Chapter 2322 Hunting Down Tian Xiezi

“We were still a bit lacking. We let Di Feng get away,” grumbled Xia Chen.

When Long Chen had pretended to be retreating, they hadn’t understood what he was doing. It was only once he actually attacked that they realized, otherwise they might have been able to stop Di Feng.

In that instant, Xia Chen had understood Long Chen’s intentions, and seeing Tian Xiezi prepare to run, he took out a rune talisman for Guo Ran.

Guo Ran had immediately used an arrow to shoot the rune talisman over. It disrupted spatial formations, interrupting Tian Xiezi’s transportation. Furthermore, for a short while, the spatial laws remained broken, preventing any further attempts.

Tian Xiezi’s expression changed, and he immediately summoned the Corrupt God Ancient Tower, jumping inside of it.

BOOM! The Corrupt God Ancient Tower was sent flying by a slash from Long Chen. If Tian Xiezi had been the slightest bit slower, he would have been killed.

A giant scar was left on the Corrupt God Ancient Tower, shocking the experts present. Just what kind of origin did Long Chen’s black saber have to be able to do such a thing? Not only had it broken Kun Pengzi’s lightning halberd, but it had also injured this divine item left by a god.

As Tian Xiezi fled with the Corrupt God Ancient Tower, the Corrupt experts charged over at Long Chen.

Long Chen hacked Evilmoon repeatedly, slaughtering the experts trying to stop him. Not even a third step Netherpassage expert was qualified to block his path.

With lightning wings and the Celestial Lightning Body Blink, he shot after Tian Xiezi. The two of them quickly vanished from sight.

When the two of them were gone, the experts of the various powers were left in a daze. They looked around. The Kunpeng race’s ancestral land was long gone, and they still were not quite able to believe what had just happened.

“Elder Long, Long Chen ignored the Heavenly Divine Writ, disrupting the peace of the continent and starting a war. He creates countless calamities. Are the divine families going to be so indifferent toward him?” shouted Peng Wanli furiously, his voice hoarse.

Kun Pengzi’s death and the destruction of the Peng Emperor’s statue meant that the Kunpeng race was doomed. Long Chen was their bane. The originally glorious Kunpeng race would fully decline.

The Peng race’s experts wept. Just how glorious had the Kunpeng race been? Everything they were seeing in front of them was unacceptable, and this had all been caused by Long Chen. They demanded justice from the divine families.

Peng Wanli seemed to have aged countless years. Elder Long looked at him and said, “We will be able to determine right and wrong after investigating. We will naturally get justice for the Martial Heaven Continent. If Long Chen really did deliberately start a war to harm the continent, the divine families will bring our full power to remove the scourge. However, if there are reasons, then we’ll need to investigate them first. The divine families won’t let off a bad person, but we won’t wrongly blame a good person.”

“Bullshit! This matter was clearly caused by your Ye Benchang-!” shouted Peng Wanli. But before he could finish, a ray of divine light pierced through his body. He instantly stiffened, terrified to find that he couldn’t move.

“Maintain the appropriate respect when you face the divine families. We are always just and impartial. To push all the responsibility onto a dead person, what kind of wicked intentions are the Peng race harboring?” ordered Ye Yaochen.

With just a pointing of his finger, he had managed to pierce Peng Wanli’s body. That single finger contained a powerful warning. If he wanted to kill Peng Wanli, then all he would have to do was point at his head.

Peng Wanli was infuriated. He didn’t have Long Chen’s guts to resist in front of a fourth step Netherpassage expert who was also a Heaven Elder of the divine families. 

“Long Chen willfully slaughtered innocent people. Everyone saw it. However, this matter involves many things, and even the divine families must be careful with how we handle it. You just need to listen to the conclusion,” said Ye Yaochen icily. As a result, Peng Wanli clenched his teeth furiously but didn’t say anything.

“Elder Long, Long Chen is hunting down the top genius of my Corrupt path. Doesn’t that mean that the Heavenly Divine Writ has lost any effect? In the future, we can ignore it too and fight the Righteous path again, right?” demanded Xie Wentian coldly.

In the front of Xie Wentian’s icy questioning, Elder Long indifferently shook his head. “Now you’re thinking of the Heavenly Divine Writ? Tell me, when Long Chen was undergoing his tribulation and you attacked him, did you think of it then?”

“Well…” Xie Wentian was stunned for a moment, but he quickly said smoothly, “It was the commander of the divine families who said that Long Chen was attempting to overthrow the Martial Heaven Continent and wanted us to attack together.”

Xie Wentian instantly threw all the blame to Ye Benchang. It was true that Ye Benchang had called for everyone to kill Long Chen. Everyone could bear witness to it. Hence, the divine families could not escape responsibility for it.

“Ye Benchang had a personal enmity with Long Chen. I’m sure that essentially everyone here is aware of it. The eight of us came specifically to investigate this. However, Ye Benchang was only in charge of defending the path to the Yin Yang World and helping you. How did he have the authority to order you? As for why you listened to his appeal, there were probably many reasons, but we’re still not sure about those matters. The position of the divine families has always been explicitly clear, so don’t try to blame us. We are only overseeing the battlefield and would never order any person or power to do anything. You laugh when you benefit, but cry when you don’t? That seems to be lacking the manner of a leader of such a major force,” said Elder Long lightly.

His words were said without any fury as if he would never get angry, but he easily voiced their guilt without actually saying the words.

Ye Benchang was in charge of the entrance to the Yin Yang World, and during that time, the various powers had constantly squeezed the Righteous path, taking up more portions of the battlefield. The Xuan Beasts in particular had provoked them several times. They had even killed the Xuantian Dao Sect’s genius and started a war.

That had been the result that Ye Benchang had wanted, and his actions had encouraged even more arrogance from the various powers.

The Xuan Beasts were the most tyrannical. They had even sent their experts to wipe out the Cloud Chasing Heaven Swallowing Sparrow race. Long Chen had caught them, and his fury was what had resulted in this. The source of the problem was still them, so they could only blame themselves.

When asked who the source of the problem was though, they blamed it on Ye Benchang, making the divine families bear responsibility, even acting right and confident.

However, Elder Long’s words made the Corrupt path, the ancient races, the ancient family alliance, the Xuan Beasts, and the others speechless, unable to retort.

“When you bullied the disciples of the Righteous path, did you think of the Heavenly Divine Writ? When you killed our brothers and sisters, did you think of this day?” Ye Lingshan coldly raised her sword, which still had some blood on it.

“That’s right! Senior apprentice-brother Wang Zhen was killed by you, but where was your sense of justice then?! Have you forgotten your disdain and indifference from then?!” cursed Hua Shiyu. She was still choked with emotion at the thought of Wang Zhen. He had only died to save everyone else.

“A generation’s genius didn’t die to the Blood race, but instead to some brutes who only know how to fight amongst their allies. Just how wrong was his death? You still have the face to accuse others?” The Xuantian Dao Sect’s disciples immediately began to curse them.

“Who do you think Wang Zhen was to count as a generation’s genius?” sneered a disciple of the Xuan Beasts.

That one sneer caused the Xuantian Dao Sect’s disciples to erupt.

“Compared to senior apprentice-brother Long Chen, who do you think you are? Senior apprentice-brother Long Chen crushed Kun Pengzi like swatting a fly, so what do you have to say about that?!”

“If we were to compare you, you would be dog shit in front of senior apprentice-brother Long Chen. When he’s here, you all become cowering tortoises!”

“If you dared to make so much noise in front of senior apprentice-brother Long Chen, he’d slap you all to death with one blow.”

“You animals, you were all so arrogant when bullying others. Just keep acting arrogant! Why do you all look like your dads just died?”

The Martial Heaven Alliance’s disciples joined the cursing of the Xuantian Dao Sect’s disciples. The time when Long Chen had been absent was truly stifling.

Now that he was back and had even successfully advanced, sweeping through the other geniuses, they were excited enough to dance.

He had killed Kun Pengzi as well as Ye Benchang, and Di Feng had fled in terror. Now, Long Chen was chasing after Tian Xiezi. The Righteous path’s disciples’ morale soared. Could they possibly let go of this chance to mock their abusers?

The Xuan Beasts clenched their teeth furiously. They didn’t say anything else though because the Dragonblood warriors were looking at them like tigers looking at sheep. Although the Dragonblood warriors had stopped fighting, their killing intent had not diminished.

In the battle just now, they had killed over three thousand members of the Heavenly Dragon Legion without losing a single one of their members. The Dragonblood Legion was too terrifying.

The Xuan Beasts felt a cold breeze blow past their necks with the Dragonblood warriors looking at them.

“What now? Boss isn’t here, so do we need to find an excuse to wipe out these Xuan Beasts?” wondered Guo Ran out loud.

“What kind of excuse?” asked Gu Yang, his grip on his weapon tightening.

“For example, the weather’s not bad?” offered Guo Ran.

“Don’t mess around.” Gu Yang rolled his eyes.

“The eight Heaven Elders of the divine families are still here to clean up the mess. We can’t make a move now. Let’s just wait for news from Long Chen.” Meng Qi shook her head. She looked in the direction where Long Chen had gone. She knew that even if he had to chase Tian Xiezi to the ends of the world, he would still kill him.

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