Chapter 2315 A Sovereign’s Karma

“Long Chen!”

Beitang Rushuang let out a startled cry. Long Chen actually wasn’t dead and was even attacking Sovereign Mo Li.


Sovereign Mo Li was expressionless. He slowly raised a hand, blocking Long Chen’s saber. A powerful explosion of light shook the world.

Long Chen was sent flying and smashed into the earth, leaving a long ditch in the ground before crashing into the Martial Heaven Sea-ring, causing giant waves to explode.

Long Chen came flying out of the furious sea. He was filled with shock. A Sovereign was truly powerful enough to cause despair.

The previous attacks had been shared by the four of them, but Long Chen had been the main target. Sovereign Mo Li’s punch had made him feel like his body would explode. In that instant, he had truly thought that he was going to die.

However, just as he thought that he was dead, the Nethergate Star lit up, linking his 108,000 astral spaces. As a result, the force that crashed into him was jointly shared by his astral spaces.

With 108,000 astral spaces sharing the burden, the power behind that blow was gradually ground away.

However, Long Chen still didn’t know how to control that power. Sovereign Mo Li’s power was so immense that Long Chen couldn’t balance it. Some of his astral spaces were under greater pressure, and after two attacks, some of them were showing signs of destruction.

“Evilmoon, do you have a method to cut him down?” Long Chen felt powerless. There was nothing he could do against the power of a Sovereign.

At the same time, Long Chen understood why Sovereign Mo Li had apologized to him last time, saying that the karma from last time would fall on his shoulders. Now he knew what that karma was. 

“You have yet to fully pass your tribulation and haven’t received the mark from the Heavenly Daos. You cannot use life and death energy, so you cannot use my full power. That bastard Yun Shang, other than an outer seal, he even left an inner seal. He really pisses me off,” cursed Evilmoon.

“Then there’s no other choice but to go all-out.”

Long Chen clenched his teeth. There really was nothing to do against a Sovereign. He could only put everything on the line.

“Kill!” Long Chen roared. This roar was just to boost his own courage. 

In the face of a Sovereign, in the face of an existence that stood at the peak of this world, even Long Chen felt deflated. A Sovereign was just too terrifying. A Sovereign could not be beaten.


Long Chen had just charged back when Sovereign Mo Li let out another casual palm, sending him flying once more.

Time and time again, Long Chen attacked, only to be blown back, and every time, he would hack up blood. In front of a Sovereign, he appeared far too weak.

“Heavens, is this a Sovereign? Even a peak heavenly genius is nothing compared to him.”

Seeing Long Chen slammed back so easily one time after another, everyone was shocked. The only true undefeatable existence in this world was a Sovereign.

“Long Chen is pretty strong himself. He actually has the courage to fight in front of a Sovereign. Anyone else would have just accepted their fate.”

Even from this great distance, people were filled with such reverence for the Sovereigns that they felt it was a blasphemy to look at him. As for fighting back? Impossible.

Kun Pengzi, Tian Xiezi, and Di Feng didn’t dare to counterattack against a Sovereign. They only defended. 

Every time Long Chen was blown back, he sustained heavy injuries. However, he didn’t stop, continuing to charge forward. Just that kind of will made others feel admiration.

At this moment, one of his astral spaces cracked. Then more and more of them followed. Although they didn’t shatter, it seemed that they had reached their limit. If Long Chen continued like this, his astral spaces would be destroyed.

If his astral spaces were destroyed, then there would be nowhere for Long Chen to unleash the burden of the attacks he received. In that case, the Sovereign’s palm would smack him to death.

Long Chen formed hand seals, summoning the giant lightning channel again.

A giant golden dragon claw stretched out of it, reaching toward Sovereign Mo Li.

In the face of that giant claw, Sovereign Mo Li slowly reached for the sword on his back.

A flash of light appeared, and the drake king’s shocked cry came from the other side of the channel. Its claw had been cut off and transformed into lightning that shot in every direction. At the same time, the sword’s power continued, shattering the void and causing the spatial channel to crumble.

Sovereign Mo Li’s sword then pointed toward Long Chen. Long Chen was shocked to find the world around him solidified. It was like a giant net had wrapped around him. He was completely trapped with nowhere to go.

Long Chen howled, concentrating all his power into his saber. He knew that he was definitely dead today. The only thing he could do was bring Sovereign Mo Li down with him.

Sovereign Mo Li’s sword stabbed through Long Chen’s chest, and Long Chen’s head went blank. All noises faded away.

Then a world of pure white appeared around Long Chen. The light was too bright for him to open his eyes. Eventually, his vision grew accustomed to it.

He found that he had entered a strange space. Everything was empty, and there was simply white light.

“You lost.”

A gentle voice rang out behind Long Chen. He looked back to see Sovereign Mo Li.

Seeing him like this, Long Chen furiously cursed, “I viewed you as a brother, and you killed me?!”

“Calm down. Don’t be so emotional.” Sovereign Mo Li smiled faintly.

“Calm down?! It was because I viewed you as a brother that I couldn’t focus one hundred percent on killing you! What kind of crap is that?!”

“Even if you could have abandoned all distractions and focused on me, you wouldn’t have been able to kill me. At most, you would have managed to struggle a bit longer. You still would have died to my hands in the end.” Sovereign Mo Li shook his head.

Hearing that, Long Chen deflated like a balloon. Sovereign Mo Li was correct. Even if he had been able to ignore all his distracting thoughts, he would have been defeated.

“Do you remain unconvinced?” asked Sovereign Mo Li.

“Yes. You are a Sovereign. This is clearly a case of the big guy bullying the small guy,” snorted Long Chen.

“You’re wrong. That version of myself that the Heavenly Daos have manifested is in the same realm as you,” said Sovereign Mo Li.

“What?” Long Chen was startled. He refused to believe this.

“Due to my actions last time, you were drawn into my karma. I sensed it at that time, so I warned you. The karma is too complicated for me to say any more, or it will only increase. Regretfully, you didn’t understand at that time, so you ended up losing today,” sighed Sovereign Mo Li.

Long Chen was silent. He truly hadn’t expected the karma to manifest in such a way. A Sovereign had been sent out to eliminate him.

“Long Chen, you are still lost.” Sovereign Mo Li patted Long Chen on the shoulder, speaking with deeper meaning.


“You still haven’t found your true self. That’s why you are still so weak. That powerful version of you has yet to awaken.”

“Why don’t I feel that way?” demanded Long Chen.

Sovereign Mo Li smiled. “Why lie to yourself? Have you not felt that you are constantly suppressing yourself?”

“I just don’t want to get too much of an ego and get too arrogant. I don’t want to be devoured by my desires…”

“Whether that’s true or not is something you are the most aware of. Long Chen, this karma was planted by me, but you ended up bearing it. That’s why we’ll share it this time. I can help you cheat, allowing you to pass.”

“Really? You mean that I’m not dead?”

“Yes. I, Mo Li, am not such an unreasonable person. The karma that I planted must be taken responsibility for. However, don’t get too happy. I can help you cheat this time, but it will make the karma grow, and it must be settled during your next tribulation. At that time, if you still haven’t gotten strong enough, everything will end,” said Sovereign Mo Li. “Long Chen, the path you chose is different from ours. That’s why your actions must be different from other people’s. Do not doubt yourself. Release your true self to find your strongest self.”

Sovereign Mo Li’s figure vanished. Long Chen felt a sharp pain in his chest, as well as countless shocked cries. He saw Sovereign Mo Li’s sword stabbed into his chest. Lightning was condensed within it, ready to explode like a volcano. If that happened, not even a speck of himself would remain.

However, the berserk energy within the sword had been suppressed. Long Chen knew that this was the mercy left by Sovereign Mo Li, his so-called ‘cheating’.

Long Chen found Evilmoon in his hand, stabbing Sovereign Mo Li’s chest. The two of them had killed each other. At this moment, Long Chen could hear Beitang Rushuang’s shout from a great distance. He hadn’t expected this person who couldn’t spare him half a look to actually care about him that much.

A giant scene appeared in Long Chen’s mind. He saw everyone’s expressions. The old man, Qu Jianying, Li Tianxuan, Beitang Rushuang, Nangong Zuiyue, Ye Lingshan, as well as countless other people who cared about him. They were all looking at him with grief and regret, as if they wished to be the one dying instead of him. Fighting spirit reignited within Long Chen’s heart.

“Long Chen, remember my words. Your time is running out,” said Sovereign Mo Li.

After saying that, his body began to fracture, transforming into lightning runes. All the nearby lightning runes condensed into a giant rune.

“Long Chen succeeded?” Beitang Rushuang cried out in joy between her tears.

When that rune appeared, Kun Pengzi and the others’ expressions changed. Kun Pengzi was the first to charge out and pierce his lightning halberd forward.

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