Chapter 2319 Heaven Devouring Toad

That enormous entity was a giant toad, and its body was semi-translucent. After devouring Long Chen, its body became dark green.

“The Heaven Devouring Toad is a descendant of the ancient divine Heaven Devouring Beast. It contains its own world inside of it. Once someone is swallowed, there’s no way for them to escape!” cried someone.

The Heaven Devouring Beast only existed within legends and myths. The legends spoke of a beast in the divine world capable of swallowing the sun, moon, and stars, as well as devils and gods. It was called the Heaven Devouring Beast.

As for the Heaven Devouring Toad, it was originally just a Magical Beast, but due to a battle between divine beasts, it had swallowed a drop of the Heaven Devouring Beast’s blood, resulting in a mutant that possessed the blood of a divine beast.

Although the Heaven Devouring Toad was not as frightening as the Heaven Devouring Beast, it still possessed its own world within its body. It couldn’t devour the sun and moon, but the world inside it was known as the blood domain prison.

It existed to devour. Any Magical Beast sucked into its internal world would find itself in an endless sea of blood. That sea of blood was the Heaven Devouring Beast’s digestive juices.

Even a divine item would be digested by those corrosive juices, let alone the physical body.

The Heaven Devouring Toad was similar to the Cloud Chasing Heaven Swallowing Sparrow race in that they both possessed a trace of the Heaven Swallowing Beast’s blood. However, in comparison, the Heaven Swallowing Toad’s intelligence was much lower. It was more like Magical Beasts rather than a Xuan Beast. Due to how great of a threat they posed, it was said that the experts of that time had banded together to make them extinct.

Unexpectedly, one had appeared here. Furthermore, its aura was extremely powerful. It was at the peak of the twelfth rank.

This was a monster of nightmares that horrified people. It was different from the Cloud Chasing Heaven Swallowing Sparrow race in that its devouring ability trapped people in a prison. For the Cloud Chasing Heaven Swallowing Sparrow race, what was swallowed would be instantly annihilated in its stomach. But the Heaven Swallowing Toad’s stomach was said to slowly corrode anyone who entered. Supposedly, it was a slow torture of pain, terror, and despair.

Ye Benchang jumped onto the Heaven Swallowing Toad’s back. He placed a hand on its head and sent a rune into its body.

“Long Chen, I won’t let you die so easily.” Ye Benchang smiled cruelly. Long Chen had many secrets, so it would be too regretful if he simply died. This Heaven Swallowing Toad was Ye Benchang’s steed. Due to its low intelligence, he had to send this rune in to control the prison and make sure Long Chen wasn’t killed.

He had the utmost confidence in this steed of his. This Heaven Swallowing Toad had been raised with the full resources of his family. The amount that had been spent was unimaginable. It might even be more than what had been spent on him.

Even a fourth step Netherpassage expert wouldn’t be able to escape upon being swallowed. It was his strongest trump card, and even within the divine families, only a few people knew this secret. Today, he had exposed it to great effect.

Suddenly, two large bubbles bulged out of its cheeks. The void rumbled. Blood-colored runes appeared all over its body, turning its dark green body red.

At the same time, its body began to inflate.

“What?!” Ye Benchang was startled. He had never seen such a thing happen to the Heaven Swallowing Toad. It transmitted its feeling of terror, but its thoughts were too muddled for him to understand what it was saying.

“Not good!” Seeing cracks appear in its skin, Ye Benchang immediately jumped off and fled.


The giant Heaven Swallowing Toad had inflated to the point that it was ten times its original size when it finally exploded.

Flames exploded out of it, turning the surroundings into a sea of flames. The Heaven Swallowing Toad’s corpse was incinerated into nothingness.

Within the dancing flames stood a figure with a black saber.

The intense flames were gentle in front of him. They were like a cool breeze blowing back his clothes and hair. 

“You actually sent out a toad to die? Ye Benchang, has your silly ass run out of tricks?” asked Long Chen.

Long Chen had also been badly frightened upon being swallowed. He had entered a world that was a sea of blood. When he entered, the sea of blood had transformed into countless strange beasts that pounced on him.

The corrosive power of that blood had made his heart shake. The worst thing was that that world’s laws were strange, giving Long Chen a feeling that he wouldn’t be able to leave no matter how strong he was.

However, when he used the World Extermination Flame Lotus and activated the Nirvana Scripture, he found that even within this strange world, the Nirvana Scripture still worked. Endless flame energy had gathered toward him.

What Long Chen didn’t know was that the flame energy he was drawing out wasn’t from the Martial Heaven Continent. It was also from this strange world, and as a result, when the World Extermination Flame Lotus fell, that entire world’s laws were shattered. It had inflated until it had exploded.

“Bastard, what did you do?!” roared Ye Benchang. The steed he had nourished with his blood and sweat had been killed.

Just at that moment, Long Chen came charging at him, unleashing a simple slash of his saber. Due to the distraction, Ye Benchang used his soul to lock him down.

Ye Benchang’s expression changed. The opening from the death of his Heaven Swallowing Toad had been grasped by Long Chen. He barely managed to raise his sword but was blown back, coughing up blood. In a clash between experts, a single opening was enough to decide victory or defeat.

Suddenly, the space behind Long Chen rumbled, and lightning spears shot toward him. Kun Pengzi had returned.

Just now, Ye Benchang had saved Kun Pengzi. Seeing him in trouble, Kun Pengzi came to disturb Long Chen. It wasn’t due to how loyal he was, but that they had no choice but to join forces.

A blood-colored spear also tore through the void, bringing with it the cries of ghosts. That spear was like a curse from hell. A chill filled the air.

The only one capable of unleashing such an evil curse attack was Tian Xiezi. Tian Xiezi wasn’t planning on just watching as the most powerful experts fought. He also unleashed his strongest trump card.

At the same time, a giant figure appeared in the air. It was an Emperor with a golden crown. Another spear pierced toward Long Chen, as Di Feng had also made his move. He stood in the head of the giant Emperor and merged with the Blood Emperor, unleashing immense pressure.

Kun Pengzi, Tian Xiezi, and Di Feng unleashed their strongest attacks. As for Ye Benchang who had been retreating, he let out a cry and came to a sudden stop. He spat a mouthful of blood onto this sword, causing wriggling blood runes to appear over it.

“Blood Sacrifice, Life Devouring Slash!” Ye Benchang’s sword slashed out along with the attacks from the other three.

“Even if you join forces, so what? Other than the Sovereigns, have I ever been afraid of anyone in the same realm?” Long Chen shouted. His 108,000 astral spaces all sent a stream of life and death energy to his Nethergate Star. The Nethergate Star shuddered, linking all that power. At the same time, the FengFu, Alioth, Life Fate, Enlightenment Palace, and Divine Gate Stars lit up. All of Long Chen’s power streamed into Evilmoon.

Evilmoon shook intensely multiple times. It was like one shackle after another inside of its body was being broken. Its power crazily climbed.

“Haha, there’s finally enough power! Long Chen, no need to use Split the Heavens, I’ll teach you the peerless technique of my evil dragon race!” Evilmoon cried out excitedly. An evil aura caused the world to shake.

“Evil Dragon Executes the Heavens!”

Suddenly, Long Chen and Evilmoon let out an identical roar. The void exploded as a giant saber-image soared. That saber-image was like a giant dragon’s tail, as well as a crescent fang.


Tian Xiezi, Kun Pengzi, Di Feng, and Ye Benchang’s attacks instantly exploded. Huge ripples spread in every direction. All five of them were sent flying.

Tian Xiezi’s spear shattered, Kun Pengzi’s lightning halberd vanished, and Di Feng’s Blood Emperor figure disintegrated. They began hacking up blood, and their foreheads split open.

Ye Benchang’s sword was broken, with its fragments stabbing his body. This had been a collision capable of shaking the world. The ripples even affected the entire battlefield to the point that countless experts were blown far into the distance and badly injured.

The chaotic battle came to a stop because there was no way to continue fighting. Everyone had to focus on staying alive, and they fled for their lives in the face of those shockwaves. As they retreated, they saw four wretched figures within the distorted space.

“Eh, where’s Long Chen?” People cried out, unable to see the fifth figure that they had just seen.

“Young master, watch out!” Suddenly, the Kunpeng race’s experts let out heart-rending cries. They had noticed a figure with a black saber suddenly appear behind Kun Pengzi. When they saw that figure, every expert of the Xuan Beasts froze in horror.

Before Kun Pengzi could react, that sinister black saber stabbed through his back.

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