Chapter 2314 A Sovereign Flips the World With the Wave of a Hand

The next level of the heavenly tribulation was about to descend. No one knew just how terrifying it would be, but all their senses were screaming that the four people inside would definitely be killed.

Right now, their only hope of surviving was to kill Long Chen before the final level of the tribulation.

The three of them had surrounded him and were unleashing their strongest attacks. The space around Long Chen was squeezed and compressed by their attacks.

Six stars appeared in Long Chen’s eyes. With a powerful slash, he disturbed the lock of space to escape, flying straight up.

Their three attacks crashed together, completely destroying the space where Long Chen had been. But Long Chen was already high up in the sky. He actually entered the giant lightning figure.

Surrounded by his own lightning, Long Chen managed to stay within the lightning giant. He laughed. “Come here and fight-!”

Suddenly, a burst of power struck him. It felt like a giant foot had kicked him, so he went flying straight toward Di Feng by coincidence.

The two of them crashed into each other, both coughing up blood by this sudden change. Even they had been unable to react to it.

Stars were spinning in Di Feng’s vision. If it hadn’t been for his divine armor, he would have been killed by that impact.

Tian Xiezi and Kun Pengzi were delighted to see Long Chen get kicked out, and they immediately charged toward him.

However, just at that moment, their expressions changed. The giant lightning figure in the sky exploded, unleashing a wave of lightning runes that blew them back.

In front of that wave of lightning, the four of them seemed incredibly miniscule. They were powerless to resist.

When they looked back toward the lightning giant, they found that it had vanished. However, where it had been was a white-robed man.

That white-robed man had sword-like eyebrows and bright eyes. Just by standing there, all the Daos of the world began to bend toward him in worship. Everyone let out a shocked cry at the same time.

“Sovereign Mo Li!”

The lightning giant had actually transformed into Sovereign Mo Li in the end. Everyone’s minds went blank.

The only difference from the Sovereign Mo Li that had appeared in front of the Yin Yang World was that the current Mo Li had a sword on his back. Long Chen felt that this sword was a bit familiar.

“Big brother Mo Li, do you still recognize your little brother?” shouted Long Chen, a bad feeling rising in his heart.

Despite his hopes, Sovereign Mo Li smashed a palm at him.

That palm was like a mountain. All on its own, it encompassed Long Chen, Kun Pengzi, Tian Xiezi, and Di Feng. An unprecedented sense of danger made Long Chen’s hair stand on end.

Without even thinking about it, Long Chen activated the full power of his six stars, enveloping himself with it, entering his strongest defensive state.

Kun Pengzi and the others were pale with terror. Who could have expected that the final level of the heavenly tribulation would be a Sovereign attacking? Dodging was an impossibility. They could only face him head-on.


The earth was torn asunder. Where the land met the sea, a giant handprint appeared, sending a wave of dirt and water in every direction.

When the dust settled, the handprint remained, but the seawater had been blown far into the distance and had yet to return. When it did, it flowed around the handprint as if it couldn’t flow inside.

After seeing that giant handprint, everyone’s heart stopped beating. It had just been a simple attack, but it was impossible to block. Had Long Chen and the others been flattened beneath that palm?

They were personally witnessing a Sovereign fight. Although this Sovereign was just an imitation created by the Heavenly Daos, that handprint had left a deep impression on their hearts.

Four explosions followed as four figures flew out of the crushed earth in the handprint. Long Chen, Kun Pengzi, Tian Xiezi, and Di Feng were all covered in blood. Long Chen patted off the dust and spat out a mouthful of blood and dirt.

“He really is strong.” Sharp light blazed in Long Chen’s eyes, and an urge to fight rose from deep within his heart.

The Sovereigns were supreme existences, and their legend was unsurpassable. They were the greatest experts of this world, beings so powerful that others could only despair in front of them.

At the start, Long Chen had felt a bit afraid. But after receiving that palm, his battle intent was ignited. A grand feeling made Long Chen see a new goal for himself.

Suddenly, Kun Pengzi swung his lightning halberd at Long Chen. Long Chen raised Evilmoon, but a cracking sound rang out as both his arms broke.

Having merged with the Peng Emperor’s heroic spirit, Kun Pengzi’s power now contained a kind of law. The current Kun Pengzi was no longer the old Kun Pengzi. 

Not giving Long Chen any time to rest, Kun Pengzi shot after him, attacking again. At the same time, Tian Xiezi and Di Feng also charged over. For the lightning tribulation to manifest a Sovereign, they knew that they couldn’t beat him. Their only shot at surviving was to kill Long Chen first.


However, before their attacks could land, Sovereign Mo Li unleashed a fist, still looking as unconcerned as ever.

Despite his seemingly lack of concern, this fist made time stand still. Spacetime was compressed by some kind of power, and Long Chen, Kun Pengzi, Di Feng, and Tian Xiezi were frozen, unable to move. Even Kun Pengzi’s attack was locked in place.


The giant fist landed and a bottomless hole appeared in the ground. An explosion of countless gasses shot out into the sky, and then lava burst out.

Rather than spreading across the land, that lava blasted into the air, forming a giant pillar straight into the sky. More flowed out as some retreated back into the ground. It seemed that the laws of the Heavenly Daos prevented it from flowing across the land.

One palm and one fist. They looked careless but possessed the power to destroy this world, making people feel boundless reverence. This was a Sovereign, an undefeatable existence. Even just the imitation of the Heavenly Daos stood at the very peak of the Martial Dao.

“Where are they?” cried out someone. Long Chen, Kun Pengzi, Tian Xiezi, and Di Feng were all gone. Had they been killed?

Coughing sounds rang out. At this moment, they noticed one person standing far from the pillar of lava.

“Kun Pengzi!”

The sole survivor seemed to be Kun Pengzi. He crawled up, his manifestation of a giant Kunpeng shuddering behind him.

His manifestation was different from before. This Kunpeng looked to be made of gold and emitted an ancient and fierce aura.

The Kunpeng race’s experts let out cheers upon seeing that manifestation. “The great Peng Emperor’s manifestation!”

Kun Pengzi’s aura had clearly transformed. The golden Kunpeng emitted a divine aura that made the blood of the Kunpeng race’s experts quicken. That was a bloodline resonance.

After merging with the Peng Emperor’s heroic spirit, just before the attack had arrived, Kun Pengzi had awakened the Peng Emperor’s bloodline, saving his life.

At this moment, people saw Tian Xiezi and Di Feng crawling up not too far from Kun Pengzi. They were both in miserable straits. Di Feng’s aura was extremely weak, and his body was a mess. However, Tian Xiezi was even worse off. Half his body had disappeared; half his head was missing. That was a horrifying appearance.

The two of them had managed to survive only thanks to Kun Pengzi. Kun Pengzi’s Peng Emperor bloodline had activated at that critical moment, or the two of them would have died from that attack.

When the three of them crawled up, they suddenly grew ecstatic. The lock on their bodies had vanished.

“Hahaha, Long Chen is dead! The heavenly tribulation is over!” Di Feng laughed. The lock of the heavenly tribulation was gone. That could only signify one thing.

Hearing that, the old man, Qu Jianying, Li Tianxuan, and the others’ didn’t know how to react. Li Tianxuan in particular could only sigh inside. As expected, the legends were true. A Heaven-Defier’s fate was to die to heavenly tribulation. Not even Long Chen had managed to escape his fate. Even a Sovereign had appeared to make sure that he had no chance of surviving.

“This can’t be real. Long Chen can’t die.” Qu Jianying’s tears overflowed. The old man could only silently comfort her. Who could do anything in the face of a Sovereign? This heavenly tribulation had come to kill Long Chen.

“No, this is impossible. Long Chen is so evil. There’s no way that he could die.” Beitang Rushuang shook her head. Without even being aware of it, her cheeks were covered in tears.

Nangong Zuiyue quietly consoled her, but she was also sobbing. A heavenly genius like Long Chen had ended up dying to heavenly tribulation.

“Don’t be sad. Long Chen isn’t dead. I can sense him. He is my life’s… Trust me.” Zi Yan was still looking at the pillar of lava, certain of her words.

“Hahaha, idiots of the Righteous path, let’s see if you can still be arrogant now that Long Chen is dead!”

The experts of the Xuan Beasts, the ancient races, the Corrupt path, and the ancient family alliance began to mock them.

Although Ye Lingshan would be the head of the Martial Heaven Alliance, Long Chen was the mental pillar of the Righteous path. His death indicated that the Martial Heaven Alliance’s death was set in stone.

“No, something’s off. If the heavenly tribulation is done, why is the Sovereign still standing there?!” Suddenly, a cry from someone woke up Qu Jianying and the others who were lost in their grief.

“That’s right, if Long Chen was dead, the heavenly tribulation would dissipate. But it…!” Li Tianxuan cried out in joy.


The pillar of lava exploded, and a figure flew out like a black bolt of lightning at Sovereign Mo Li. A sinister saber swept through the air.

“What?!” Everyone was dumbfounded by what they were seeing, unable to believe it.

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