Chapter 2321 Ye Yaochen

Long Chen suddenly shouted into the void. Everyone looked into the sky, only to see the void slowly twist. A group of seven elders walked out, with one of them being Elder Long.

Elder Long smiled. “Long Chen, congratulations on advancing to Netherpassage. With this, a brilliant path of endless possibilities has been opened to you.”

“A brilliant path? I doubt it. I am just a regular cultivator, while it’s the divine families that stand above everyone and control this world’s fate. You decide what black and white is. How could I possibly enter your eyes?” said Long Chen mockingly.

Long Chen was extremely dissatisfied with Elder Long right now. His previous good opinion of him had been wiped out.

It was Elder Long who had taken over his matters, and when he had left, he had entrusted things to Shen Chengfeng and the eighth Heavenly Dragon Legion. That was all understandable. However, once Long Chen was gone, Shen Chengfeng was replaced by Ye Benchang. Long Chen refused to believe that Elder Long had been unaware of that.

“Long Chen, there might be some misunderstandings here. Just now, Elder Ye Yaochen was just trying to stop you in order to make things clear before any rash decisions are made. You’re too tense,” said Elder Long.

Ye Yaochen? Long Chen suddenly recalled that when the Dragonblood Legion had been stopping the Blood race from entering the Martial Heaven Continent, there had been a group of idiots from the outer branches of the divine families who had tried to make things difficult for him.

They had thought that with the Heavenly Divine Writ, he wouldn’t dare to touch them. But Long Chen had immediately started killing. He remembered catching one of them called Zhao Feng and demanding to know why they were targeting him. It was at that time that Shen Chengfeng had appeared, and Long Chen had given Zhao Feng to him to handle. At that time, Zhao Feng had been scared witless and had said that the mastermind was Ye Yaochen.

However, that also seemed wrong. Hadn’t he heard that Ye Yaochen was only thirty-seven years old? Why did he look more like seventy-three? But Elder Long was clearly intentionally telling Long Chen his identity, so it couldn’t be wrong.

“Elder Ye Yaochen is the youngest member amongst us Heaven Elders. He’s only thirty-seven years old. However, within the Samsara realm, it is possible to change the form of your life. For him to be in an old state is no surprise,” said Elder Long, seeing Long Chen’s suspicions.

It seemed that these eight were all Heaven Elders of the divine families, but only Ye Yaochen had taken action ahead of the others, while they continued to watch.

In a place that Long Chen didn’t know of, a pair of eyes was silently watching everything happening here.

“Long Chen, release Ye Benchang and I will investigate this matter!” demanded Ye Yaochen, glaring at him like a viper.

However, despite his hostility, he didn’t directly charge over. Long Chen looked at Ye Yaochen and then to Elder Long and the others. Seeming to understand something, he sneered, ”What are you investigating for? Are you a bailiff? Are you a judge? Things are already so simple. Ye Benchang wanted to kill me. What else is there to investigate? Are you blind or dumb?”

One was called Ye Benchang, and one was called Ye Yaochen. Clearly, they were from the same side, maybe even one family. Releasing him would be freeing a tiger.

Ye Benchang tried to speak, but his throat was clenched tightly by Long Chen, so it came out garbled. As for his soul, it was completely suppressed by Long Chen’s Yuan Spirit. With just a thought, Long Chen could kill him.

“Long Chen, Elder Ye Yaochen is correct. Things are still unclear. I’d advise you to consider Elder Ye’s suggestion,” said Elder Long lightly.

Hearing that, Long Chen instantly understood that Elder Long was indicating to him that he didn’t need to be afraid of Ye Yaochen’s threat. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have said that Long Chen just had to ‘consider’ Ye Yaochen’s suggestion.

Of the eight Elders, seven of them were just standing there indifferently. Clearly, Ye Yaochen did not have absolute authority here. Long Chen could accept or not accept.

Had he misjudged Elder Long? Or was this to say that the relations of divine families were much more complicated on the inside than he had thought?

“Elder Long, what are you saying? Long Chen is just a mortal disciple. How is there room for him to consider obeying the orders of the divine families?” demanded Ye Yaochen, also having heard Elder Long’s subtle indication.

“Elder Ye, that’s wrong. The divine families exist for the world’s living beings. In this situation where a Sovereign has not become apparent, we must work together with the outstanding heroes of the Martial Heaven Continent against foreign invaders. We are all working together, and although the power of our divine families is a bit stronger, all the Martial Heaven Continent’s people have the right to express their opinions, even if they differ. For you to be so tyrannical, it seems that you’re going against the Lord Venerate’s orders. He won’t be happy.” Elder Long shook his head.

Elder Ye Yaochen shrank back at the mention of the Lord Venerate, his expression growing ugly. He shouted, “Long Chen, this matter involves the divine families, and before things are clear, I demand that you release Ye Benchang into our custody. Once we find out the truth, you will naturally have your justice.”

“The truth? Justice? Are you going to find a bunch of scapegoats and push all the responsibility onto them, then kill them so that they can’t testify? Do you want to play such a game with me? Elder Long told me that you were thirty-seven years old. Based on your appearance, I didn’t expect you to say such a brainless thing, but now I believe it,” sneered Long Chen. “Ye Yaochen, tell me, how did I end up offending a Heaven Elder of the divine families? Why are you targeting me?”

“What nonsense are you spouting now?!” shouted Ye Yaochen.

“You’re going to keep acting? This kind of play is something I stopped doing in my youth.” Long Chen shook his head contemptuously.

He found that the higher the cultivation base, the lower the intelligence and the tricks played also grew cruder.

Such tricks were child's play in the Phoenix Cry Empire. But it seemed that these supreme experts liked to play them.

Perhaps due to being stronger, they no longer needed to use their brains. That was why their excuses became laughably implausible.

“Long Chen, I am ordering you to hand over Ye Benchang-!” Perhaps Ye Yaochen’s age was still too immature to have patience, resulting in him shouting.

Ye Benchang suddenly exploded in Long Chen’s hand, transforming into bloody mist. For a moment, every expert of the Martial Heaven Continent was simply stunned. The giant battlefield was so silent that it would be possible to hear a pin dropping.

Long Chen had actually killed Ye Benchang in front of eight of the divine families’ Heaven Elders. Those were fourth step Netherpassage experts, and Long Chen had killed a commander of the Heavenly Dragon Legion just like that. Was that a declaration of war against the divine families?

“Long Chen, you…!” Ye Yaochen’s eyes were scarlet with rage. Long Chen had actually killed Ye Benchang, his blood nephew.

“It’s not my fault. You shouted so loudly that you scared him, making him self-detonate. It has nothing to do with me.” Long Chen waved his hand. As he slowly stepped away, he was like an innocent person leaving, as if afraid of being falsely accused.

“Long Chen!” Ye Yaochen spat out Long Chen’s name from the cracks between his teeth. His bone-chilling killing intent erupted out of him.

Long Chen felt his body move against his will. He hastily tried to flee. 

“You think you can leave?! Leave your life behind first!” roared Ye Yaochen.

However, he had barely moved when Elder Long blocked his path, indifferently saying, “Elder Ye, what do you think you’re doing?”

This was definitely a stall. Was he giving Long Chen a chance to get away?

Ye Yaochen roared, “I’m telling you to get out of my way! Otherwise, don’t blame me for turning hostile!”

Ye Yaochen’s roar made Elder Long smile. “That’s fine. Are you going to be hostile to the one up above as well though?”

Elder Long pointed up to the sky. Ye Yaochen looked up and his expression suddenly changed. At this moment a voice rang out from the sky.

“Right and wrong will be decided later. Do not make a rash move now.”

The voice wasn’t loud, but it contained unquestionable dignity. However, the voice was heard only by the eight Elders. Others were unable to hear anything.

Ye Yaochen had been like a mad dog just now, so these words were effectively a slap in his face. He no longer possessed the courage to even fart.

Suddenly, rumbling rang out that made everyone look at Long Chen. They jumped when they saw that his retreat was just a cover for him to charge toward the distant Di Feng.

Evilmoon shone with its evil light as Long Chen used this opportunity not to flee, but to approach Di Feng in an attempt to kill him.

Di Feng’s expression changed. He had used up everything in the fight and was now exhausted. He had no energy to recover, and Long Chen was now rushing over like a life-reaping devil king.

Although he had the army of the ancient family alliance standing behind him, they didn’t give him any sense of safety. His manifestation suddenly shuddered, with the Blood Emperor spreading his arms and enveloping him. Runes formed into a giant shield.


Long Chen’s saber smashed into the runic shield, blowing it apart. He unleashed a second attack to split open the two hands.

Runes dissipated through the air, and the Heavenly Dao manifestation faded with them. However, Di Feng’s figure had vanished. He had craftily set up these defenses as bait while he used a secret art to flee.

It could be seen just how terrified he was of Long Chen. 

Di Feng had vanished. However, in the distance, there was another figure covered in black runes. Spatial energy exploded out of there as Tian Xiezi also used a secret art to flee.


A blood-colored arrow flew over, with a golden runic talisman hanging on it. It exploded beside Tian Xiezi.

“Hehe, want to run? Keep dreaming.” Xia Chen and Guo Ran laughed wickedly. They had interrupted Tian Xiezi’s secret art. Just at that moment, Long Chen rushed over like a bolt of lightning.

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