Chapter 2317 Dragonblood Legion vs. Heavenly Dragon Legion

A golden arrow reached Ye Benchang in the blink of an eye. Ye Benchang suddenly sensed something off, and a giant shield appeared in his left hand.


The arrow exploded, unleashing a wave of golden light that shattered Ye Benchang’s shield.

This was Guo Ran’s attack. Following that, the Dragonblood warriors charged out, all of them with towering killing intent.

“They all advanced to Netherpassage!” 

Originally, this was the Dragonblood warriors’ collective tribulation, but Long Chen had interjected himself midway, strengthening the tribulation and sending them into the lightning domain.

Within the lightning domain, the tribulation lightning had grown so powerful that it had far surpassed the limits of what they could endure. In reality, their Netherpassage rune had long since been formed at that time.

It was just that they hadn’t realized it, and so they continued absorbing as much of the lightning as possible. Due to the drake king’s help in absorbing a portion of the lightning’s most violent aspects, what was left was comparatively gentler.

As for the drake king, it wasn’t too familiar with the human race’s cultivation style, so it didn’t know that the Dragonblood warriors had absorbed more than enough.

Thinking that they hadn’t absorbed enough to pass, the Dragonblood warriors continued absorbing more and more even though they had reached their limits. They had compressed the energy when it filled them up and then absorbed more.

With Long Chen in trouble, they came charging out. As a result, as soon as they stepped into the world of the Martial Heaven Continent, the runes in their bodies came to life, causing their auras to instantly explode to a level that even they found unbelievable. An indescribable energy roared to life within their bodies.


Gu Yang took the lead, his manifestation bursting into existence behind him and his spear piercing toward Ye Benchang. In this one-on-one exchange, Gu Yang was blown back, his arms shaking. However, he didn’t receive any substantial injuries.

That delighted him. Before this, he had been like an ant in front of Ye Benchang. Just one attack could have wiped him out. But now, not even one hair on his head was harmed, although he didn’t have any actual hair to harm.

Ye Benchang was also startled. He had expected to give Gu Yang at least a serious injury just now. Even though Gu Yang and the others had advanced to the Netherpassage realm, he still didn’t view them as anything more than insects to be swatted.

“Kill his clones!” shouted Tang Wan-er. Holding translucent wind blades, she shot toward one of those clones.

That clone of Ye Benchang’s blocked with his sword, only to have that sword cut through like it was tofu. Her wind blade pierced forward, stabbing him through the head, killing the clone.

“What?!” Ye Benchang’s expression changed. That clone had possessed eighty percent of his power. Although he was not in his full-power state, that clone was stronger than an average third step Netherpassage expert.

Suddenly, another clone shuddered. A dagger had stabbed through the back of his head. A delicate figure appeared, a delicate figure who was the continent’s most terrifying assassin, Dong Mingyu.

Ye Zhiqiu, Chu Yao, Meng Qi, Yue Zifeng, Li Qi, Song Mingyuan, and the others all surrounded Long Chen. They slaughtered Ye Benchang’s clones in just a few seconds.

A towering willow grew high into the clouds. Liu Ruyan brought Long Chen into the heart of the Undying Willow. If anyone wanted to harm him, they would have to defeat her first.

“Eliminate these hypocrites from the divine families who think they have any authority!” Guo Ran charged straight toward Ye Benchang’s true body. His dual sabers came out, their runes blazing with light.


One of his sabers fell, causing sparks to fly. Guo Ran was blown back.

Just at that moment, sword-light pierced the heavens. The cold light and the sword intent made Ye Benchang feel cold.

With a roar, Ye Benchang’s manifestation burst into existence. With the pressure of Yue Zifeng’s attack, he had to summon his full power.

The reason he hadn’t done so before wasn’t just to put on a show. It was related to his cultivation technique. When he was in this state, he couldn’t summon his clones. His original goal had been for his true body to stop the drake king, while his clones killed Long Chen.

He hadn’t expected the Dragonblood Legion to come out and for their power to far surpass what he had predicted. 

“Vanish Slash!”

Ye Benchang’s sword swept forward, drowning Yue Zifeng’s Sword Qi. A wave of his attack continued toward Meng Qi, Chu Yao, and the others.

“Block together!” shouted Guo Ran. When Ye Benchang was at full power, he was comparable to a fourth step Netherpassage expert. Hence, the Dragonblood warriors linked their manifestations, and ten thousand swords flew in unison.


Sword Qi exploded. The Dragonblood warriors collectively fell back. Ye Benchang’s power was actually on par with theirs.

Ye Benchang was also forced back several steps. Blood dripped down his arm. At some point, a bloody hole had appeared in his shoulder.

A shocked expression appeared on his face. Just now, his attack had wiped out the Dragonblood warriors’ attacks. The only thing he hadn’t been able to erase was Yue Zifeng’s Sword Qi. In the end, he had been forced to dodge, using his shoulder to take it. The sharp pain made him frown.

The will of the Sword Dao remained in his wound, and his Heavenly Dao energy was actually unable to heal it. He was unable to believe that Yue Zifeng’s Sword Dao had reached such a terrifying level.

“Dragonblood Cross Slash!”

Guo Ran crossed his blades. Runes appeared around every member of the Dragonblood Legion. As a result, all their power surged toward Guo Ran.

A giant cross split the void, crossing the distance in an instant. At the center of it was Ye Benchang.

Ye Benchang’s hair stood on end. He felt a sensation of death envelop him. If he took this attack alone, he would be on death’s door, if not already dead.

“Heavenly Dragon Blood Explosion, Ten Thousand Daos Into One!”

Just at that moment, the warriors of the Heavenly Dragon Legion sent rays of divine light into Ye Benchang’s manifestation. The Heavenly Dragon Legion actually had their own way to merge their power.

With the support of the Heavenly Dragon Legion, Ye Benchang slashed his sword. In this instant, his manifestation vanished, with all the power that had gathered within it entering his sword.

This was a clash of world-shaking attacks. The combined power of the Dragonblood Legion met the combined power of the Heavenly Dragon Legion. A giant black hole appeared where they crashed, and it rapidly grew.

The void shuddered. Time and space were destroyed. The Dragonblood warriors felt like they had been struck by a giant hammer and hacked up blood.

The Heavenly Dragon Legion was the same. Some of their experts had their foreheads split open and let out cries. Their souls had been merged into that attack, so the impact of that attack had been felt even more closely by them.

Ye Benchang was sent flying, his sword-wielding arm broken. He coughed up three mouthfuls of blood and was pale with some lingering fright.

That attack had been even more powerful than he had expected. If it hadn’t been for the support of the ten thousand members of the Heavenly Dragon Legion, he definitely would have died.

“Kill them!” roared Ye Benchang. Long Chen couldn’t be left alive, but now Ye Benchang knew that the Dragonblood Legion couldn’t be left alive either.

“Kill!” The Heavenly Dragon Legion’s warriors charged out in full force.

“Brothers, the Dragonblood Legion was created by our boss. Today, we’ll show the world just who the strongest legion in this world is!” shouted Guo Ran. His armor blazed with light as he led the charge against the Heavenly Dragon Legion.

Meng Qi, Chu Yao, Tang Wan-er, Ye Zhiqiu, Dong Mingyu, Cloud, Gu Yang, Yue Zifeng, Li Qi, and Song Mingyuan charged toward Ye Benchang.

“Endless Falling Wood, Brambles Bury the Heavens!” As Guo Ran led the charge, Chu Yao made the first move. Her wooden staff summoned countless whips of thistles and thorns in midair. They shot toward Ye Benchang like pythons.

These brambles had actually taken root in midair. That was a strange sight. They were completely black, like creepers from hell and were filled with the aura of death.

Ye Benchang had never seen such a strange wood-attribute magical art, nor had he ever heard of such a thing. Which wood element magical art didn’t sprout from the earth? Sensing their oddness, he didn’t dare to be careless. He retreated as he attacked them.

Ye Benchang’s sword slashed into the brambles, only to find that they were so tough that he could only break a few of them with each strike. Most shocking of all, after being severed, the brambles would take root again and continue coming after him.

Within the world of brambles, Tang Wan-er, Ye Zhiqiu, Yue Zifeng, and the others’ attacks sent Ye Benchang further and further back, completely flustered.

“Bastards!” Ye Benchang saw that the Heavenly Dragon Legion was actually in a stalemate with the Dragonblood Legion. The Heavenly Dragon Legion’s warriors were all Netherpassage experts of the third step, but they were unable to suppress these rookies who had just stepped into the Netherpassage realm.

Seeing Long Chen hiding within Liu Ruyan’s towering willow body while absorbing the rune, a sense of crisis overwhelmed Ye Benchang. If Long Chen managed to absorb it and advance to the Netherpassage realm, he would no longer be able to rest in peace.

“Divine Blood Ignition!” Blood suddenly seeped out of Ye Benchang’s skin, transforming into flames that enveloped him.


Ye Benchang slashed his sword, tearing through Chu Yao’s brambles. In that instant, Ye Benchang’s aura doubled in power, and his figure vanished as he charged through everyone’s blockade, going straight toward Liu Ruyan.

“Long Chen, die!” Ye Benchang concentrated all his power into this one attack.

“Ruyan!” shouted Meng Qi.


The sword fell and caused Liu Ruyan’s towering willow to explode along with Long Chen.

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