absolute trust in each other. Can you tell me if there is anyone else on the Martial Heaven Continent capable of doing such a thing, including the divine families? Are the eight Heavenly Dragon Legions capable of such a thing? If they were, then in a battle of ten thousand against ten thousand, with them being in the third step Netherpassage realm with absolute advantage, how could the seventh Heavenly Dragon Legion be suppressed by the Dragonblood Legion? Elder Ye, you shouldn’t keep being biased because of some small things, or it will appear intolerant and damage the dignity of the divine families.”

“Long Junwu, what do you think you are saying?!” Ye Yaochen’s expression changed. These words were far too insulting. Elder Long practically declared him to have embarrassed the divine families.

“The two of you should stop fighting. Lord Venerate will most likely handle this matter, so right or wrong will be decided by him. Fighting until you're red in the face here will make others laugh at you,” said one of the other Heaven Elders. At this time, the other experts of the Martial Heaven Continent were arriving.

The Dragonblood Legion was the first to arrive thanks to Cloud. The others were also arriving one by one. As a result, Ye Yaochen could only shut his mouth, but his expression was growing increasingly ugly.

“Hahaha, Long Chen actually charged into the Corrupt God Cemetery? He’s definitely dead!” The Corrupt path’s experts arrived. When Xie Wentian saw the open gate, he raised his head and laughed. The other Corrupt experts also laughed. No one knew better than them just how terrifying the Corrupt God Cemetery was. Having entered, there was no way Long Chen would be leaving.

“Idiots, who do you think my boss is? How can a little cemetery trap my boss? The Corrupt God? He isn’t even fit to carry boss’s shoes,” sneered Guo Ran.

“Blasphemer of the Corrupt God, you are courting death!” raged the Corrupt experts.

“To carry my boss’s shoes is praising your Corrupt God. What, don’t like it? Come at me then! Don’t think that when my boss isn’t present, the Dragonblood Legion is afraid of you. Come! Let’s see who in the Dragonblood Legion is afraid of you idiots!” Guo Ran walked out and pointed at Xie Wentian arrogantly.

The sound of ten thousand swords coming out of their sheaths rang out. The Dragonblood warriors held their weapons, practically daring the Corrupt path to come over.

With the divine families present, they weren’t in a good position to launch the first blow, but if the Corrupt path attacked first, then that would be exactly what they wanted.

“Stop. Those who blaspheme the Corrupt God will be punished by the Corrupt God. All that awaits them is death and terror. Killing them now is letting them off easy.” Xie Wentian raised a hand, preventing the Corrupt experts from attacking.

Perhaps Xie Wentian’s words were believed by the Corrupt path’s people, but the others knew that he was afraid. Even if Long Chen wasn’t present, he didn’t dare to start a fight.

The Righteous path’s experts clenched their fists. They had been fighting the Corrupt path for countless years but had never terrified them to the point that they didn’t dare to make a sound like this.

“Big brother Guo, I’m hungry. Can I kill a few Xuan Beasts for food?” asked Wilde. The Xuan Beasts’ expressions changed.

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