Chapter 2318 The Netherpassage Realm, Life and Death Energy

Meng Qi and the others let out startled cries, but Ye Benchang didn’t show any delight. What he had killed was a fake.

After the willow exploded, the space in the distance twisted and another giant willow appeared. It was unknown what method Liu Ruyan had used to switch out with a scapegoat and bring Long Chen away.


Liu Ruyan’s figure had only just appeared when a giant figure came charging forward. It was Kun Pengzi in his Kunpeng form.

“Watch out, he’s igniting the Peng Emperor’s essence blood!” Beitang Rushuang’s furious cry rang out from the distance. Even working together with Nangong Zuiyue, they were unable to stop him in that state. That Peng Emperor’s essence blood he had ignited was incomparably precious.

Kun Pengzi’s current power was alarming. With every flap of his wings, it seemed like an entire cosmos could be suppressed. His power was not at all inferior to Ye Benchang’s previous attack.

Liu Ruyan could use her scapegoat art once within a certain timeframe. Hence, this time, she could only wrap her branches together into a gigantic wall.

However, in front of Kun Pengzi who was igniting the essence blood of the Peng Emperor, her defenses seemed weak. They were instantly blown apart, and Kun Pengzi’s giant wing slammed toward Long Chen and Liu Ruyan.

Liu Ruyan’s expression finally changed. The current Kun Pengzi was horrifyingly powerful. His attacks contained the pressure of an Emperor, and her abilities were unable to stop him. She prepared to fling Long Chen away, using her own life to win him some time.

Just as she prepared to throw him into the distance, Long Chen’s body blazed with light. A heaven-shaking aura shot out in every direction. Evilmoon let out its own dragon roar and slashed at Kun Pengzi.


A giant explosion rocked the battlefield, and blinding light exploded like a firework. It was like a star had just exploded. It was both beautiful and stunning.

When the light dissipated, it revealed Long Chen’s figure. Wind whipped his black robes and hair. His aura was calm, so calm that it was almost impossible to sense.

It was completely different from his old explosive aura. His aura was now so calm that it was a bit frightening.

Wielding his saber with one hand, he blocked Kun Pengzi’s wing which was as big as a mountain. Divine light roved within his eyes. He suddenly roared, “Scram!”

His voice was like thunder. As Long Chen’s aura exploded, his divine ring revolved, with six stars appearing in his eyes. His power burst forth like a volcano.

Kun Pengzi’s giant body was sent flipping back. Even while igniting the Peng Emperor’s essence blood, he was unable to resist that power.

A pillar of light soared into the sky with Long Chen at the center. His aura was like two furious dragons coiling around each other. Space rumbled as if it would be torn apart by a hurricane.

“What horrific life and death energy. He only just entered Netherpassage. How can he possess such an explosive aura?!” The other experts were all stunned by this sight.

Just standing there, Long Chen released his aura, which was like a volcano erupting after it had been dormant for millions of years. A huge amount of energy burst into the sky, forming a giant whirlpool.

Kun Pengzi’s aura was extremely powerful, especially after he had ignited the Peng Emperor’s essence blood, but even his aura was suppressed by Long Chen.

The current Long Chen was like a devil king descended upon the mortal world. Killing intent surged within his eyes. He suddenly stamped his foot down.

Seeing Long Chen suddenly vanish from his original location, Kun Pengzi was horrified. His full-power lock was actually something that Long Chen could completely ignore. 

“Split the Heavens 8!”

Evilmoon lit up above Kun Pengzi’s head, and its two dragon marks seemed to come to life. An evil air exploded out of Evilmoon, like a sealed fiend had been released.

Kun Pengzi felt like a devil was locked onto him, and his whole body turned cold. He folded his wings, manifesting an entire cosmos in the air. Countless stars revolved within that cosmos.

“Peng Emperor divine ability, Kunpeng Breaks the Heavens!”

Kun Pengzi’s Blood Qi reached a peak. The cosmos that he had manifested smashed into Long Chen. 

The cosmos was split as easily as tofu by the saber-image. Kun Pengzi was stunned, unable to believe that even the Peng Emperor’s divine ability was unable to stop Long Chen. It was too late to dodge. The only thing he could do was avoid being struck in his vitals. As a result, one of his giant wings was cut off.

Kun Pengzi screamed. The wings of the Kunpeng race contained their life’s essence. Every feather was linked to their soul. The pain of having a wing cut off was equivalent to having his soul torn apart.

That wing had just left his body when Long Chen grabbed and sent it into the primal chaos space.

“Hahaha, tonight I’ll feast on roasted Kunpeng wings.” Long Chen laughed as he swung Evilmoon again.

Even Long Chen couldn’t help feeling overwhelmed by excitement. He had finally advanced to the Netherpassage realm.

His 108,000 astral spaces had grown ten times larger, and the Nethergate Star had been fully activated. Through the Nethergate Star, he was able to unleash the full power of his astral spaces.

The thing that delighted him the most though was that his astral spaces had gained their own life and death energy. 

As he had been refining the Heavenly Dao rune, his astral spaces started to give off their own life fluctuations. They began to manifest life; their own laws appeared.

The first law to appear was the law of life and death, and Long Chen was the master of this law. His 108,000 astral spaces were now capable of giving rise to life and death energy.

With just a thought from Long Chen, every astral space sent a stream of life and death energy into the Nethergate Star, giving Long Chen endless power.

Furthermore, when Long Chen sent his energy into Evilmoon, he could clearly feel that some kind of shackle had been broken. Evilmoon’s power had also grown explosively. As a result, Kun Pengzi was unable to block him.

Long Chen felt like he had inexhaustible energy. Although it wasn’t too easy to control it all, that feeling of power was delightful.

After cutting off Kun Pengzi’s wing, Evilmoon’s next target was Kun Pengzi’s head.

Kun Pengzi suddenly spat out a bolt of lightning. He had actually unleashed his inherited divine item, his lightning halberd.


Evilmoon slammed into the lightning halberd, and a heaven-shaking explosion sent the halberd flying. The resplendent lightning halberd was now dim.

“What kind of broken thing is this to dare to face me?! Long Chen, smash apart that broken halberd. I’ve been suppressed for so long, it’s time to show my might!” cried Evilmoon. Once Long Chen broke through to the Netherpassage realm, another level of the seal within its body came undone. Like a Magical Beast that had been trapped for countless years and had regained its freedom, Evilmoon wanted to kill until it was happy.

Evilmoon’s power merged with Long Chen’s power. Even without using any techniques, their power was terrifying. With one blow, they sent the lightning halberd flying, and Long Chen pressed onward to Kun Pengzi.

Kun Pengzi rapidly retreated. Long Chen taunted, “Didn’t you say that my reputation was fake and that you would personally kill me? What happened to that arrogance?”

Lightning wings appeared on Long Chen’s back, and he stepped forward. Having lost one of his wings, Kun Pengzi’s speed had obviously dropped. Long Chen caught up and unleashed another slash.

Kun Pengzi’s expression changed. His lightning halberd’s internal divine runes had cracked from the previous exchange. If he used it to defend, then it would be forever crippled. Furthermore, his own soul would be injured by such a thing.

However, there was nothing else he could do, and there was nowhere for him to go. He could only use the lightning halberd. By sacrificing it, he could win a brief chance to breathe.

As long as he severed his spiritual connection to his divine item when he sacrificed it, it would reduce the backlash to the minimum. However, this divine item whose inheritance stretched back countless years would be gone forever.

Seeing Long Chen’s saber coming, Kun Pengzi had no other choice. He summoned the lightning halberd. He was about to sever his connection to it when a sword emitting a chilling light stabbed toward Long Chen’s back.

This sword was quick as lightning, and was his savior. If Long Chen chose to continue striking him, he would be forced to receive this sword. The timing of it was perfect.

“Ye Benchang, I was looking for you, but you actually sent yourself over.” Long Chen’s smile was cold. He swung Evilmoon behind him, giving up on killing Kun Pengzi.


The sword and saber collided. Both Long Chen and Ye Benchang’s bodies shook. Long Chen’s arms tingled, but he saw that Ye Benchang’s hand had torn and was bleeding from this exchange. Clearly, with just the cultivation base of a third step Netherpassage expert, Ye Benchang was slightly inferior to Long Chen when it came to pure power.

“Ye Benchang, you almost killed me last time in front of the Yin Yang World when you schemed against Dong Mingyu. Today, I’ll settle our past and present enmities together.” Long Chen immediately began attacking Ye Benchang, completely ignoring Kun Pengzi.

The ambush from last time had been extremely dangerous. At that time, he and Dong Mingyu had only been in the Life Star realm, while Ye Benchang, a third step Netherpassage expert, had actually been so shameless as to sneak attack them.

Long Chen was filled with fury toward him over that, but he was also wary. A person who would do anything to achieve their goals was the most shameless and also the most frightening.

“You caused a war on the continent and completely disregarded the divine families. You and everyone with you must be put to death. I’ll be killing you today for justice,” snorted Ye Benchang, slashing his sword.

“Then let’s see who kills who today.” Long Chen focused on Ye Benchang. Now Meng Qi and the others were free of him and could control the rest of the battlefield. He didn’t need to worry about anything else.

Evilmoon shivered, ready to strike. However, just at that moment, a black hole appeared in the void, devouring Long Chen in an instant. Following that, an enormous entity appeared silently.

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