Chapter 2313 Merging with the Peng Emperor’s Heroic Spirit

Space exploded and the drake king’s head stuck out. Its silver body had now turned golden.

However, its eyes had taken on the six colors of the divine lightning, shining brightly like two stars.

It opened its mouth and the world was pulled in. Long Chen and the others felt an irresistible suction force draw them in along with their clones.

The lightning domain’s drake king had long since been told by Long Chen to wait for this moment.

As soon as the drake king had seen Long Chen and the others’ clones, its eyes had lit up. As a body of lightning, it understood just how amazing those clones were. If it could devour the essence of that divine lightning, it would be equivalent to hundreds of years of cultivation.

When it had been about to eat a few of them, Long Chen had told it to wait. He had said that a much bigger feast would be awaiting it.

With its belief in Long Chen, the drake king had waited, concentrating all the power of the lightning domain for this one moment. It instantly blew open a spatial channel and sucked in all the lightning.

Kun Pengzi, Tian Xiezi, and Di Feng were horrified. That mouth was devouring everything. They had no choice but to flee.

However, the drake king had now shown up with all the lightning domain’s power, and so they were still being pulled in.

Long Chen wasn’t affected by the suction. He flew out of its range and then smiled and waved at Kun Pengzi and the others. “Go be dragon shit in peace.”

Kun Pengzi and the others were enraged. However, even as they did their best to fly out, the immense suction force pulled them back. There was some kind of spatial law included in it.

Kun Pengzi reacted immediately by returning to human form, reducing the pull on his body. However, he was still too slow. All his clones were instantly devoured by the drake king, and he was being pulled in bit by bit.

Lightning exploded out of him, but at best, he was only able to prevent himself from being devoured instantly. To escape was impossible.

The drake king’s mouth had formed a whirlpool of death devouring all the lightning. If Kun Pengzi had been in human form from the start, perhaps he could have used his speed to get away. But now, he could only bitterly endure.

Kun Pengzi was roaring on one side, while all the various clones flew by into the drake king’s mouth. As he saw those powerful figures enter its mouth, he watched them explode and turn into lightning runes to be devoured by it.

This sudden change shocked the experts watching, especially the ones from the Xuan Beasts, the Corrupt path, and the ancient family alliance. Kun Pengzi, Tian Xiezi, and Di Feng had gone from a state of absolute superiority to facing death in an instant.

Those three represented the hopes of their three great powers. If they died, then those three powers would fully decline.

Only the true bodies were able to hold on. But the three of them were still slowly being sucked in.

“That’s enough. Activate the Peng Emperor’s heroic spirit.” Peng Wanli suddenly clenched his teeth.

“Race leader, the ceremony is still not complete! Forcibly awakening it will…” The elders of the Kunpeng race all looked at him with shock.

“Yes, it might cost half our karmic luck and Emperor Blood. But there’s no way around it. If Kun Pengzi dies, who knows how many more years we’ll have to wait? Furthermore, it’s not like we have that much time left.” Peng Wanli shook his head.

Upon hearing that, Kun Pengzi’s expression changed. He was still trying to resist the pull. He seemed to be caught in a difficult decision.

Daoist Heavenly Feather sighed. “This move of Long Chen’s is quite vicious. He has caught three peak heavenly geniuses, and the only one capable of turning this situation around is Kun Pengzi.”

Qu Jianying and the others were startled. Li Tianxuan asked, “Senior, are you saying that Kun Pengzi can summon the reincarnation of the Peng Emperor’s heroic spirit?”

Daoist Heavenly Feather shook her head. “It’s not a reincarnation. It’s a merger with the Peng Emperor’s heroic spirit and bloodline. The Peng Emperor was a figure capable of shaking the world in the past and present. If he hadn’t been born at the wrong time, resulting in a Sovereign in the same generation suppressing him, the Martial Heaven Continent might be ruled by the Xuan Beasts. The Peng Emperor sealed his bloodline and soul inside that statue, which is why it is able to survive this berserk tribulation. The material is just ordinary stone, but due to the soul and bloodline of the Peng Emperor, it is essentially indestructible. That’s enough to show just how terrifying the Peng Emperor was back in the day. The Peng Emperor’s heroic spirit maintains the Peng race’s karmic luck, allowing many heavenly geniuses to rise amongst the Xuan Beasts. As for his bloodline, it continues the inheritance of the Peng race’s divine abilities, allowing every generation of the Kunpeng race to automatically awaken their innate abilities. Now that the great era has come, the Kunpeng race has been offering sacrifices to fully awaken the Peng Emperor’s heroic spirit. Once it's awake, they plan on having Kun Pengzi merge with his soul and bloodline, resulting in another kind of rebirth for the Peng Emperor.”

Qu Jianying and the others sucked in a cold gasp of air. If the Peng Emperor was reborn, then wouldn’t he be unrivaled? There was no Sovereign to suppress him.

“However, based on the current state, it seems that they haven’t managed to awaken the Peng Emperor yet. If Kun Pengzi activates the statue now, it will end up losing much of the Peng Emperor’s soul essence and bloodline power. The merger will be incomplete, and so his combat power will be much lower,” said Li Tianxuan.

Daoist Heavenly Feather nodded. “Yes. Kun Pengzi is hoping to endure without it. That lighting drake is repulsed by the Martial Heaven Continent’s laws. Eventually, it will be forced to retreat. If he can last until the lightning drake leaves, then there will be no need for him to do such a thing. But if he can’t last that long, then to protect his own life, merging with the Peng Emperor’s heroic spirit will be his only option. Furthermore…”

At this moment, Daoist Heavenly Feather looked at the sky. The giant lightning figure was continuing to condense.

Kun Pengzi looked at the mouth of the drake king to that figure up in the sky. Suddenly, a furious light appeared in his eyes.

“Long Chen, I will kill you!” Kun Pengzi let out a heaven-shaking roar as he formed new hand seals. A divine rune appeared on his forehead, and an identical rune lit up on the Peng Emperor’s statue’s forehead.

An ancient aura burst out of the statue. It suddenly exploded, causing Long Chen to leap off.

After the statue exploded, it revealed a small butterfly-sized Kunpeng shining with brilliant light. That light was so majestic that it covered up the light from the lightning.

That tiny Kunpeng flew toward Kun Pengzi and merged into the rune on his forehead.

Kun Pengzi’s aura erupted. As a result, a wave of terrifying power caused the void to collapse in every direction. The lightning domain actually quivered and was forced back. The spatial channel began to crumble.

“Not good!”

The drake king let out a roar. It was unable to stabilize the channel due to the huge collapse. Its claw suddenly reached out of the channel as it attempted to keep it open, but the laws of the Martial Heaven Continent refused to allow it. The huge amount of collapsing space had triggered the laws to restore the space here, and the spatial channel slammed shut.

With the channel slammed shut, the Dragonblood Legion was isolated within the lightning domain.

Kun Pengzi’s eyes were scarlet. His gaze seemed to be one of a ruler as he looked at Long Chen. “Long Chen, this emperor will make you regret being born in this world.”

Even Kun Pengzi’s voice had changed, becoming older. It was like he was a completely different person.

Kun Pengzi’s lightning halberd slashed down mercilessly, unleashing a black streak of light. That black streak was a crack in space, the result of tearing through the void to the extent that if someone was struck by it, they would be blown to bits. Having merged with the Peng Emperor’s heroic spirit and bloodline, Kun Pengzi’s cultivation base didn’t increase, but his divine abilities became far more terrifying, almost on the same level as the Peng Emperor of that time.

“Emperor? How laughable. You aren’t a god or the ruler of the world. What are you an emperor of?” sneered Long Chen. However, he didn’t dare to receive Kun Pengzi’s attack directly. Long Chen’s lightning wings swung forward, striking the crack in the void. Then he borrowed its power to fall back. Ripples appeared on his blade as he swung it into the black crack as well.

Fragments of spacetime flew. This was a world-shaking attack. However, with two attacks, Long Chen managed to retreat without being injured.

He had just avoided that attack when the void exploded above him. A giant bone tower smashed down.

“The Corrupt God Ancient Tower!”

Long Chen recognized this divine item of the Corrupt path. Waves of black qi surged out of it, and it was impossible to dodge.

Long Chen could only hastily block it, and as a result, the impact almost smashed his body apart. He vomited blood.

The Corrupt God Ancient Tower had fully recovered from what he had done to it last time. It seemed that the Corrupt path had done something to it to make it even more powerful.

Tian Xiezi’s manifestation also unleashed its own attack. The god figure behind him swung down a giant blood-colored blade at Long Chen. As a result, Long Chen’s arms shook and almost shattered from blocking it.

“This is no good. I’m still not fully in the Netherpassage realm.” Long Chen’s expression changed. The three of them were going all-out, forcing him into desperate straits.

Kun Pengzi, Tian Xiezi, and Di Feng had surrounded him, attacking with their three divine items.

“Long Chen, die!”

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